Hellas Verona Betting Tips

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Hellas Verona were formed in 1903 by a group of high school students, and the ‘Hellas’ in their name (which is Greek for ‘Greece’) was a suggestion by their Classical Studies professor. 

Despite the fact that their last piece of silverware was in 1999, when they won the Serie B league, Verona are still a team worth taking a punt on. This page will show you where to find the best value Hellas Verona FC bets.

Plenty of fans and pundits will be posting their predictions online in the run-up to matchday, so there’s a wealth of choice for avid punters. Before acting upon these, you want to check for a history of successful bets from the tipsters where possible.

The majority of these predictions will be focused on the match result or BTTS market, which experienced punters know rarely hold the best value bets. If you want to make your bankroll go further, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper. To do that, you should research the Verona team. Having a good working knowledge of the current squad will enable you to spot a good value bet among the available markets. 

Hellas Verona Live Streaming

Hellas Verona play in a number of competitions such as the Italian Serie A and Coppa Italia. Watch Hellas Verona matches no matter where you are by live streaming on your favourite device.

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Hellas Verona Betting Odds

Once you have a solid betting tip, you should always check multiple bookmakers to find the best price. If you wager is among the main markets, you can use a comparison site, which displays the odds for your wager across several different bookmakers. 

These odds comparison sites unfortunately don’t include the deeper markets; therefore, if your wager is among them, you’ll need to look through each betting site independently. As well as getting better value for money, you’re also more likely to come across an extra value bet while you’re looking.

Hellas Verona Bonus Bet

Hellas Verona bonus bets will usually be advertised when there’s a big match coming up, such as the Derby della Scala against Chievo Verona. These bonuses come in many forms, from simple price boosts to complicated acca enhancements that can require up to 15-fold bets.

As a rule, the more terms and conditions a bonus has, the harder it will be to extract a profit from it. Steer clear of the Verona bonus bets that have lots of small print and make sure to always check the wagering requirements and the time constraints. 

Hellas Verona Fixtures

The latest Hellas Verona fixtures information is available from the club website hellasverona.it, but all of those dates are subject to change. Matches can be postponed for a variety of reasons and rescheduling often mean that teams have to play on their rest days. 

This can lead to the manager having to rotate the squad or field tired players, which in turn affects the betting odds. For that reason, you should always go straight to the official source for your fixtures information and not trust a third party website.

Hellas Verona Results

You can also find the most up-to-date Verona results on the club website, and these can be used to analyse the current form of the squad. It can also help you spot performance patterns; is there a team that never seem to let in a goal against Verona, or a team that tend concede late in the game? 

You can research individual player metrics in a similar way using an online statistics database. You’ll find hundreds of stats for all the current Verona players, as well as the team as a whole, and this can help you find great value betting tips for the deep markets.

Hellas Verona Team News

If you’re going to investigate the individual Verona players, you need to know who is going to be on the pitch come matchday. The Hellas Verona team news on the homepage of the official Hellas Verona website will give you the team sheet and plenty more besides. 

Check out the press conference and pre-match interviews to see how relaxed the players and staff are, and make sure to take into account any key players which may have been left out of the team.

Hellas Verona Bet of the Day

You’ll be able to choose any wager you like for your Hellas Verona bet of the day, but there can be a daunting amount of choice if you’re using one of the big-brand sportsbooks. Our advice is to find your personal betting tip first; start your team research and look for a pattern or piece of intel which could apply to a specific market.

This will cut down on the amount of choice, and the more you research, the more likely you are to find a good tip. Don’t forget to shop around for the best price, too.

Hellas Verona News

You can find the latest Hellas Verona news straight from the horse’s mouth at hellasverona.it/it/news, with articles, features, interviews, videos, highlights, and more. All these reports will be from the club’s point of view, however, so it’s worthwhile checking some independent news sources, too.

HellasNews.it is a great resource with plenty of content and a purpose-built mobile app, and the same goes for HellasLive.it. You can also find good impartial reporting all the major international news network websites.

Hellas Verona Rumours & Transfer News

Not many of the well-known websites will cater for whispers and hearsay, but this kind of news can still affect the betting odds. If you’re listening out for the latest Hella Verona rumours and transfer news, you should check out club message boards and fan forums for all the latest juicy tidbits of information. 

Social media is also buzzing with gossip in real-time. Lega Serie A and Emanuele Giulianelli are two accounts that will keep you posted.

Hellas Verona Social Media

Hellas Verona are very active across all of the main social media channels, so check them out on:

The club’s official hashtags are #DaiVerona and #HVFC, but you can also search for #HellasVerona or #HellasVeronaFC if you want to see what other fans and pundits are saying in real-time.