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How to bet on March Madness in California - Best Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

22 Mar 2023
Dean Carson 22 Mar 2023
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  • Choose the best California sportsbook and betting sites for March Madness
  • Guide to the best bets places to bet on basketball in CA
  • Available free bets, welcome bonuses and March Madness promotions
Bet on March Madness in California (Getty Images)
  • Best California Sportsbooks for March Madness
  • How to Bet on March Madness in California
  • March Madness Free Bets in California
  • Betting on March Madness
  • 2023 March Madness Format, Schedule & Dates
  • March Madness Betting Odds

Looking to bet on March Madness basketball in California? You can join the leading CA betting sites and sportsbook and get top promotions this month.

Leading bookmakers have promotions across all games in the tournament, huge welcome bonus offers, up to the minute betting and and much more on the NCAA tournament.

Read our complete guide to betting on March Madness in California as well as betting previews of all matches here.

Best California Sportsbooks for March Madness

BetOnline provide you with a huge new customer sign up bonus of up to $1000 to get your started betting on March Madness.

Plus they have a number of promotions and offers on the key games through the March Madness bracket, latest Player Props, Betting Lines and Parlays.

How to Bet on March Madness in California

Follow the four-step instructions below to claim your huge welcome bonus and bet on March Madness games.

1. Visit BetOnline and create and account
2. Make a first deposit of up to $2000
3. Get a free bet of up to $1000 based on your first deposit amount
4. Start betting on March Madness

*The welcome offer is a 50% bonus based on your first deposit amount.

March Madness Free Bets in California

BetOnline is one of the best sportsbooks for March Madness wagering.

You can get your hands on a 50% welcome bonus up to $1000 for new customers.

Plus also get the following free bets when you join:

  • $25 Risk Free Player Prop Bet
  • $25 Live Betting Free Play
  • 100% Crypto Deposit Bonus


Betting on March Madness

March Madness betting markets primarily focus around the moneyline, spread or handicap and over / under total points options.

However, you aren't just limited to those markets with Player Props, Parlays and much more available from the top sportsbooks in California. 

The money line is betting on which team will win, also known as win or win line. There is no option for a draw in the March Madness so the money line is a two way market in which you bet on one team to win which includes overtime. 

The spread market is more commonly known as a handicap or the line. Bookmakers will assign one team a positive (+) or negative (-) spread, line or handicap and the bettor bets to cover the line.

Let’s use an March Madness game between Illinois vs Drexel as an example. If Drexel start with a +22.5 point spread and you bet on Drexel, they need to win the game or lose by less than 23 points in order for your bet to win.

On the other side of the coin, Illinois would be assigned a -22.5 point spread meaning they would need to win by 23 or more points in order for your bet to be a winner.

For the Over / Under Total Points, bettors can wager on the total amount of points scored in a game by both teams. The bookmakers will set a line, let’s say 143.5 points and you can bet on the total points scored by both teams going over or under that total. 

2023 March Madness Format, Schedule & Dates

March Madness is the annual NCAA College Basketball tournament with the winners of the knockout tournament being crowned national champions.

A seeded bracket determines which teams will play each other throughout the tournament, with the intention of keeping the elite teams away from each other until the final few rounds of the knockout competition.

The first round consists of 64 teams and a knockout tournament whittles down the field.

The last 16 teams in the competition are referred to as the Sweet 16, with the quarter-final round being called the Elite Eight.

The semi-finals of March Madness are known as the Final Four, with the final of the tournament the NCAA Championship Game.

The format for March Madness 2023:

March 12: Selection Sunday
March 14-15: First Four
March 16-17: First Round
March 18-19: Second Round
March 23-24: Sweet 16
March 25-26: Elite Eight
April 1: Final Four
April 3: NCAA Championship Game

March Madness Betting Odds

Prior to the start of the Sweet 16 matches, the March Madness Outright Winners betting odds from BetOnline are as follows:

Alabama +300
Houston +425
Texas +750
UCLA +850
Connecticut +900
Creighton +1000
Gonzaga +1200
Tennessee +1200
Michigan State +2500
Kansas State +2800
San Diego State +3500
Xavier +4000
Arkansas +4000
Miami Florida +5000
Florida Atlantic +5000
Princeton +15000

Top Betting Sites

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