Montpellier Betting Tips

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Montpellier HSC were one of the founding member clubs of Ligue 1 in 1932, and they are one of only five founder teams to be currently playing in the top flight.

La Paillade may not have the same amount of silverware as some of the other big-name teams, but with the Coupe de France, the Coupe de la Ligue, the Intertoto Cup, and the 2012 Ligue 1 trophy on the shelves, you can be sure that there are stacks of great value Montpellier wagers out there.

The aim of this betting guide is to show you how to find them and make better profits at the bookmakers.

If you go looking for Montpellier betting tips online, you’re likely to find a lot of predictions relating to the match outcomes. It can be hard to know whether a tip has been well researched or if it is just wishful thinking, so always check for a good betting history where possible.

If you would rather not trust someone else’s betting tip, you can always look for your own. Researching the current Montpellier team is a great way to find a piece of intel which can be applied to one of the available markets.

Montpellier Live Streaming

Montpellier are regulars in French football competitions Ligue 1 and the two French Cups - Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue. Watch Montpellier football matches on the go by live streaming on your favourite device with a suitable internet connection.

Many bookies provide football live streaming services where you can bet and watch on Montpellier on your favourite device. Montpellier live streaming allows you to watch and bet on your phone, tablet or computer where ever you can get an internet connection. 

Check our live streaming calendar for a full list of all the sports matches, tournaments and events that you can watch live online including football, tennis, rugby, snooker, darts, basketball and cricket. 

Montpellier Betting Odds

The match result market rarely represents the best betting value but if you do decide to take a punt on it, you can always improve your payout by shopping around for the best price. An odds comparison site can help with this; it will display the odds for your bet at multiple sportsbooks in real-time.

These odds comparison sites only give the prices for two or three main markets (the ones most casual bettors will use), so you’ll have to search manually if your bet is among the deeper markets. This will be more time-consuming but is still worthwhile, as it is a simple way to win more from the bookmaker without increasing your level of risk.

Montpellier Bonus Bets

Montpellier have a heated rivalry with Nîmes, and bookmakers will often offer Montpellier bonus bets when those matches are on the horizon. This is mainly to encourage punters to bet, but if you’re savvy, these offers can help to increase your bankroll on a regular basis.

Keep an eye out for price boosts, which increase the odds for your bet, and acca insurance, which will give you your stake back if one selection lets you down. Just remember to always read the terms and conditions before you claim anything to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Montpellier Fixtures

You can find the Montpellier fixtures calendar online, along with the rest of the league, but it’s worth remembering that all those dates are subject to change. Match postponements can really throw a spanner in the works when they occur; rescheduled games have to be fitted in wherever they can, even if it’s on a rest day. 

This will cause big changes to the betting odds, so you should check the official Montpellier website regularly for updates.

Montpellier Results

The current form of a club is one of the best ways to predict their next performance. You can assess how the Montpellier team is doing by looking at their previous results, which can be found at

If you’d like to analyse the form of individual players, you can find that information at an online statistics database. Some of these will also allow you to view Montpellier team statistics head-to-head with an opposing squad so you can see how the sides match up and look for weaknesses that could be exploited. 

Montpellier Team News

You won’t be able to investigate any individual player stats until you know who is going to be on the pitch come matchday. That’s just one of the reasons why the Montpellier team news, on the landing page at, should be one of your first research destinations. 

It will also let you assess how any absent or returning players will affect the team’s performance and also their morale, both of which go hand-in-hand.

Montpellier Bet of the Day

There will be a huge amount of choice when it comes to selecting your Montpellier bet of the day. If you’re registered at one of the big sportsbooks, you can expect many hundreds of markets, but the information on this page will help you narrow that down. 

The more you research the Montpellier squad, the more likely you are to find that bit of information or a pattern which can be applied to a specific market or markets. Even if you don’t find your personal betting tip right away, your increased knowledge of the team will enable you to identify a good value bet when you see it in the matches to follow.

Montpellier News

Montpellier news can be found at the club website but you should always seek out impartial reports. There is no shortage of coverage online, with the BBC, FOX, and ESPN all having dedicated Montpellier sections on their respective websites, as well as many of the British national newspapers such as the Mirror and the Guardian.  

Montpellier Rumours & Transfer News

Montpellier has had some household-name players come through their ranks, such as Eric Cantona, Carlos Valderama, and Laurent Blanc. It’s no wonder that the fans take such an interest in who is coming and going from the club. 

If you’re looking for the latest Montpellier rumours and transfer news, fan-run websites and forums are a great place to start. There are also non-official sites such as FifaIndex and Football Transfer League that have sections dedicated to the latest Montpellier whispers.

Montpellier Highlights

Watch Montpellier highlights at the Montpellier YouTube channel:

Montpellier Social Media

To stay up to date with all the latest from the Stade de la Mosson, you can follow Montpellier on their official social media accounts:

The #MHSC hashtag will allow you to see what’s being said about the club in real-time; just search for it on any of the major social media channels.