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Rock Paper Scissors (Betgames) Strategy Guide & Casinos

Rock Paper Scissors How to play guide. Learn expert strategies & the best bets to make. Play Rock Paper Scissors at our partner casinos today.
Rock Paper Scissors Betgames
Aaron Braund 28 Jan 2021
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    Rock Paper Scissors Playing Guide
  • How to play Betgames Rock Paper Scissors
  • Rock Paper Scissors Strategy
  • Rock Paper Scissors Game Tips
  • Rock Paper Scissors Live Dealers
  • FAQ
Rock Paper Scissors is a live game developed by BetGames.TV. Based on the hand sign game of the same name, players will need to bet on one of three outcomes: Rock, Paper or Scissors. You can either bet in the silver zone, the gold zone or both at the same time. In this short guide, we'll show you the best strategies & tips to win.

How to play Betgames Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is a simple game with three outcomes.

  • Rock beats Scissors
  • Scissors beats Paper
  • Paper beats Rock

The game is played with a deck of 24 cards - and the symbols for Rock, Paper and Scissors are printed on each card.

Drawn cards will be dealt in the silver and gold zones. Despite the game's appearance, this isn't a game of silver vs gold. Instead, you are betting on the outcome of the zone. 

Effectively, there are two games happening at once. The only exception is if the same card is drawn in both zones, which will result in a tie outcome.

Here are the payouts for Betgames Rock Paper Scissors:

Silver Zone
Gold Zone
Win: 1.85:1Win: 2.5:1 
Tie: Stake ReturnedTie: 0.35:1

To start playing, choose one of the three outcomes in the silver or gold zones. Silver is always drawn first - so the gold zone has enhanced payouts.

The game starts with the dealer drawing a fresh deck of cards from the auto shuffler. The dealer will then draw a card onto the scanner and move it into the silver zone. The dealer will then repeat the process in the gold zone.

Once both cards are dealt, the game ends - followed by a short betting interval.

Rock Paper Scissors Strategy

The best strategy in Rock Paper Scissors is to avoid betting on the gold zone. While this zone gives you better payouts - it's also more dangerous when it comes to tie outcomes.

On a tie result, the silver zone will always return 100% of your stake. E.g. if you bet £100 on silver and the outcome is a tie - your £100 stake will be returned. 

However, if you bet £100 on gold and its a tie outcome - only £35 of your original stake will be returned. 

Betting on both zones is also not recommended while playing. Once again, you will give yourself a chance for better payouts - but it also means betting on the risky gold. 

Rock Paper Scissors Game Tips

Here are some of the best tips you can use while playing Rock Paper Scissors:

  • Above each zone, you will find results for the last five games - unfortunately, this information is useless and can't help you predict the next outcome.
  • You can quickly switch to other bet games using the lobby - meaning you can place bets on other tables while waiting for cards to be dealt.
  • If playing via a wi-fi or broadband connection, switch from auto to 1080p for the best, most stable viewing experience. 
  • You can play on mobile or PC devices - choose whichever platform suits you bet.

Rock Paper Scissors Live Dealers

Betgames are less interactive compared to their live casino counterparts. There's no chat - so you can't communicate with the dealer or players. It's a one-way stream where you watch the dealer - which is why these games are called TV games.

The dealers are perfectly friendly and pleasant - they will regularly comment on results and gameplay. It's a one-sided experience - but at least it's a friendly one.


Is Rock Paper Scissors safe and fair?

Betgames.TV is a licensed operator with a full UKGC license. Not only are all games tested for fairness - an auto shuffler is used to ensure all decks are randomised.

What is the maximum Rock Paper Scissors payout?

The gold zone pays 2.5:1 on a successful bet - making it the highest paying position in the game.

What is the best bet on Rock Paper Scissors?

It doesn't matter if you bet on Rock, Paper or Scissors - but you should always bet in the silver zone. The silver zone is the best bet you can make as tie outcomes give you 100% of your stake back.

Where can I play Rock Paper Scissors?

Rock Paper Scissors is available at sportsbook and casinos that are partnered with Betgames.TV.


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