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Keyd vs W7M tips

  • W7M tipped for the win
Keyd vs W7M
These two teams have already met three times in their short history, with W7M winning every single encounter to date, while Keyd managed to win only one map back in 2019, and even that was a close one (16-12) win on Inferno.

Overall, W7M are a decent Brazilian CS:GO team, but definitely not one of the best. Recently they won 2-0 against DETONA and ALMA, produced stalemates against Isurus and Red Canids and lost 2-0 against BOOM, who are a significantly stronger side.

Keyd, on the other side, seem like can only play well on Vertigo, which makes it seem like they’re a “one-trick pony” of sorts, as they are struggling to perform well on any other six maps in the pool. That will be a massive problem here, seeing how W7M dislike playing on Vertigo and will surely look to ban it, which will put Keyd in a very unenviable position.

With that in mind, we are confident saying Keyd will struggle to produce much resistance here and we have a very tough time believing they can win any map outside of Vertigo against the likes of W7M. If the map veto goes in their favour, W7M should win this match with relative ease.

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