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Live Blackjack Casinos: Play with Real Dealers 24/7

Live Blackjack Casinos with exciting offers. Explore advanced strategies and the best live Blackjack software to use. Find the best live Blackjack sites today.
Live Blackjack Casinos
Aaron Braund 27 Apr 2020
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Live Blackjack is a blackjack game played with a real dealer. One of the most popular games at land based casinos - players can now enjoy an authentic blackjack experience remotely. Live dealer games film a real dealer which is then streamed via video to your playing device. Thanks to added chat options - this is one of the most social gambling experiences out there. For more information on how to play and the best strategies to use - read our full guide.

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    How to play Live Blackjack

    Live blackjack pits your hand of cards against the dealers. Ultimately, the objective is to have a hand as close to 21 as possible - this is the best hand in the game. The dealer also has the same objective. Each game starts with the dealer drawing the player(s) two cards each.

    Once cards are dealt, the player is given the chance to "hit" and receive more cards. For example, if you have a hand valued at 10, you may want to try and play for one extra card. However, there is a risk that your hand can exceed the golden value of 21.

    In this instance, your hand will be bust - and you will lose the bet. Similarly, the dealer can also call for more cards - and also bust if their hand exceeds 21. This is the most basic rules of blackjack - but the rules tend to change depending on what style of game you play.

    For example, some dealers will stand on 17 in certain versions of the game. But in other versions, the dealer may call for an extra card. 

    Live Blackjack Software

    With its low house edge and exciting gameplay - every notable live game software developer offers some form of live blackjack. This means you won't struggle to find a table to play this classic game. Here are some of the biggest software providers offering jackpot games.

    Evolution Live Blackjack 
    Evolution Gaming is a market leader in live gambling entertainment. And they offer many unique spins on the classic formula. By default, their live blackjack games come with unlimited bet behinds, side bets and pre-decisions. Their most notable games include Speed Blackjack, Blackjack Party and Infinite Blackjack.

    Playtech Live Blackjack
    Software developer Playtech offers a reasonable selection of blackjack games with high betting limits. Royale Blackjack is their most premium game - followed by Grand Blackjack. In 2019, the developer unveiled Quantum Blackjack - a revolutionary game which uses an RNG multiplier mechanic.

    NetEnt Live Blackjack
    Swedish slot masters NetEnt offer several live blackjack tables with high and low stakes. One of their most unique games is Perfect Blackjack. Introduced in 2019, this table executes every hand in line with perfect blackjack strategy. This means players can expect the lowest house edge - and there's no need to interact with the game.

    Live Blackjack Strategy

    The best strategy for blackjack will depend on the rules of the game in question. Furthermore, there is always a best play based on what the dealer has - and what you have. Here is a couple of strategy charts for you to reference - choose which one applies to the rules you are playing.

    Hard Totals


    Soft Totals

    A, 7DsDsDsDsDsSSHHH

    How to split pairs



    H = Hit
    S = Stand
    D = Double (If no double available, hit)
    Ds = Double (If no double available, stand)
    N = Don't split
    Y = Split
    Y/N = Only split if DAS is available

    Live Blackjack Statistics

    Blackjack is a game where strategy and calculation of odds makes all the difference. The following statistics show the likelihood of how cards are drawn and how likely they are to appear.

    Blackjack Stats (Based on fresh 52 card deck)

    Odds of being dealt a 10-value card23.08%
    Odds of being dealt an Ace7.7%
    Odds of being dealt a 21 value hand4.83%

    Live Blackjack Tips

    Here are some tips you can use when you play live blackjack.

    • Always use a strategy chart - this will show you the best plays based on what you have in your hand. Remember to always use a chart with the same style rules. 
    • Side bets in blackjack are an easy way to increase your winnings - but they can be a money hole.
    • Bonuses for blackjack tend to have high wagering requirements due to the low house edge nature of the game. Use real cash instead to play.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best Blackjack strategy?

    The best strategy in blackjack is to always use a strategy chart. How you play the hand will depend on what the dealer has in their hand. By using optimal blackjack strategy, you can reduce the house edge to under a percent. This is why blackjack is considered to have one of the highest returns of any casino game.

    What is the best live blackjack game?

    The best live blackjack game will offer you an immersive playing environment and the same odds as a standard blackjack game. Speed Blackjack by Evolution is one of the most efficient games for a player due to the speed of game rounds. This ensures you can enjoy a high volume of betting rounds.

    What is the house edge of blackjack?

    If you follow optimal strategy, the house edge of blackjack can be as low as 0.5%. However, the house edge of the game depends on the rules set by the casino. The number of decks used, whether the dealer hits on soft 17 and if the player can split certain cards all impact the return to player. 

    Can I play free live blackjack online?

    You can find free to play versions of online blackjack games, but not live games. While you can't play live games for free - you can still view them if you are a member of the site. If you do choose to play free blackjack, these games are a fantastic way to test your strategies and knowledge wiithout the need to spend real money. The casinos on this page all offer free play on online blackjack games.


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