Juventus Betting Tips

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Juventus are one of the most successful and well-known football clubs in the world which is why there is a massive desire for top-quality betting information every time they play.

This comprehensive guide is essentially your Juventus betting toolbox. You’ll discover how to get the best match predictions and different strategies to increase your winnings when betting on The Old Lady. We also look at the Juventus bet of the day and provide tips to improve your bet selections.

Due to their global popularity, nearly every football fan on the planet has an opinion about this club. This generates a colossal number of Juventus betting tips coming from a range of different sources. Some of these predictions will be right on the money, whereas others will be wide of the mark.

Instead of playing Russian roulette with the betting tips, a better strategy is to dedicate your time and effort into researching the team, their style of play and the players. You will then be able to more accurately predict a method of victory and choose the betting markets that will return the highest payouts on your bets.

Juventus Live Streaming

Juventus compete in competitions including the UEFA Champions League, Italian Serie A and Coppa Italia. Watch Juventus matches anywhere you can get a suitable internet connection by live streaming on your favourite device.

Online bookies have made it easy to alternate between watching Juventus online and betting on the match. Watch and bet on Juventus wherever you can obtain a suitable internet signal.

Watch live sport including football, tennis, basketball and cricket on your phone, iPad, tablet or computer. Check our live streaming calendar for a full list of all the sports matches, tournaments and events that are available to watch live online.

Juventus Betting Odds

Juventus’ dominance in domestic competition in recent years has seen their match result betting odds become shorter and shorter. This is why it’s vital that you look around a variety of bookmakers to get the best prices.

There are several odds comparison tools available on the internet. These pull the latest up-to-the-minute prices from a host of leading bookmakers allowing you to quickly see which site has the highest Juventus betting odds. The other option is to research the odds manually. 

This brings the advantage of looking through all the available markets where you might see a tremendous value bet.

Juventus Bonus Bets

To further increase your profits from the bookmaker, you will want a good selection of Juventus bonus bets. The majority of betting sites have a variety of offers to entice you to have a flutter. First-time punters can pick up some stellar welcome bonuses such as cash-back risk-free bets and 100% matched deposits. 

Other regular promos include price pumps, stake refund bets, free bets and boosted winnings on accas. A quick tip is to take a bonus bet that fits in with your match prediction. For instance, if you want to place an odds-on bet on the 1X2 market, a price boost is a good choice as it will increase your winnings but it would be a little wasteful to use a free bet coupon.

Juventus Fixtures

Being at the pinnacle of Italian football means that there is immense interest in all Juventus fixtures. Juve supporters will look for the Derby d’Italia against Inter Milan first and foremost, but the reality is, every game is massive when this club is playing. 

The running order of the fixtures is important to punters. Juventus regularly compete in the latter stages of the UEFA Champions League which means the manager has to make full use of his squad. If you can predict these changes, then you will find more betting opportunities.

Juventus Results

It’s easy to just think ‘Juventus will win’ and place a wager on the straight forward match result market but this isn’t where the big profit is going to be made. You need to review and research previous Juventus results to analyse ‘how’ they got the victory. 

It could be that Juve score a lot of goals in the first 15 minutes, in which case an interval betting market would hold value, or perhaps they are not conceding any goals, so a clean market would be appealing. This is how you get value even when backing a heavy favourite. 

The official Juventus website has all the match reports and there are many independent websites that include match statistics that will help you construct a winning prediction.

Juventus Team News

This is a club with a squad full of star-studded international players so changes to the starting XI rarely affect the results. It can, however, alter the dynamic of the team and their performance which is more important to punters.

If you regularly browse the club website and follow their social media channels, you will hear about injuries and other pieces of Juventus team news. Once you are confident in who will be playing, you’re able to finalise a match prediction and place your bets.

Juventus Bet of the Day

All bookmakers offer the maximum number of betting markets possible when Juventus are in action, plus you have a string of bonus bets at your disposal. This can make choosing a specific Juventus bet of the day rather difficult. 

The key is to pick a wager that you have the most confidence in being successful; however, this doesn’t mean it has to be ‘over 0.5 goals’ with ridiculously low odds. It can be any bet based upon your prediction and the opposition that week.

Juventus News

This club is a global brand and as such there is a hunger for every single drop of Juventus news. With so many news outlets, sports programmes and websites delivering Juve-related content, you must be selective with the sources you go to. 

The club website is a must. It has a comprehensive news section that brings you all the latest stories from the Allianz Stadium. Other reputable Juve news sites include Calciomercato, Gianluca DiMarzio and JuveFC.com.

Juventus Rumours & Transfer News

There is never a shortage of rumours and gossip about Juventus. The best place to find out the hottest whispers is direct from the fans. Juventuz and Black & White & Red All Over are two of the leading Juventus community websites and forums. 

While on Twitter, Juventus Fans, VecchiaSignora.com and Around Turin each have thousands of followers so there’s plenty of chatter every day.

Juventus Social Media

Juventus have more than 1.4 million Twitter followers which highlights the popularity of this club. These are the official links so you can check out the latest posts:

Both #Juve and #Juventus hashtags are used by fans. A quick search using these will reveal the latest posts and comments from supporters all over the world.
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