Bologna Betting Tips

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Bologna FC were one of the founding member clubs of Italy’s Serie A in 1929. They have won the league seven times and been runners-up seven times, however, the last occurrence of this was the mid-1960s. 

Despite that, Bologna are still a team worth taking a punt on if you know where to find the best value bets, and that’s the purpose of this resource page - to help you identify those exact wagers.

The vast majority of Bologna fans will have an opinion about what’s going to happen in their upcoming match, and a lot of these supporters will post their predictions online. You can convert these quite easily into your weekly Bologna betting tips as long as you have a basic grasp of the various bookmaker betting markets

If you don’t want to trust another person’s betting tip, you can always do the research yourself. Once you have a good working knowledge of the current team, you’ll be able to spot a good value wager just by looking it at. The more research you do, the more likely you are to find a piece of information which can be used as your personal betting tip.

Bologna Live Streaming

Bologna compete in competitions including the Italian Serie A and Coppa Italia. Watch Bologna matches no matter where you are by live streaming on your favourite device.

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Bologna Betting Odds

If you’ve found your own betting tip, chances are the wager it relates to will be a good value bet among the deeper markets. Once you’ve identified a specific selection, you can quickly increase your payout by shopping around at multiple bookmakers to find the best odds. This is a little time-consuming but the extra returns will make this effort worthwhile.

If you’re betting on one of the main match outcomes, you can use an odds comparison website to do the hard work for you. It will display the price of your bet across several sportsbooks in real-time.

Bologna Bonus Bets

You often see online bookmakers advertising Bologna bonus bets when there’s a big match coming up. Some of these will be specifically for new customers, such as sign-up bonuses, but most will be for existing players. 

You will have to register with a bookmaker to benefit from the Bologna bonus bets being offered. It is also worth noting that each offer will come with terms and conditions attached, so read them before deciding which ones to accept.

Bologna Fixtures

One factor that a lot of punters overlook during their research is the match schedule of the opposing teams. It’s easy to see who has the home-pitch advantage, but look closer. Has one team had a hectic run of matches while the other is well-rested? 

Has one team had an easier run of games whereas the other has played all the top teams? These are the kinds of questions that will lead you to a good value bet. You can find the most up-to-date Bologna fixtures information on the official website:

Bologna Results

One of the best ways to predict a match outcome is to look at the current form of the team. To assess this all you need to do is check out the previous Bologna results which are all available on the club website

This will help if you’re betting on the main markets, but to find patterns which will lead you to the best value bets in the deeper markets, you can use an online statistics database. Here you’ll find hundreds of performance metrics for the Bologna team and the individual players.

Bologna Team News

You won’t be able to properly analyse the team and player statistics if you don’t know who is going to be on the pitch, so the Bologna team news is a good way to start your research. Getting a look at the names on the team sheet will not only enable you to investigate the correct players, but it will allow you to assess how any suspensions or injuries will affect the performance of the squad as a whole. 

Bologna Bet of the Day

You’re going to have an awful lot of options when it comes to picking your Bologna bet of the day, especially if you’re using one of the big-brand sportsbooks. A good way to narrow down the amount of choice is to find your personal betting tip first by researching the current Bologna squad. 

A piece of intel or a performance pattern which can be applied to a specific market will enable you to focus in on a small number of wagers, then find the one which offers the best value with the highest degree of certainty. You still want to look around for the best price and check out the current Bologna bonus bets, too.

Bologna News

There are articles posted to the news section of the Bologna website almost every day, but it’s a good idea to also look for more impartial reporting from independent sources. As Bologna are one of Italy’s big clubs, check all the major news networks and websites of the national newspapers. 

Bologna Rumours & Transfer News

If you’re searching for the latest whispers coming out of the Stadio Renato Dall'Ara, you won’t find much at the big news sites. The Bologna forums and message boards are a good place to start as word travels fast among the fans, or you can check out unofficial supporter websites and blogs which cater specifically for Bologna rumours and transfer news.

Bologna Social Media News

As you would expect, Bologna have a very active social media presence. You can find their official pages on:

The team’s official hashtags are #BFC and #WeAreOne, which can be used to find out what fans around the world are saying about the team at this present moment in time.