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Dream Catcher Casinos & Strategy Guide - Spin a Dream Win with Real Dealers

Dream Catcher Casinos with enticing offers. Learn expert strategies & the best bets to make. Play Dream Catcher at our partner casinos today.
Dream Catcher Evolution
Aaron Braund 27 Apr 2020
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Dream Catcher is a live dealer casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. Played on a vertical prize wheel, players can bet on numbered segments ranging from 1 to 40. 

Thanks to a 2x and 7x multiplier segment - there's the chance for lucrative wins thousands of times your total stake. With it's Vegas presentation and big payout potential - this game is a live casino smash hit. Below we show you how to play and the best strategies to use.

Which casinos have Dream Catcher Live?

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      How to play Dream Catcher

      Dream Catcher is one of the most simple live dealer games to play online. Bettors can choose from a total of six betting options: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. 

      These numbers correlate to 54 segments on the prize wheel. The number of the segment also shows how much a player can expect to win. Betting on the 10 segment and winning will award a player 10x their total staked bet.

      Number of Segments
      1 (Yellow)23
      2 (Blue)15
      5 (Purple)7
      10 (Green)4
      20 (Orange)2
      40 (Red)1
      2x Multiplier1
      7x Multiplier1

      In addition to the multi-coloured segments, there are two multiplier segments. This is the 2x and 7x multiplier. If the wheel lands on one of these segments, then the following win will be multiplied by the multiplier shown. 

      However, these multipliers stack. If a 7x multiplier lands after a 7x multiplier - then the next win will be multiplied by 49x.

      To start playing, you simply need to choose your stake - and pick one of the six betting options. The game show dealer will then spin the wheel. Whatever the arrow lands on - wins. 

      Dream Catcher Game Strategy

      Dream Catcher strategy can be approached in several ways depending on your betting style. Here are the most popular styles of betting strategy available:

      High risk - All or Nothing: This means solely betting on the 40 segment. This is a risky strategy - as the 40 segment appears the least amount of time. However, it's also the most rewarding section of the wheel. Especially if it is boosted by one of the multiplier segments.

      Low Risk - Focusing on 1 or 2: The 1 and 2 segments are the most densely populated on the wheel. You can expect to win plenty of times if you choose to bet on these sections. However, the value of wins is low - and unless you hit a multiplier, you may be left out of pocket.

      Medium Risk - Combo Strategy: For this strategy, we are going to bet on several parts of the wheel including the 40 and some more prevalent numbers like 2. This achieves two things - we have the chance for regular wins. But thanks to the small bet on the 40 segment - there's also the chance for a big win.

      Due to the similarities with roulette - it is possible to use some popular strategies like the Martingale. Providing that you bet on segments that give you a near 50% wheel coverage.

      Dream Catcher Statistics

      Here is a breakdown of each of the wheel segments followed by the likelihood of them appearing on the wheel. Use this data to assist with your betting - and consider some of the strategies above.

      Chance of Winning
      1 (Yellow)42.59%
      2 (Blue)27.77%
      5 (Purple)12.96%
      10 (Green)7.41%
      20 (Orange)3.70%
      40 (Red)1.85%
      2x Multiplier1.85%
      7x Multiplier1.85%

      On the right-hand side of the game user interface, you will find a list of the recently called numbers. While this does help show that all games are random, it is mostly useless information. This is because each spin is random - and there's no way to know what will appear next.

      Dream Catcher Game Tips

      Here are some tips to help you play Dream Catcher.

      • The recent numbers data is unfortunately useless, as it can't help you determine what will appear next. Ignore this feature and look at percentages instead.
      • Each wheel spin is a random event with no relation to the last spin. This means you can re-use the same strategy with no consequence
      • Establish a gambling budget - and only play within your limits
      • Don't chase your losses - if you are struggling to gamble responsibly, seek some help
      • Take advantage of bonuses with low wagering to give you more funds to play. Check the terms and conditions to see what the requirements of the bonus are first.
      • The game is available for PC and mobile devices, choose whichever platform you feel most comfortable with

      Dream Catcher Dealers

      Dream Catcher was the second Evolution live game to use a gameshow style dealer after Lightning Roulette. In a traditional live dealer game, the dealer is sitting or standing in an inert fashion. But in this game, the dealer is far more animated.

      Members can expect plenty of banter and entertainment as the dealer interacts with the chat. Unlike other live casino rooms where the chat is one way - this room uses a chat stream, allowing members to chat with another.

      This makes for a sociable betting experience unlike anything out there.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is Dream Catcher safe and fair?

      Software provider Evolution Gaming operates with a full UKGC gaming license. All of their games are tested by third-party testing houses to ensure all results are random and fair.

      What is the maximum Dream Catcher win?

      The maximum win is 40x your total staked bet - however, this can be multiplied by the two stacking multipliers. Theoretically, you can win thousands and thousands of times your total staked bet. For a limited example, a 7x multiplier on 40 results in a 280x potential win.

      What is the best bet on Dream Catcher?

      The best bet with the highest chance of showing up is the 1 segment. This segment has the highest amount of wheel coverage in the game. This means there are more chances for you to win. However, it's also one of the lowest-paying options.

      Where can I play Dream Catcher?

      Dream Catcher is available at sportsbooks and casinos that are partnered with software supplier Evolution.


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