Athletic Bilbao Betting Tips

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Athletic Bilbao are one of the mainstays of La Liga, being one of only three founding member clubs that have never been relegated (the other two being Real Madrid and Barcelona). Athletic have won La Liga eight times and Copa del Rey 23 times, which is second only to Barcelona. They also have one of the most successful women's teams in the country.

There are plenty of Athletic Bilbao wagers out there, but how do you find the great value bets? This page will show you. Read on and we will explain how to use the latest betting tips, bonus bets, team news, results info, rumours, transfer news and more. 

You’ll find hundreds of Athletic Bilbao betting tips online if you go looking, but it can be hard to differentiate the genuinely researched predictions from the wishful thinking. If you’re going to utilise an online betting tip, make sure the source has a history of successful winning bets.

A better option is to do your own research on the Athletic Club. The more you know about the current team and the players in it, the more confident you will be to make your own match predictions which will then lead to finding a good value bet.

Athletic Bilbao Live Streaming

Athletic Bilbao compete in La Liga, Copa del Rey whilst they also play in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Watch Athletic's games in these competitions through live streaming.

Bookmakers have made it easy to alternate between watching Athletic Bilbao online and betting on the match. Watch and bet on Athletic Bilbao on your mobile phone, tablet or computer anywhere you can get an internet signal.

Watch sport live streaming including football, tennis, basketball and cricket. Check our live streaming calendar for a full list of all the sports matches, tournaments and events that are available to watch live online.

Athletic Bilbao Betting Odds

However you find your Athletic wager, you can always ensure that any bet you take is a good value bet by shopping around for the best odds.

 There are online bet comparison sites which will display the odds for your wager across several different sportsbooks, but these only cater for the main match outcomes. You’ll have to hunt for the best price yourself if your bet is among the deeper markets.

Athletic Bilbao Bonus Bets

Athletic Club have two rivals which also play in the Basque Country of Spain - Real Sociedad and Real Madrid - and you’ll often see Athletic Bilbao bonus bets being advertised when those matches are drawing near. 

These are primarily to attract new customers and encourage more betting action, but savvy punters can use these bonus bets to boost their bankroll. So long as you read the small print carefully, make sure you’re getting a good deal, and bet smart, these offers can really increase your profits. 

Athletic Bilbao Fixtures

You’ll find the upcoming schedule for Athletic Bilbao in the matches section of the official Athletic website, but it’s worth noting that all those dates are subject to change. 

There are a number of factors which can cause matches to be postponed, but in almost all of them, you’ll see a change to the betting odds. For that reason, you should always keep up with the very latest Athletic Bilbao fixtures information from the official site.

Athletic Bilbao Results

When Athletic Club are on form, it’s not unusual to see 3-0, 4-0, or 5-0 matches. You can analyse these trends simply by checking the previous Athletic Bilbao results, but for a more in-depth assessment you should check out an online statistics website. 

These databases are filled with every conceivable metric for every player from every game, and they also allow you to compare stats head-to-head with an opposing team. Athletic being in exceptionally good or poor form would be a good reason to place a handicap bet for or against them.

Athletic Bilbao Team News

It’s essential that you get a look at the Athletic Club teamsheet at the beginning of your research. This enables you to make a note of the players who will be taking to the field, and it also allows you to assess how any absences (or returning players) will affect the team’s morale. 

You’ll find all the relevant information on the club website as well as many leading sports portals.

Athletic Bilbao Bet of the Day

Being one of the most popular teams in Spain presents quite a few options when it comes to picking your Athletic Bilbao bet of the day. But don’t rush in; use the information we have gathered for you on this page to increase your knowledge of Los Leones. 

If you don’t come across any betting tips, you can always use a prediction from a trusted source. Shop around for the best price and look into a few bonus bets to increase your returns. You’ll soon have your choices narrowed down. 

Athletic Bilbao News

Athletic Club have a latest news section on their website which will keep you up to date on all the latest happenings at San Mames and beyond. 

It only covers official news stories, however, so if you want more unbiased reporting the best place to look is You’ll find Athletic Bilbao articles from thousands of different sources all in one place.

Athletic Bilbao Rumours & Transfer News

You won’t find many Athletic Bilbao rumours on any of the official or unofficial news sites, and there aren’t many English-speaking fan sites out there either. 

Your best option for the latest Lions whispers is This site has a section dedicated to transfers and rumours, so if you’re going to find them anywhere, it’ll be here.

Athletic Bilbao Social Media

The Athletic Club have plenty of social media presence and post regularly across all the major platforms. You can find the official accounts at

The hashtag to search for if you’re looking for the very latest posts and comments in real-time is #AthleticClub.