Deportivo Alaves Betting Tips

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Deportivo Alaves were the first team to win promotion from the Segunda Division to La Liga in the 1929–30 season, but since then they have drifted between Spain’s top four divisions. 

Recent years have seen El Glorioso reclaim their place in the top tiers of Spanish football, so there are plenty of great value wagers to be found. If you use the information we have compiled on this page you’ll soon be able to pick them out. Read on for the latest betting tips, results info, team news, rumours and more.

It always pays to be sceptical when searching for Alaves betting tips online. El Glorioso have a great number of fans both in Spain and across the rest of the world, and many of those fans will post their match predictions. Some may be well researched, but the vast majority will be pure speculation.

A better method is to do your own research. This will result in a personal match prediction and betting tip. The more knowledge you possess, the easier it will be to find extra value bets among the available markets.

Deportivo Alaves Live Streaming

Deportivo Alaves' matches in La Liga and the Copa del Rey could possibly be watched live through live streaming. Anybody with an internet connection and a betting account could just be in luck.

Bookmakers have made it easy to alternate between watching Deportivo Alaves online and betting on the match. Watch and bet on Alaves on your mobile phone, tablet or computer anywhere you can get an internet signal.

Watch sport live streaming including football, tennis, basketball and cricket. Check our live streaming calendar for a full list of all the sports matches, tournaments and events that are available to watch live online.

Deportivo Alaves Betting Odds

Whenever you’ve found a value bet, it’s always good practice to check as many sportsbooks as possible for the best price. There are online comparison websites which will do the hard work for you, but these usually only display the main match outcomes. 

If your preferred match bet is among the deeper markets, then you’ll have to manually search for the best odds. Our website lists all the leading sportsbooks, so you don’t need to go searching the internet for those. 

The benefit of looking through sites individually is that you’re more likely to discover excellent betting value which means bigger profits from the bookie.

Deportivo Alaves Bonus Bets

There are two other successful clubs in the Basque Country, and you’ll often see online bookmakers advertising Alaves bonus bets when El Glorioso are playing one of them. 

These can be anything from simple price boosts, which will increase the odds on your wager, to complicated accumulator bonuses. Remember to always read the small print to ensure that you’re getting a good deal; the fewer terms and conditions there are, the easier it will be to boost your bankroll. 

Deportivo Alaves Fixtures

As with any league, La Liga carefully plans out the full season ahead of time so every team has sufficient rest periods between matches. These plans often change when games get postponed, however, and teams can face matches in quick succession with hectic travel schedules. 

This can lead to tired players, which in turn can affect the betting odds, so as a punter you need to keep an eye on the Alaves fixtures info. The best place to get the most up-to-date news is the official website.

Deportivo Alaves Results

Everyone loves having a punt on the underdog, but when El Glorioso are on a run of form, it can be a precursor of good things to come. Alaves results are a great indicator of how they will perform in an upcoming match, so it’s always worth checking out the most recent scorelines. 

You can find these in the results section at

Although this section does not include any match statistics, there are a plethora of third-party football analytics websites that can help in this regard. We highly recommend checking these out if you want to take your pre-match research to the deepest level.

Deportivo Alaves Team News

Knowing which players are going to be taking to the field is an essential part of your bet preparations, and one which should be done as early as possible. There’s no point in analysing a key player on match day only to discover that he was injured in practice and will be spending the game watching from the sidelines. 

Social media and the club’s website both help to keep fans in the loop concerning injury updates so take advantage of this information when planning your wagers.

Deportivo Alaves Bet of the Day

Your Alaves bet of the day can be anything that you choose, but you might find that the hard part is narrowing down your options. We recommend that you start with a betting tip, whether that’s one you’ve found from a trusted source online or one that you have uncovered from your own research. 

When you have this you can find a market that relates to it and don’t forget to check multiple sportsbooks for the best price. You may also be able to use an Alaves bonus bet to increase your return.

Deportivo Alaves News

The official Alaves news section on their website has all the club announcements and feature articles. As you can imagine these stories will be slightly biased towards the club, so if you’re looking for more impartial reporting then you can search for Alaves on This aggregator will display real-time results from thousands of news sources around the world. 

Deportivo Alaves Rumours & Transfer News

There aren’t many English-speaking sites to draw upon when you’re searching for the latest whispers coming out of Mendizorrotza, but one of the best is It has a section specifically for Alaves rumours and transfer news, so if you’re going to find a juicy bit of intel anywhere, it’ll be there.

Deportivo Alaves Social Media

Alaves have a strong social media following and update the fans multiple times per day across all their official channels. Here’s where to find them:

For the very latest up-to-the-minute news and views, search for the hashtag #Alaves.