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Swedish Allsvenskan Live Streaming

  • Watch Swedish Allsvenskan online with bet365 live streaming
  • The Allsvenskan runs from March to November each year
  • Malmö FF and IFK Göteborg are the most successful clubs in Sweden

Malmö FF celebrate

Swedish Allsvenskan Live Streaming Online

The Swedish Allsvenskan is the top professional football division in Sweden. It was founded in 1924 and runs from March to November each year.

All 16 clubs play each other twice in a 30 match season. Malmö FF and IFK Göteborg are the most successful clubs in Sweden.

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Swedish Allsvenskan Live Streams

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Swedish Allsvenskan Winners & Runners-Up

The Swedish Allsvenskan started as the Svenska Mästerskapet in 1896. 
The competition was renamed Allsvenskan in 1931. 

Djurgårdens IF are the champions after finishing in front of Malmö FF and Hammarby IF in 2019.

2019Djurgårdens IF (12)Malmö FF
2018AIK (12)IFK Norrköping
2017Malmö FF (20)AIK
2016Malmö FF (19)AIK
2015IFK Norrköping (13)IFK Göteborg
2014Malmö FF (18)IFK Göteborg
2013Malmö FF (17)AIK
2012Elfsborg (6)BK Häcken
2011Helsingborgs IF (5)AIK
2010Malmö FF (16)Helsingborgs IF
2009AIK (11)daggerIFK Göteborg
2008Kalmar FF (1)IF Elfsborg
2007IFK Göteborg (18)Kalmar FF
2006IF Elfsborg (5)AIK
2005Djurgårdens IF (11)IFK Göteborg
2004Malmö FF (15)Halmstads BK
2003Djurgårdens IF (10)Hammarby IF
2002Djurgårdens IF (9)Malmö FF
2001Hammarby IF (1)Djurgårdens IF
2000Halmstads BK (4)Helsingborgs IF
1999Helsingborgs IF (4)AIK
1998AIK (10)Helsingborgs IF
1997Halmstads BK (3)IFK Göteborg
1996IFK Göteborg (17)Malmö FF
1995IFK Göteborg (16)Helsingborgs IF
1994IFK Göteborg (15)Örebro SK
1993IFK Göteborg (14)IFK Norrköping
1992AIK (9)IFK Norrköping
1991IFK Göteborg (13)IFK Norrköping
1990IFK Göteborg (12)IFK Norrköping
1989IFK Norrköping (12)Malmö FF
1988Malmö FF (14)Djurgårdens IF
1987IFK Göteborg (11)Malmö FF
1986Malmö FF (13)AIK
1985Örgryte IS (12)IFK Göteborg
1984IFK Göteborg (10)IFK Norrköping
1983IFK Göteborg (9)Östers IF
1982IFK Göteborg (8)Hammarby IF
1981Östers IF (4)IFK Göteborg
1980Östers IF (3)Malmö FF
1979Halmstads BK (2)IFK Göteborg
1978Östers IF (2)Malmö FF
1977Malmö FF (12)IF Elfsborg
1976Halmstads BK (1)Malmö FF
1975Malmö FF (11)Östers IF
1974Malmö FF (10)AIK
1973Åtvidabergs FF (2)Östers IF
1972Åtvidabergs FF (1)AIK
1971Malmö FF (9)Åtvidabergs FF
1970Malmö FF (8)Åtvidabergs FF
1969IFK Göteborg (7)Malmö FF
1968Östers IF (1)Malmö FF
1967Malmö FF (7)Djurgårdens IF
1966Djurgårdens IF (8)IFK Norrköping
1965Malmö FF (6)IF Elfsborg
1964Djurgårdens IF (7)Malmö FF
1963IFK Norrköping (11)Degerfors IF
1962IFK Norrköping (10)Djurgårdens IF
1961IF Elfsborg (4)IFK Norrköping
1960IFK Norrköping (9)IFK Malmö
1959Djurgårdens IF (6)IFK Norrköping
1957-58IFK Göteborg (6)IFK Norrköping
1956-57IFK Norrköping (8)Malmö FF
1955-56IFK Norrköping (7)Malmö FF
1954-55Djurgårdens IF (5)Halmstads BK
1953-54GAIS (4)Hälsingborgs IF
1952-53Malmö FF (5)IFK Norrköping
1951-52IFK Norrköping (6)Malmö FF
1950-51Malmö FF (4)Råå IF
1949-50Malmö FF (3)Jönköpings Södra IF
1948-49Malmö FF (2)Hälsingborgs IF
1947-48IFK Norrköping (5)Malmö FF
1946-47IFK Norrköping (4)AIK
1945-46IFK Norrköping (3)Malmö FF
1944-45IFK Norrköping (2)IF Elfsborg
1943-44Malmö FF (1)IF Elfsborg
1942-43IFK Norrköping (1)IF Elfsborg
1941-42IFK Göteborg (5)GAIS
1940-41Hälsingborgs IF (3)Degerfors IF
1939-40IF Elfsborg (3)IFK Göteborg
1938-39IF Elfsborg (2)AIK
1937-38IK Sleipner (1)Landskrona BoIS
1936-37AIK (8)IK Sleipner
1935-36IF Elfsborg (1)AIK
1934-35IFK Göteborg (4)AIK
1933-34Hälsingborgs IF (2)GAIS
1932-33Hälsingborgs IF (1)GAIS
1931-32AIK (7)Örgryte IS
1930-31GAIS (3)AIK
1925Brynäs IF (1)BK Derby
1924Fässbergs IF (1)IK Sirius
1923AIK (6)IFK Eskilstuna
1922GAIS (2)Hammarby IF
1921IFK Eskilstuna (1)IK Sleipner
1920Djurgårdens IF (4)IK Sleipner
1919GAIS (1)Djurgårdens IF
1918IFK Göteborg (3)Hälsingborgs IF
1917Djurgårdens IF (3)AIK
1916AIK (5)Djurgårdens IF
1915Djurgårdens IF (2)Örgryte IS
1914AIK (4)Hälsingborgs IF
1913Örgryte IS (11)Djurgårdens IF
1912Djurgårdens IF (1)Örgryte IS
1911AIK (3)IFK Uppsala
1910IFK Göteborg (2)Djurgårdens IF
1909Örgryte IS (10)Djurgårdens IF
1908IFK Göteborg (1)IFK Uppsala
1907Örgryte IS (9)IFK Uppsala
1906Örgryte IS (8)Djurgårdens IF
1905Örgryte IS (7)IFK Stockholm
1904Örgryte IS (6)Djurgårdens IF
1903Göteborgs IF (1)Göteborgs FF
1902Örgryte IS (5)Jönköpings AIF
1901AIK (2)[nb 2]Örgryte IS 2
1900AIK (1)Örgryte IS
1899Örgryte IS (4)Göteborgs FF
1898Örgryte IS (3)AIK
1897Örgryte IS (2)Örgryte IS
1896Örgryte IS (1)IS Idrottens Vänner

