Brescia Betting Tips

Brescia Calcio currently hold the record for the most seasons in Serie B (61) as well as the most consecutive seasons (18). They have won the Serie B title four times and reached the final of the Intertoto Cup in 2001, narrowly losing out to Paris Saint-Germain on away goals. 

Their trophy cabinet isn’t weighed down with silverware, but there are still great bets to be found with Brescia. If you’d like to know how to discover them, read on and we shall explain.

There are plenty of Brescia betting tips online, but you should always check for a history of successful selections from the source you are using. Everyone from the most informed pundits to fairweather fans will post their match predictions on social media, so you have to approach with caution.

An alternative option is to investigate the current Brescia squad and look for a personal betting tip of your own. By doing this you will also increase your knowledge of the team, and eventually you will be able to identify a good value bet right off the bat.

Brescia Live Streaming

Brescia compete in competitions including the Italian Serie A and Coppa Italia. Watch Brescia matches no matter where you are by live streaming on your favourite device.

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Brescia Betting Odds

Most of the Brescia betting tips you’ll find online will be for the main match outcomes. If you do decide to act on one of these, you can always improve your value for money by shopping around for the best price. An odds comparison website will help with this; it displays the odds for your wager at multiple sportsbooks in real-time.

A limitation of these websites is that they don’t cater for more niche betting markets. In order to obtain these prices, you must look through the bookmakers individually. Serious punters prefer this method because it’s where the best bets are found.

Brescia Bonus Bets

Brescia bonus bets are often found when there’s a big match coming up, as bookmakers use them to encourage punters to bet. If you bet smart, you can use these bonuses to your advantage, but you must always read the small print carefully before you claim anything. Bonuses that have complicated terms and conditions will be hard to extract a profit from and may end up costing you money, so steer clear. 

Brescia Fixtures

You may already have checked the Brescia calendar and seen the matches which have been planned ahead. It’s a good idea not to put too much certainty in those dates, however, as games get postponed all the time for a wide variety of reasons. Rescheduling issues can cause big changes to the betting odds, so it’s worth regularly checking the Brescia fixtures information on the official website:

Brescia Results

If Brescia are on a run of form it can be a good indicator for an upcoming match. You can check out the previous Brescia results on the club website, and you can also use these to find performance patterns which can be applied to some of the main markets.

If you want to find better value wagers in the deeper markets, you can investigate individual player metrics at an online statistics database. These have hundreds of performance analytics and also cover the team as a whole, with many databases allowing you to compare stats head-to-head with opposing teams. 

Brescia Team News

The Brescia team news should be one of the first places you start your research. Getting a look at the names on the team sheet will enable you to focus your investigations on the correct players and also assess the overall impact of any absent team members. 

Likewise, if any key players are returning from an absence due to injury or suspension, it can give the team a much-needed boost in a pivotal game. 

Brescia Bet of the Day

Your options for the Brescia bet of the day are likely to run well into the hundreds if you’re using one of the big sportsbooks. Rather than look through all the available markets, especially if you haven’t garnered enough knowledge to spot a good value bet yet, a good idea is to continue investigating the team and search for your personal betting tip. 

This could be a piece of intel or a performance pattern that relates to a particular market, and it will help narrow your field of choice. Remember to check several sportsbooks for the best odds on your Brescia bet of the day, too.

Brescia News

You can always find the most up-to-date Brescia news on the official Brescia website, but one thing to remember is that these articles will always be slightly biased towards the club. You should seek out impartial reporting as well as the official story, but luckily there is plenty of coverage from all the major sports news networks devoted to Italian football. 

Brescia Rumours & Transfer News

The big news websites will have plenty of information about all the official goings-on, but when it comes to the latest Brescia rumours and transfer news, they usually won’t have much to say. For that kind of reporting, you need to go to fan-driven sites, blogs, message boards and forums which cater specifically for this kind of news. A few Twitter accounts worth reviewing are Football Italia, James Horncastle and Gabriele Marcotti.

Brescia Social Media

The official Brescia social media accounts keep the fans up to date with what’s happening at the Stadio Mario Rigamonti and beyond. You can find them at:

#forzaBrescia and #bresciaCalcio are two hashtags that you can search for on any of the main social media channels to see what’s being said about the club around the globe.