VVV Venlo Betting Tips

VVV Venlo hit the headlines when they signed a toddler named Baerke van der Meij on a symbolic ten-year contract. This occurred after a video of him scoring a hat-trick into a toy box went viral.

Publicity such as that has brought VVV to the attention of the general betting public, which is good news for savvy punters. That means the hard-to-find bets in the deeper markets will increase in value, and we’re going to tell you how to discover them.

VVV Venloo Betting Tips

VVV-Venlo betting tips aren’t hard to find online, and that’s how most regular bettors will get their predictions. These tend to be focussed on the main match outcomes, which are not usually the best value bets, so if you want to make your money go further, then you’ll have to use another method.

Researching the current squad and looking for your personal VVV betting tip is a much better way of finding a good value wager. That’s how seasoned punters make their predictions, and it gives you a much better chance of long-term success. 

VVV Venlo Betting Odds

When you’ve found a wager that you want to bet on, don’t put any money down until you’ve shopped around for the best VVV-Venlo betting odds. The price can be very different depending on what bookmaker you’re using, so it always pays to check as many as possible. You may even be able to use a price comparison website to display the odds for your wager at multiple sportsbooks in real-time.

If your wager is from one of the deeper markets you probably won’t find it at a comparison site. One upside of having to search manually, however, is that you’re more likely to discover an extra value bet which has been overlooked.

VVV Venlo Bonus Bets

VVV-Venlo bonus bets are another easy way to increase your return. Many bookmakers offer price boosts or odds boosts that can drastically improve your payout. 

Other bonuses, such as enhanced accumulators and reload bonuses, are more complicated and may require you to place a certain number of selections or complete wagering requirements to unlock the bonus cash. 

Check out bookmaker reviews and always read the terms and conditions before you claim anything, and start with the least complicated offers before moving on to the bigger prizes. 

VVV Venlo Fixtures

The VVV Venlo fixtures information is available at vvv-venlo.nl. Plenty of other third-party websites will have the VVV match calendar too, but the club will always post the most up-to-date and trustworthy version. 

As well as knowing when the next match is, you can use the VVV calendar to assess how home games and away games may affect the squad’s performance. If they are playing after a long lay-off, you can check previous results to see if this will mean the team is well-rested or rusty.

VVV Venlo Results

Like the match schedule, the VVV Venlo website is the best place to find the latest VVV Venlo results. You can get a good indication of how the club is performing at a glance, and this current form can be a good way of predicting the outcome of a future match.

To discover a better value tip you’ll need to go deeper into the results research. The place to do this is a statistics database, where you’ll find every conceivable performance metric for all the individual players as well as the team as a whole. 

VVV Venlo Team News

The VVV Venlo website has the latest VVV Venlo team news, including important information such as the matchday team sheet. This should be one of your first pieces of research and will help you along in your team investigation.

Knowing which players to analyse is only one part of the team research. You should also assess how any missing players, whether they are suspended or injured, will affect the team’s performance, and likewise if any players are returning from an absence. Often a player coming back from injury, especially if it’s a game at De Koel stadium, will be enough to energise the team. 

VVV Venlo Bet of the Day

Your VVV Venlo bet of the day can be absolutely anyone of the hundreds of available wagers. If you’re having trouble narrowing down the choice, our advice is to continue your team research. You’ll find a piece of intel or a pattern among the performance metrics which can be applied to a certain market and that will be your personal betting tip. 

As a byproduct, you will gain a good working knowledge of the VVV team, and this will enable you to spot a good value bet from among the available wagers. You can then shop around for the best odds and use VVV Venlo bonus bets to further improve your value for money.

VVV Venlo News

You’ll have no trouble finding VVV Venlo news online, but you may have to sift through a lot of hearsay and opinion pieces at the more unofficial websites. Your best option is to stick to the recognised news vendors, as it is in their best interests to post only accurate and up-to-date information.

The ‘news’ section of the VVV Venlo website is the best place to read the official reports on the current happenings, but it’s good practice to find independent and impartial sources too, especially for the more sensitive news stories. 

VVV Venlo Rumours & Transfer News

If you’re searching for the latest VVV Venlo rumours and transfer news, you won’t have much choice but to use the unofficial sources. It can be hard to distinguish the gossip from the genuine, but the VVV Venlo fan forums can help. When a rumour is posted the discussion between the fans can often confirm or deny its legitimacy. 

There are websites which cater almost specifically for transfer rumours, and many of these have VVV sections, but you shouldn’t take what they say as fact. It is useful to know what rumours are going around, however, as gossip can have as much of an effect on the VVV betting odds as cold hard facts.

VVV Venlo Highlights

Watch all the VVV Venlo highlights at the VVV Venlo YouTube channel.

VVV Venlo Social Media

If you’re on social media, you can keep up with all the latest VVV news on their official channels:

Searching for the hashtag #VVVVenlo on any of the main social media platforms will let you see what others are saying about the club in real-time.

VVV Venlo Live Streaming

VVV Venlo have been regularly competing in the Eredivisie and Dutch Cup. Watch VVV Venlo football matches in any location on your favourite device where ever you can obtain an internet connection by live streaming.

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