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EuroLeague Basketball Previous Champions & History

  • A guide to the previous winners and runners-up of the EuroLeague
  • The EuroLeague is the premier basketball competition in Europe
  • Guide to the recent champions
euroleague final
CSKA Moscow celebrate EuroLeague victory (Getty Images)

The EuroLeague, which is also called Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, is a professional basketball league in Europe.

The 18-team league features teams in Turkey, Russia, Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Israel, Germany, Italy, France, and Serbia. Teams with a recent history of success in the league include CKSA Moscow, Real Madrid, and Olympiacos.

It is noted as one of the most popular sports leagues outside of North America and further noted as second for basketball caliber only to the National Basketball Association. 

The structure of the league can vary with each season but generally the teams play a total of 34 regular-season games. This will be followed by an eight-team playoff.

A quarter-final round of the playoffs follows the regular season and features four best-of-five series. Winning in the quarterfinal qualifies a team for The EuroLeague Final Four. This basketball weekend extravaganza features two single-game semifinals, a final, and a third-placed game that are played over one weekend.

Recent EuroLeague Winners and Runners-Up

2019-20 Cancelled -
2018-19 CSKA Moscow Efes Pilsen
2017-18 Real Madrid Fenerbahçe
2016-17 Fenerbahçe Olympiakos
2015-16 CSKA Moscow Fenerbahçe
2014-15 Real Madrid Olympiakos
2013-14 Maccabi Tel Aviv Real Madrid
2012-13 Olympiakos Real Madrid
2011-12 Olympiakos CSKA Moscow
2010-11 Panathinaikos Maccabi Tel Aviv
2009-10 Barcelona Olympiakos
2008-09 Panathinaikos CSKA Moscow
2007-08 CSKA Moscow Maccabi Tel Aviv
2006-07 Panathinaikos CSKA Moscow


The EuroLeague has a lengthy history and is generally divided into two eras. The FIBA era started in December of 1957 and lasted for several decades. In June of 2000, the Euroleague Basketball era started.

On the international stage, the caliber of the players may be overshadowed by the stronger players in the NBA. However, the Euroleague or "EuroLeague" has produced many stars in its history such as Felipe Reyes. Additionally, it has been a league that NBA teams have often drawn genuine talent from.

In current times, the best player to have recently played in EuroLeague games is Luka Doncic, a player who was born in Slovenia. Currently, Doncic is a member of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and he is considered to be the future of the game, especially as veterans such as LeBron James start to age. 

Prior to playing in the NBA, Doncic represented Real Madrid in EuroLeague for three seasons.
Another noted NBA player with roots in the EuroLeague is Phoenix Suns point guard Ricky Rubio. Rubio played 63 games over four seasons in the EuroLeague before jumping to the NBA. 

It's the fact that genuine stars in the NBA often come out of the EuroLeague that has made it a league worth paying attention to, not just for partisan European-based fans but for basketball fans worldwide.

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