Dijon Betting Tips

Dijon FCO are one of the youngest clubs in the French football system, having only been founded in 1998. They were established as a merger between the two leading teams in the city, Cercle Sportif Laïque Dijonnais and Dijon FC.

Despite DFCO’s rather tongue-in-cheek nickname (Les Moutardes; The Mustards), there are some seriously good wagers out there. Read on and we shall explain how you can find them for yourself. 

The simplest way to find Dijon betting tips is to do a search online, but this does present some problems. The main issue is that it can be hard to tell whether the source has properly researched their selection, but if they have a decent history of making successful predictions, then that’s a good sign.

Another factor is that the tips you find online will usually be for the main match outcomes, which are rarely the best value bets. To find those, your best option is to do the research yourself. This is the method favoured by seasoned bettors and it will lead to many more successful wagers in the long run.

Dijon Live Streaming

Dijon have been regular competitors in French football competitions such as Ligue 1, Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue. Watch Dijon where ever you can get an internet connection by live streaming on your device of choice.

Many bookies provide football live streaming services where you can bet and watch on Dijon on your favourite device. Dijon live streaming allows you to watch and bet on your phone, tablet or computer where ever you can get an internet connection. 

Check our live streaming calendar for a full list of all the sports matches, tournaments and events that you can watch live online including football, tennis, rugby, snooker, darts, basketball and cricket.

Dijon Betting Odds

When you’ve found the wager you want to put your money on, it’s good practice to check as many bookmakers as possible and select the one with the best odds. If your wager is among the main markets, you can use an odds comparison website which will show you the price for your bet across multiple sportsbooks.

The odds comparison websites don’t cater for the deeper markets, but you should still shop around if your wager is one of those. You’ll have to do the legwork yourself, but it’s still a guaranteed way to increase your returns.

Dijon Bonus Bets

Bookmakers will often have Dijon bonus bets and promotions in place in the run-up to big matches. These come in many different forms and can be used to insure your stake, increase your payout, or even get you some free betting credit. 

You should always check the small print before you claim any of these offers as the terms and conditions do vary a lot. A good rule of thumb is that the bigger bonuses will have more complicated stipulations, so start small if you’re new to the online betting game.

Dijon Fixtures

The Dijon fixtures calendar is available for all to see on the Dijon club website. As well allowing you to plan ahead it also enables you to assess the form of the team to some extent. If Dijon have had a run of matches in quick succession, the key players may be fatigued. 

Likewise, if they have had a long lay-off, they may not be as quick off the mark. Playing at home and away also makes a big difference, especially when there is a lot of travelling involved. These are all factors that need to be taken into account during your research.

Dijon Results

Like the fixtures calendar, the Dijon results section of the official website can be used to great effect. As well as looking at how many goals they’ve scored and conceded, you can also analyse the time of these goals. 

Certain teams are known for being fast-starters whereas others don’t click into gear until the second half. This opens up a variety of betting options, including first-half and second-half results markets and half-time/full-time.  

We also suggest utilising the databank of stats which most credible online bookmakers now offer. These cover every type of metric related to the game, both on an individual player level and the team as a whole. 

Dijon Team News

The Dijon team news is a great way to kick off your investigations, and you can find all the info you need on the club website homepage, dfco.fr, come matchday. One of the most important things you’ll find there is the team sheet. 

The list of names will let you know which players you should analyse but also which players are missing from the squad. If a key player is suspended or injured it can have a huge effect on the team’s morale and their on-pitch performance, so it’s a factor worth taking into account during your research.

Dijon Bet of the Day

Your Dijon bet of the day can be any wager you like from the available markets, but the amount of choice can be quite overwhelming. If you’re using one of the big sportsbooks expect to find many hundreds of options. 

The best way to narrow that down is to follow the instructions on this page and increase your knowledge of the current Dijon squad. Your research will often turn up a piece of intel that can be used as your personal betting tip. 

When you end up with a good working knowledge of the team, you’ll be able to spot a good value bet just by looking at it.

Dijon News

There is always plenty of Dijon news being posted at dfco.fr, but it’s good practice to seek out more impartial reports, too. The news aggregator website NewsNow is a great place to start as it collates stories from hundreds of sources together into one place. 

If you’d like to get the news from the punters’ point of view, and you don’t mind translating from French, you can check out the unofficial DFCO fan sites. 

Dijon Rumours & Transfer News

Savvy punters always keep their ear to the ground for the latest Dijon rumours and transfer news; they know those whispers will affect the betting odds if they reach the general public. 

Some of the Dijon FCO fan forums will have message boards dedicated to the latest rumours, you will have to translate the conversations from French.

Dijon Social Media

If you’d like to be kept up-to-date on the latest happenings from the Stade Gaston Gérard and beyond, you can follow Dijon on social media:

Searching for the club hashtag #DFCO on any of the main social media platforms will enable you read what’s being said about the team in real-time.