Best Jackpot Slots Casinos

Jackpot slots play a starring role at any casino. These games are the heavyweights of the gambling world,  paying out millions in a single spin. Now widely available at online casinos, players can choose a variety of games with different themes and prizes. Here are the latest online casinos where you can play jackpot games.

Best Jackpot Slots Sites

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There are several different types of jackpot slots available. The size of the pot depends on what style of game you play. Here are the most common types of jackpot games:

Fixed Jackpot: In these games, jackpots are static - they do not decrease or increase in their prize value. Trigger the jackpot - and you will win the prize shown, which can be a multiplier value or a cash reward.

Progressive Jackpot: A game where the value of the jackpot continues to increase over time. Every bet that is played on the game will have a small portion added to the jackpot. When someone wins, the jackpot will return to a seed value and start to build again.

Networked Progressive Jackpot: Like progressive jackpots, the prizes in these games build up over time. However, these types of games are available at hundreds of casinos. Players from all types of sites are contributing to a single prize pot, meaning the jackpot builds much more quickly.