Metz Betting Tips

FC Metz, founded in 1932, have been a Ligue 1 team for the majority of their history. They had a period of trophy-winning success in the 1980s, winning the Coupe de France twice and the Coupe de la Ligue once. They even defeated Barcelona at the Nou Camp in the first round of the 1984 European Cup Winners’ Cup. 

Metz had another good run in the late 1990s, but top-flight success has evaded them since the turn of the Millenium. Despite that, there are still great value Metz bets out there. If you want to know how to find them, then you’ve come to the right place.

Metz fans will often post their match predictions online, as will plenty of football websites and famous pundits. If you’re looking for Metz betting tips, however, these are rarely the best value.

Online betting tips will usually only cover the main match outcomes. If you want more bang for your buck you’ll have to delve into the deeper markets, and that requires some research into the current Metz squad. The information on this page will help you get started.

Metz Live Streaming

Metz have been regular competitors in Ligue 1 and the French Cup. Watch Metz football matches anywhere you can get a suitable internet connection by live streaming on your device of choice.

Many bookies provide football live streaming services where you can bet and watch on Metz on your favourite device. Metz live streaming allows you to watch and bet on your phone, tablet or computer where ever you can get an internet connection. 

Check our live streaming calendar for a full list of all the sports matches, tournaments and events that you can watch live online including football, tennis, rugby, snooker, darts, basketball and cricket.

Metz Betting Odds

One of the easiest ways to improve your value for money is to shop around for the best price. Once you’ve selected your Metz bet of the day, check multiple bookies to see who is offering the highest odds.

You can use an odds comparison website to save you time on this, but they usually only display the main markets. Deeper wagers will require you to search manually.

Metz Bonus Bets

When you’re hunting down the best odds for your wager, keep an eye out for Metz bonus bets. These are likely to appear in the run-up to a big match and can come in many different forms.

The key is to carefully assess the small print before you jump in. Simple bonuses, such as price boosts, will only have a few terms and conditions and are good for novice bettors. More complicated offers, with high wagering requirements and other constraints, can be hard to extract a profit from. 

Metz Fixtures

The Metz fixtures calendar is the best way to stay informed about upcoming matches. Plenty of third-party websites will advertise up-to-date Metz fixtures information, but we recommend getting the intel straight from the Metz website.

As well as seeing who Metz are playing and where; the official Metz calendar will be the first place to report on any postponements or rescheduling. This can have a major effect on the betting odds, so it’s worth checking often.

Metz Results

The latest Metz results can also be found on the official Metz website. You can use them to assess the current form of the squad, which is a great way to predict a future outcome. You can also look for patterns in past home and away games.

If you want to go deeper into the results research, check out an online statistics database. These have hundreds of performance metrics and will allow you to compare Metz stats head-to-head with an opposing team.

Metz Team News

If you’re going to research the current form of the team, which you should do, you’ll need to know which players are currently active. The Metz team news will have that information and a lot more besides. 

Check in the run-up to matchday and the teamsheet will be posted to the homepage. You can also assess how any absences or returning players will affect the team’s morale and on-pitch performance.

Metz Bet of the Day

Your FC Metz bet of the day can be any wager that you like. With a little bit of research you’ll be able to pick out the better value bets, which will lead to more success in the long run.

A good working knowledge of the current Metz squad combined with an understanding of the available markets is key. As your knowledge of the team increases, you’ll be able to spot a good value bet. In addition, during your team research, you will often discover a pattern which can be used as a tip for your Metz bet of the day.

Metz News

The new section of the official Metz website is updated every day. You can find articles, interviews, features, and much more directly from the Stade Saint-Symphorien.

The main sports news websites, like Sky Sports and ESPN, have FC Metz sections with more impartial reporting. You may find that the stories on the Metz website are slightly biased towards the club, so it’s good practice to seek out other sources too.

Metz Rumours & Transfer News

FC Metz rumours and transfer news can affect the betting odds as much as proven facts, so it’s worth keeping your ear to the ground. The official FC Metz forum is always a good source of intel, as are the Metz fan sites and blogs. 

There are also websites such as SportsMole which cater specifically for rumours and transfer gossip. Many of these have FC Metz sections, but you should always check the source where possible.

Metz Social Media

FC Metz are very active on social media and have official accounts at all the major platforms:

Searching for the club hashtags #FCMetz and #FCMASC will allow you to see what other users are saying about Metz in real-time.