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Darts Betting Tips - How to Bet on Darts

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Learn how to Bet on Darts

Want to know how to bet on darts? We explain how to bet on darts and the different betting markets that can be utilised to help maximise profits when betting on this increasingly popular sport.

Darts has grown rapidly since the 1990s thanks to increased sponsorship and a party atmosphere at tournaments that is broadcast on a wide range of platforms. Darts is one of the most watched sports in the UK.

Betting on darts is extremely popular with live streaming bringing all the top tournaments to viewers with a digital device and internet connection. Most tournaments are live streamed by bookmakers with darts lending itself  to in-play betting.

The growth of the Professional Darts Corporation allowed the PDC to sign the world’s best darts players and host big money tournaments around the world. Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld dominated the sport before Michael van Gerwen took over as the number one player in the game.

Why should I Bet on Darts?

Tournaments such as the World Championship, UK Open, World Matchplay, World Grand Prix, Grand Slam of Darts, Players Championship Finals, The Masters and Premier League Darts are extensively covered by all the major online bookmakers. 

There are odds available for every match and you can bet on outright markets including which player will win each quarter of the draw, each half of the draw and which player will win the tournament. You can also place a bet on a player to reach the final and which players will be finalists.

The formats can differ across each darts tournament but like tennis, players are usually seeded and placed in the draw with defined routes to the final.

Darts Betting Markets

Darts betting markets can be defined as match markets and outright markets. Backing a player to win a particular match adds a level of excitement if you are planning on watching the match. 

Backing a player in an outright market means you can follow the player throughout the tournament and win big if they go deep and win the event.

Darts Match Betting Markets

There are many popular darts match betting markets with some specific to the sport.

Match Result / Match Winner

The simplest darts betting market is the match winner. This is backing either Player A or Player B to win the match. Some tournaments such as Premier League Darts have the option of a draw.


Most bookmakers will provide handicap betting in addition to match betting. This can be useful for short priced favourites. For instance if Michael van Gerwen is paying 1.30 to beat Rob Cross, he could be available at 1.80 with a -1.5 leg handicap.

This example shows a player with a negative handicap, but players can also be backed with a positive or handicap.

Correct Score

Bigger odds can be found if you can pick the winner and correct score. For example, if Michael van Gerwen playing Peter Wright in a best of 19 legs match, the winner will be the first to get to 10 legs.

If you back Michael van Gerwen to win 10-7 at odds of 10/1 and are successful, that provides a much bigger return than backing him to win the match.

Most 180s

Bet on who you think will hit the most 180s in a match. A 180 is when a player throws three double 20s with three darts.

Total 180s

This allows you to bet on over or under a total amount of 180s scored in a match. The specific number will be set by the bookmaker with some offering an option to choose alternate totals.

Highest Checkout

Back the player that will record the highest checkout in the match. A checkout is the number required for a player to win the match.

9-Dart Finish

Back whether there will be a 9-dart finish in the match. Either player can hit the 9-dart finish which is the pinnacle of darts. The odds for a 9-dart finish are usually very high due to the difficulty and low frequency of it occurring.

To Win First Leg

This market allows you to back who will win the opening leg of the match. It usually favours the player who throws first in the opening leg, but is a great opportunity to find value on a player breaking in the first leg.

Draw No Bet

Most darts matches will have a winner but there are some circumstances where a draw is possible. Tournaments such as Premier League Darts have the option of a draw where draw no bet can be used.

It allows you to back who you think will win but get your stake refunded in the result is a draw.

Combination Darts Bets

Many bookmakers will allow combination darts bets which are combinations of single betting markets. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Most 180s, High Checkout and Win Match
  • Most 180s and Win Match
  • Most 180s, High Checkout and Lose Match
  • Most 180s and Lose Match
  • Highest Checkout and Win Match
  • Highest Checkout and Lose Match
  • Player A Total 180's
  • Player B Total 180's

In-play Darts Bets

Almost all individual match markets available in darts can be bet on in-play. This means betting which the match is in progress.

With the rapid turnover of games and legs in a match, darts is a dynamic sport to bet on live. Darts matches can change very quickly which means fluctuations in the odds that can provide great value for the punter.

Outright Darts Bets

Backing a player to win a particular tournament is the most common outright darts bet. Many darts tournaments including the World Championship can be bet on up to a year in advance with the odds changing according to how players are performing.

Waiting for the draw to be made can offer additional outright markets including:

  • To win a quarter of the draw
  • To win a half of the draw
  • To reach the final
  • Finalists

Darts Accumulator Bets

There can be many matches happening on any given day at a major darts tournament. Another popular form of betting on darts is picking a winner for each game and adding them into an accumulator, parlay or multibet.

A darts acca can lead to some huge returns but the odds of winning are reduced to each leg added.

Do bookmakers offer promotions and special offers on Darts?

As the popularity of darts betting increases, competing bookmakers will offer promotions and special offers for the big darts tournaments. When it comes to outright betting, this can be a great way to get more value on a tournament winner.

How to back winners in darts

With any form of gambling it pays to do your homework and study the form. This includes players individual form and head to head records. Some players could be fatigued from playing a lot of tournaments.

Don’t be afraid to oppose a favourite because many people will follow the money and only back favourites which can offer opportunities on outsiders..

Many bookmakers provide an option to cash out, especially if you are betting in-play. If your bets have put you in a profitable position, it can make sense to cash out and walk away with a profit.

Winning strategies for darts

One of the most profitable betting strategies in darts is in the opening rounds of the major tournaments such as the the World Championship, UK Open, Players Championship Finals, World Grand Prix, World Matchplay, Grand Slam of Darts and The Masters. The seeding system means the best players will often take on very low ranked players in the first few days. 

The likelihood of the favourites racking up a big win in the opening rounds in increased. In these circumstances some of the match markets such as handicap and most 180s will be a profitable strategy.

Another strategy for darts betting is finding players that are evenly matched and using the over/under leg market. Backing over in this market in a 50/50 match can prove very lucrative.

Assessing the draw is essential with the outright betting markets. If a player who is in top form has a favourable quarter of the draw, backing him to win the tournament with an idea to cash out can reap rewards.

Darts betting FAQ

How can I bet on darts?

Bet on darts with a respect online bookmaker. Search for darts in the sports menu, find the tournament and choose an individual match or outright betting market.

What types of bets can I place on darts?

The main types of bets you can place on darts are match markets and outright markets.

What are the match betting markets in darts?

The main match betting markets in darts are Match Result / Match Winner, Handicap, Correct Score, Most 180s, Total 180s, Highest Checkout, 9-Dart Finish, To Win First Leg and Draw No Bet.

What are the outright betting markets in darts?

The main outright betting markets in darts are To win a quarter of the draw, To win a half of the draw, To reach the final and Finalists.

What are the different combination bets in darts?

The different combination bets in darts include Most 180s, High Checkout and Win Match, Most 180s and Win Match, Most 180s, High Checkout and Lose Match, Most 180s and Lose Match, Highest Checkout and Win Match, Highest Checkout and Lose Match, Player A Total 180s and Player B Total 180s.


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