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Rollbit.com Casino Rewards Calendar

Last updated: 27 Oct 2023
Beth Walker 27 Oct 2023
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  • Stay in control of your rewards with the Rewards Calendar at Rollbit Casino.
  • Know exactly when you’re due to receive your next daily, weekly or monthly reward.
  • Earn Rackback, Rollback, calendar rewards, Free Sidebets and a Rakeboost when you play games at Rollbit Casino.
Rollbit Casino Rewards Calendar
  • About The Rewards Calendar
  • When Can I Use The Rewards Calendar?
  • How To Use The Rewards Calendar
  • Terms & Conditions
Stay in control of your Rollback, Rakeback, Daily Rewards, Weekly Rewards and Monthly Rewards thanks to the Rewards Calendar at Rollbit Casino.

About The Rewards Calendar

The most recent edition of Rollbit's rewards programme has a Rewards Calendar whereby prizes will be divided and made available for claim throughout time.

If you’ve yet to register with this site and you’re intrigued by the Rewards Calendar and the offers associated with it, sign up today using our our Rollbit code TOPBONUS.

When Can I Use The Rewards Calendar?

At midnight, 08:00 and 16:00 UTC every day, customers can benefit from their Rewards Calendar. At the conclusion of each day, they have the option to collect all three incentives that are available to them.

Users will earn one hour of +15% Rakeboost upon each calendar claim, which serves as rakeback and returns a portion of the house advantage to the user.

This feature is permanent and will not be scheduled for removal as if it is a standard promotion itself.

How To Use The Rewards Calendar

There are two methods you can choose between when it comes to claiming the rewards that are available to you at Rollbit Casino. You can either simply use the dropdown menu in the very top right-hand corner of the site, or you can head into the full Dashboard for a comprehensive view of the feature.


A user's reward for playing certain games with a higher house advantage is called rakeback. Using the rewards page or submenu, users may receive a 5% rakeback on all bets made with Rollbit every half hour.

When rakeback is claimed, 50% of the total is refunded to the user's balance right away, while the remaining 50% is spread out over three days and applied to the Rewards Calendar.

Daily Bonus

Users can cash in a Daily Bonus once every 24 hours, which is determined by their wagering activity over the previous 24 hours, their winnings and losses, and the games they play.

In the event that a user fails to claim their bonus, the claim will be based on the 72 hours that have passed since the last claim. Leave it too late and it'll be lost.

Weekly Bonus

A customised bonus determined by your most recent Rollbit activity is the Weekly Bonus. Your recent P&L is a primary element, and your Weekly Bonus includes lossback. Once every seven days, you can add a Weekly Bonus to your schedule.

Monthly Bonus

At the beginning of every month, you will get a customised bonus called the Monthly Bonus, which is determined by your past Rollbit activity. Your recent profit and loss is one of the primary considerations for how much you could receive.

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