Nimes Betting Tips

Nimes Olympique have a rather unusual nickname for a French club; The Crocodiles. This is taken from an ancient Roman coin known as the Ace of Nîmes, which featured a crocodile chained to a palm tree to commemorate the Romans’ defeat of Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium. The city of Nimes added the crocodile to its coat of arms, and so the club also included it on the team crest.

In keeping with this nickname, Nimes are tenacious competitors. They worked their way to the top tier of the French football system from the third division in just six years, and you can be sure that some savvy punters made a lot of money from that rise. If you’d like to learn how to find those great value Nimes bets, read on and we shall explain.

There are plenty of places to find Nimes betting tips such as on football-related TV shows, online tipsters, football magazines, or even from your mates. Some of these will no doubt be successful, and some may even be well-researched, but they’re all going to be, at best, secondary sources.

To place more successful bets on a regular basis, you need to be researching the current squad and seeking out your own personal Nimes betting tips from the best sources. The important thing to remember is that the better profits come from being able to predict the method of victory, rather than just the win itself.

Nimes Live Streaming

Nimes are regulars in French football competitions Ligue 1 and the two French Cups - Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue. Watch Nimes football matches on the go by live streaming on your favourite device with a suitable internet connection.

Many bookies provide football live streaming services where you can bet and watch on Nimes on your favourite device. Nimes live streaming allows you to watch and bet on your phone, tablet or computer where ever you can get an internet connection. 

Check our live streaming calendar for a full list of all the sports matches, tournaments and events that you can watch live online including football, tennis, rugby, snooker, darts, basketball and cricket.

Nimes Betting Odds

When you’ve found your Nimes bet of the day, you’ll be able to improve your value for money by checking as many bookmakers as possible and selecting the one with the best odds. 

This is a super-simple way of getting more bang for your buck, and there are even price comparison websites that will display the odds for your wager in real-time across several sportsbooks.

These odds comparison tools don’t cater for the deeper markets, however, so you’ll have to search for yourself if your wager isn’t one of the main match outcomes. This may be more time-consuming, but on the plus side, you’re much more likely to discover an extra value bet.

Nimes Bonus Bets

Nimes bonus bets are another great way to improve your value for money. Odds boosts, in‌ ‌particular, are a simple and effective way of increasing your payout, but you’ll also find offers such as enhanced accumulators, which will improve your return incrementally as you add more selections to your acca. 

Risk-free bets, cashback promotions, and even deposit bonuses are not unheard of when there’s a big Nimes match coming up, so be sure to shop around and always read the small print carefully. 

Nimes Fixture

The Nimes fixtures calendar does more than just tell you when the next match is coming up; it can also be used to assess the current form of the team. Have they had a succession of tough games on the road? 

Have they had to endure a lot of traveling over the past few games? Are they playing at home after a run of successful away matches? 

As these factors will affect both teams, it’s good practice to check the schedule for both Nîmes and their opponents. You can check out the latest Nimes fixtures at the calendar section of the Nimes website.

Nimes Results

All of Nimes results can also be found at These are also a great way of examining the team’s form and performances. You can look for patterns in previous matches such as a particular team which usually holds Nimes to a goalless draw or a team which they always excel against. 

You can also check the performance of individual players if you use an online statistics database. These have overall team metrics too, such as shot on/off target, possession, interceptions, saves, tackles, dangerous attacks and much more. For punters that prefer to bet by analytics, this is certainly the way to go.

Nimes Team News

If you’re going to be investigating individual players, you’ll need to know who will be taking to the pitch come matchday. The team sheet will be posted, along with the rest of the Nimes team news, on the homepage of the official website. Plenty of third-party sites will post this information too, but we recommend going straight to the source. 

As well as analysing the players who are in the starting line-up, you should also factor in the effect of any players who are absent. Injuries and suspensions can be detrimental to the team’s morale and performance, and so will affect the betting odds.

Nimes Bet of the Day

If you’re using one of the big brand sportsbooks, you’re likely to have many hundreds of options when it comes to selecting your Nimes bet of the day. Searching through them all can be a daunting task, but you can always continue your team research and look for that tidbit of intel, or a pattern which you can apply to a specific market as your personal betting tip. 

This will also give you a working knowledge of the current Nimes squad, which will enable you to identify a good value bet when you see it. Remember that you can shop around for the best odds and use Nimes bonus bets to improve your returns, too.

Nimes News has all the very latest Nîmes news from the club’s point of view. In some cases, you may want to seek out a more impartial report. There are plenty of official websites with Nimes news sections. is a good place to start, as are the major news networks such as ESPN and Sky Sports. 

If you’d like to hear what the punters have to say about the latest goings-on, the Nîmes fan sites and blogs will keep you up-to-date.

Nimes Rumours & Transfer News

Les Crocodiles have had some legendary players wear their jersey, including Laurent Blanc and Eric Cantona. The latest Nimes rumours and transfer news are always of interest to savvy punters who want to stay ahead of the general betting public.

Some websites, such as, have sections specifically relating to the word on the street. Many of the Nimes fan forums will also have message boards dedicated to the latest whispers.

Nimes Social Media

To be kept up-to-date about what’s happening at the Stade des Costières and beyond, you can follow Nimes on their official social media accounts:

You can search for the official club hashtag #LaFerveurDeNîmes or #NîmesOlympique on any of the main social media channels. This will show you what’s being said about the club around the world in real-time.