Swedish Allsvenskan Fixtures

Check the Swedish Allsvenskan fixtures to identify clubs that might be resting players because of important matches in the Svenska Cupen, UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League.

Swedish Allsvenskan Table

Study the Swedish Allsvenskan table to see which clubs are consistently challenging at the top of the table. The most likely clubs are Malmö FF, IFK Göteborg, IFK Norrköping, AIK, Djurgårdens IF and Hammarby IF.

Swedish Allsvenskan Format

All 16 clubs in the Allsvenskan play each other twice home and away. The season starts in March or April and ends in November each year.

The two lowest placed teams are relegated to Superettan and the top two teams from the Superettan are promoted. The third lowest team in Allsvenskan plays a relegation/promotion play-off against the third placed team in Superettan.

The Allsvenskan champions qualify for the UEFA Champions League first qualifying round. The second and third placed teams qualify for the UEFA Europa Conference League second qualifying round alongside the Svenska Cupen winners.

Swedish Allsvenskan Highlights

Watch Swedish Allsvenskan highlights to identify players and teams in top form.

Swedish Allsvenskan News

Get all the latest Swedish Allsvenskan news from the official Allsvenskan website. Injured or suspended players can have a significant impact on results.

Swedish Allsvenskan Social Media

Follow the Swedish Allsvenskan on social media.

Swedish Allsvenskan History

The Svenska Mästerskapet began in 1896 and was superseded by the Allsvenskan which started in the 1924-25 season. From 1959 the Allsvenskan started in spring and played in one calendar year. 

In 1973 the Allsvenskan was expanded to 14 clubs. From the 1982 season the league introduced a play-off to determine the Swedish football champions.

Swedish Allsvenskan Live Streaming FAQ

Where can I watch Swedish Allsvenskan Live Streams?

Check our live streaming calendar to see where to watch Swedish Allsvenskan live streams.

Who has won the most Swedish Allsvenskan titles?

Malmö FF are the most successful club in Sweden, winning 20 Swedish league titles. IFK Göteborg are next best with 18 titles.

Who are the Swedish Allsvenskan champions?

Djurgardens IF are the Swedish Allsvenskan champions after winning their 12th title in 2019.

How many teams are in the Swedish Allsvenskan?

There are currently 16 teams in the Swedish Allsvenskan.

What teams play in the Swedish Allsvenskan?

The 16 teams that currently play in the Swedish Allsvenskan are AIK, BK Häcken, Djurgårdens IF, Falkenbergs FF, Hammarby IF, Helsingborgs IF, IF Elfsborg, IFK Göteborg, IFK Norrköping, IK Sirius, Kalmar FF, Malmö FF, Mjällby AIF, Varbergs BoIS, Örebro SK and Östersunds FK.


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