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Live Baccarat Casinos & Strategy Guide - Real Dealers, Real Baccarat Fun

Live Baccarat Casinos with the best offers. Learn expert strategies & the best bets to make. Play Live Baccarat at our partner casinos today.
Player or banker baccarat
Aaron Braund 27 Apr 2020
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Live Baccarat is a baccarat game played with a live dealer. It offers the authentic casino experience in the absence of a real land based casino environment. Games are streamed live from a studio environment - and players can interact with dealers. All of the major software providers have at least one live baccarat game available.  Here we show you how to play plus strategies you can use.

Best Live Baccarat Casinos - 2021

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                  How to play Live Baccarat

                  Baccarat is easy to learn and play - making it one of the most popular card games out there. To win, you must guess the winning hand from three outcomes: the Banker, Player - or a Tie. 

                  A traditional baccarat game starts with the dealer drawing both the player and banker two cards. The winning hand is determined by the face value of these two cards. The number cards and Ace all retain their face value. But 10, Jack, Queen and King have a value of 0. The hand closest to nine is the winner.

                  However, a third card can be drawn under exceptional circumstances. The most common condition for the third card draw is if the Banker has a lower value hand then the Player. In this event, a third card will be drawn - giving the banker a last chance at victory.

                  Live Baccarat Software

                  Baccarat is available at the majority of live casinos. And thanks to the popularity of these game, you will find many interesting versions. Here are some of the most popular game providers.

                  Evolution Live Baccarat
                  Evolution's baccarat celebrates the game's legacy in Asia - and the studios are designed ornately. With bright reds and golds, this provider creates the Macau experience at home. As a market leader in live dealer software, the developer has made many innovations in the genre over the year. From Speed Baccarat to Baccarat Squeeze - the boundaries are pushed at Evolution sites. Most recently, the software provider launched their Lightning Baccarat game with up to 500x multipliers.

                  Playtech Live Baccarat
                  Once again, the Asian heritage of baccarat is supported by Playtech by some beautiful studio designs. Particularly in the Squeeze Baccarat room - which teases the final card of the game a signature squeeze motion. Baccarat tables at Playtech sites tend to have higher betting limits.

                  Pragmatic Play Baccarat
                  The promising newcomer to live casino games offers two styles of baccarat - a traditional Baccarat table and Speed Baccarat. The latter is a tempting option for gamblers who want fast-paced gambling rounds and the chance for many betting sessions. 

                  Live Baccarat Strategy

                  There isn't a reliable strategy for playing baccarat. The game may seem to resemble a red/black scenario like in roulette - but this is not the case. The Banker is more likely to win thanks to the third card rule. That means the odds are skewered - and 50/50 strategies like the Martingale do not apply. There are two main rules when it comes to playing baccarat.

                  Never bet on the Tie outcome - The tie bet is paid when the banker and player draw. This bet pays out at 8:1 - which is low odds considering what is a low chance to happen. This is by far the worst bet you can make, despite the marginally better payouts.

                  Always bet on the banker - The banker has the best chance of winning. Keep in mind, due to this advantage, the casinos may apply a commission to all winning bets placed on the Banker.

                  Live Baccarat Statistics

                  Each bet in baccarat has a certain chance of success. Here are all the available bets and the odds on each.

                  • Player Hand: 44.62%
                  • Banker: 45.85%
                  • Tie: 9.53%

                  It's worth keeping in mind that some baccarat games also have side bets. These offer impressive prizes - but they often have mediocre chances of happening.

                  Live Baccarat Tips

                  Need some tips to help you get better results? Here's a choice few from our expert team:

                  • Live games will usually come with a history of recently called results. While this data is interesting to look at - it has no application. Results are random - therefore the data can not help you with betting.
                  • Side bets are dangerous - but they do boast big rewards
                  • Always use a basic money management strategy - this will ensure you play responsibly.

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  What is the best live baccarat game?

                  The best live baccarat game is Speed Baccarat. You get the benefits of playing a live game of baccarat - but you also get fast betting sessions. This allows you to place a larger volume of bets. For atmosphere, Baccarat Squeeze is the best.

                  What is the best Live roulette software?

                  Evolution provides the majority of cutting edge baccarat games.

                  What is the best bet in live baccarat?

                  The best bet in live baccarat is betting on the Banker. This banker has the best chance of winning due to the 3rd card rule.

                  Which casinos have live baccarat games?

                  Virtually all online casinos have some form of live baccarat entertainment. But the types of roulette they have will be dictated by their choice of software providers. You can see what casino software is available by checking the footer of a casino.


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