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Cagliari won their first and only Serie A title in 1970, becoming the first club from south of Rome to do so. Their trophy cabinet hasn’t been opened in quite a while, but don’t let that put you off. Savvy punters know that’s often when the best value bets are found.

We’re going to show you how to discover those value wagers that the general bettors have missed, so read on for information on the latest Cagliari betting tips, bonus bets, team news, rumours, and more.

There are a ton of Cagliari betting tips online, with everyone from casual fans to famous pundits posting their match predictions on blogs, websites and social media. It can be hard to separate genuine tips from pure speculation, but checking for a good betting history from the source is one way.

An alternative method of finding a Cagliari betting tip is to research the team and discover one for yourself. This may take longer, but the information you garner from the investigation will stand you in good stead for future wagers that will lead to you beating the bookie on a more regular basis.

Cagliari Live Streaming

Cagliari compete in competitions including the Italian Serie A and Coppa Italia. Watch Cagliari matches no matter where you are by live streaming on your favourite device.

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Cagliari Betting Odds

If you do decide to take a punt on a match prediction in the main markets, you can use an odds comparison website to improve your winning returns. This will display the odds for your bet across several sportsbooks in real-time so you can pick the one with the best price.

These comparison websites don’t cater for the deeper markets, so you’ll have to look for the best odds by yourself if your wager is among them. This can be slightly more time-consuming, but you’re much more likely to discover an extra value bet while you search. 

Cagliari Bonus Bets

When Cagliari have a big match coming up, online bookmakers will often advertise bonuses to increase the betting action. It’s worth keeping an eye on these as you can often use them to improve your return, insure your stake, or even claim some cold hard cash. 

It’s worth noting that the bigger bonuses always have more complicated terms and conditions, which makes it difficult to extract a profit, so always read the small print before you claim. Look out for Cagliari bonus bets with odds boosts, acca insurance, cashback offers, and reload promotions.

Cagliari Fixtures

The amount of travel that a team has before a match isn’t something that a lot of bettors take into consideration, but it can make all the difference at the end of a tight game. If the squad have had a run of matches in quick succession with a lot of travel between, they obviously won’t be as fresh as a team who are playing at home after a few rest days. 

You can find the most reliable Cagliari fixtures calendar at the official website,, which will have all the most up-to-date information.

Cagliari Results

The latest Cagliari results can be found on the official website, and it’s a good idea to use these to assess the current form of the team as a whole. You can look for patterns in the main match markets here, such as an opposing team who always holds Cagliari to a low scoring draw or a team that gets tired as the game progresses and is likely to concede a late goal. 

If you want to dive deeper into the research, you can find more team metric and individual player information at an online statistics database.

Cagliari Team News

If you’re going to investigate individual player stats, you’ll need to know exactly which players are going to be on the pitch. For that reason, the home page of the club website should be one of the first places you go on matchday to check out the Cagliari team news.

It will also let you see if any injured or suspended players are returning to the squad after an absence, or if any players have been left out of the team for any reason. As well as making a difference on the pitch, these players can also affect the team’s locker room morale, which is a factor worth considering.

Cagliari Bet of the Day

There’s no shortage of choice for your Cagliari bet of the day but if you’re looking for the best value, you’ll not find it among any of the main match outcomes. The extra value wagers are all hidden in the deeper markets, and the only way to discover those is to increase your knowledge of the current team. 

That will enable you to identify a good value bet just by looking at it, and you’ll often find a piece of intel which can be used as a personal betting tip. You can also check multiple sportsbooks for the best price, which will increase your value for money, and keep an eye out for Cagliari bonus bets, too.

Cagliari News

The Cagliari news section on the official Cagliari website has articles, interviews, features, videos, and more, which is a great resource if you’re looking for the latest announcements from the Sardegna Arena. These will all be from the club’s point of view, however, so it’s worth seeking out independent sources, too. 

The Cagliari News 24 website reports on all things related to the club, but you can also search for ‘Cagliari’ at any of the major sports news websites, such as ESPN, and find plenty of up-to-date information.

Cagliari Rumours & Transfer News

People are always interested in the players who are coming and going from the club; so much so that it can have an effect on the betting odds. For that reason, it’s worth keeping up with the latest Cagliari rumours and transfer news, but they can be hard to find. Cagliari fan sites are a good place to start as they are a real grapevine of information. 

There are also websites dedicated to transfer rumours for Italian clubs and on Twitter, Tancredi Palmeri and Fabrizio Romano are among the top Italian football correspondents that we recommend you follow.

Cagliari Social Media

Cagliari keep their fans updated multiple times per day across all of their social media accounts. You can follow them on all the major channels:

The club’s official hashtag is #forzaCasteddu so you can use that, along with #cagliari and #cagliaricalcio, to keep track of what people are saying around the world about the Cagliari team.
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