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Copa America Winners List - Argentina and Uruguay on Top

Last updated: 03 Jun 2024
John Eastwood 03 Jun 2024
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  • Argentina & Uruguay have won 15 Copa America titles
  • Brazil are next best with nine titles
Argentina Uruguay
Argentina and Uruguay have won 15 Copa America titles (Getty)

Copa America Winners

The first Copa America was held in 1916 as the South American Championship. Uruguay were the winners in Argentina and went on to win six of the first ten tournaments.

Argentina are the defending champions after beating Brazil 1-0 in the 2021 final. Ángel Di María scored the winning goal at Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.

Final Score
Host Nation/s
2024 tbc tbc tbc United States
2021 Argentina 1-0 Brazil Brazil
2019 Brazil 3-1 Peru Brazil
2016 Chile 0-0 (4-2p) Argentina United States
2015 Chile 0-0 (4-1p) Argentina Chile
2011 Uruguay 3-0 Paraguay Argentina
2007 Brazil 3-0 Argentina Venezuela
2004 Brazil 2-2 (4-2p) Argentina Peru
2001 Colombia 1-0 Mexico Colombia
1999 Brazil 3-0 Uruguay Paraguay
1997 Brazil 3-1 Bolivia Bolivia
1995 Uruguay 1-1 (5-3p) Brazil Uruguay
1993 Argentina 2-1 Mexico Ecuador
1991 Argentina Round Robin Brazil Chile
1989 Brazil Round Robin Uruguay Brazil
1987 Uruguay 2-0 / 1-1 Chile Argentina
1983 Uruguay 2-0 / 1-1 Brazil Various
1979 Paraguay 3-0 / 0-1 Chile Various
1975 Peru 0-1 / 2-1 Colombia Various
1967 Uruguay Group Stage Argentina Uruguay
1963 Bolivia Group Stage Paraguay Bolivia
1959 Uruguay Group Stage Argentina Ecuador
1959 Argentina Group Stage Brazil Argentina
1957 Argentina Group Stage Brazil Peru
1956 Uruguay Group Stage Chile Uruguay
1955 Argentina Group Stage Chile Chile
1953 Paraguay 3-2 Brazil Peru
1949 Brazil 7-0 Paraguay Brazil
1947 Argentina Group Stage Paraguay Ecuador
1946 Argentina Group Stage Brazil Argentina
1945 Argenrina Group Stage Brazil Chile
1942 Uruguay Group Stage Argentina Uruguay
1941 Argentina Group Stage Uruguay Chile
1939 Peru Group Stage Uruguay Peru
1937 Argentina 2-0 Brazil Argentina
1935 Uruguay Group Stage Argentina Peru
1929 Argentina Group Stage Paraguay Argentina
1927 Argentina Group Stage Uruguay Peru
1926 Uruguay Group Stage Argentina Chile
1925 Argentina Group Stage Brazil Argentina
1924 Uruguay Group Stage Argentina Uruguay
1923 Uruguay Group Stage Argentina Uruguay
1922 Brazil 3-0 Paraguay Brazil
1921 Argentina Group Stage Brazil Argentina
1920 Uruguay Group Stage Argentina Chile
1919 Brazil 1-0 (aet) Uruguay Brazil
1917 Uruguay Group Stage Argentina Uruguay
1916 Uruguay Group Stage Argentina Argentina

Performance by Country

Uruguay have won 15 Copa America titles, Argentina next best with 14 titles and Brazil winning nine. Paraguay, Chile and Peru have all won twice with Colombia and Bolivia winning once.

Third place
Fourth place
Argentina 15 14 5 2
Uruguay 15 6 9 5
Brazil 9 12 7 3
Paraguay 2 6 7 7
Chile 2 4 5 11
Peru 2 1 8 6
Colombia 1 1 5 2
Bolivia 1 1 2
Mexico 2 3
Honduras 1
Ecuador 2
United States 2
Venezuela 1


The Copa América began in Argentina in 1916 as the South American Football Championship, only four teams participated including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. The tournament marked the founding of CONMEBOL which included the football associations of those four nations.

The remaining South American football associations joined in the following years, the last being Venezuela in 1952. The tournament was rebranded as the Copa América in 1975 and is the oldest international continental football competition.

Mexico has participated in every Copa América since 1993 when the tournament first featured 12 teams. Those teams compromised all 10 CONMEBOL nations and two teams from other confederations.

The 2016 competition celebrated 100 years since the tournament’s inception. Called the Copa América Centenario, it featured 16 teams with the 10 CONMEBOL nations joined by Mexico, United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica and Haiti.

The United States hosted the 2016 edition, becoming the only non-CONMEBOL country to host the tournament. There have been 45 tournaments held since 1916, eight of the ten CONMEBOL nations winning at least once with only Ecuador and Venezuela yet to win.

The right to host the Copa América has been done by a rotation policy since 1984, with host countries rotating in alphabetical order. The first rotation was completed in 2007 with Venezuela hosting the tournament.

The 2021 Copa America was originally scheduled to take place in 2020 as the 2020 Copa America. The tournament was postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Colombia was removed as co-host amid ongoing protests and Argentina was removed due to COVID-19 issues with Brazil hosting the tournament.

Copa America Winners FAQ

Who has won the most Copa America titles?

Uruguay and Argentina have won the most Copa America titles with 15 titles each.

How many Copa America titles has Argentina won?

Argentina have won 15 Copa America titles.

How many Copa America titles has Brazil won?

Brazil have won nine Copa America titles.

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