Espanyol Betting Tips

RCD Espanyol may be ‘the other Barcelona team’, but they are a successful club in their own right. They have won the Copa del Rey four times, most recently in 2006, as well as reaching the UEFA Cup final (now Europa League) in 1988 and 2007. 

The trophy case hasn’t been opened in recent years, but Espanyol are still a mainstay in the top half of La Liga. If you’d like to know how to find the best value Espanyol wagers, check out the information and links we have collated on this page. 

Espanyol have amassed quite a following in their near-120-year history. Many fans and pundits will post their match predictions on social media, but remember to approach these tips with caution unless there is proof of good past selections.

The best way to find a successful betting tip is to uncover it yourself from your own research. As you investigate the team and their current form you may come upon a piece of information that you can apply to an appropriate betting market. The more research you do, the more likely this becomes. 

Espanyol Live Streaming

Watch Espanyol play in La Liga and the Copa del Rey by live streaming. This is a great way to watch Espanyol fixtures on the go.

Bookmakers have made it easy to alternate between watching Espanyol online and betting on the match. Watch and bet on Espanyol on your mobile phone, tablet or computer anywhere you can get an internet signal.

Watch sport live streaming including football, tennis, basketball and cricket. Check our live streaming calendar for a full list of all the sports matches, tournaments and events that are available to watch live online.

Espanyol Betting Odds

When you’ve spotted your Espanyol bet of the day, you should always shop around for the best price. If you’re utilising a betting tip for one of the main match outcomes, you can use an online comparison site to display the odds for your wager across multiple sportsbooks. 

If you’re doing your own research, you’ll be able to find the best value Espanyol wagers among the deeper markets, but you’ll have to hunt for the best odds yourself. The upside of this is that you’re more likely to stumble upon an extra value bet while you search. 

Espanyol Bonus Bets

The Barcelona derby is always a big event on the La Liga calendar, so online bookmakers will offer a range of Espanyol bonus bets to their customers. Experienced bettors know how to extract real cash from these bonus bets, and the key is to always read the small print. 

The simpler bonuses, such as an odds boost, are likely to have pretty straightforward terms and conditions. The bigger promotions, such as an enhanced accumulator or a deposit bonus, may have wagering requirements or time constraints which can make it hard to turn a profit. 

Espanyol Fixtures

Travel can be a big factor when it comes to games being played in quick succession. If the team isn’t well rested, they might not put in a good performance. While the schedule planners do everything they can to prevent this, postponements do occur and teams do end up taking to the field when they aren’t at 100%. 

This can make the difference between a winning and losing bet, so it pays to keep up with the latest Espanyol fixtures information at

Espanyol Results

Espanyol aren’t known for scoring a lot of goals, but consistency is the key to their success. You can assess their current form by checking out their previous results on the official Espanyol website, and there are a handful of statistics available for each game, too.

For more in-depth analysis, you can find thousands of performance metrics at an online statistics database. Some of these will also let you compare stats head-to-head with another team, which is a great resource to use when planning your wager. 

Espanyol Team News

It’s no good starting your research until you know which players are actually going to be on the field. The Espanyol team news is an essential starting point for your investigations as it allows you to assess the team sheet and decide how each player’s presence (or absence) will affect the squad’s performance as a whole. 

We advise getting this intel straight from the source; the official Espanyol website.

Espanyol Bet of the Day

Despite being ‘the other Barcelona team’, you’ll still be inundated with choice when it comes to picking your Espanyol bet of the day. 

Our advice is to increase your knowledge of the team and use this information to find a good value bet among the available markets. Remember to always shop around for the best odds and look out for Espanyol bonus bets which could be used to boost your profits.

Espanyol News

For all the latest Espanyol team news straight from the horse’s mouth, go to You’ll find reviews, features, articles, and interviews from the RCDE Stadium and beyond. 

It’s good practice to also get an impartial view on the Espanyol news, and luckily there are plenty of English websites offering up-to-date info. Check out the Espanyol sections of and for starters. 

Espanyol Rumours & Transfer News

Despite Espanyol being a top-10 team in Spain, there aren’t any English-speaking fan forums where you can pick up the latest rumours and gossip. 

Your best option for that is to use one of the more official websites that specialise in rumours and transfer news, such as or You won’t find a huge amount of Espanyol content at Sky News or the BBC, but these are the next best thing. 

Espanyol Social Media

There is always a great buzz around the official Espanyol social media accounts, with hundreds of thousands of fans able to interact with the team. You can join the action on

If you’d like to see what the rest of the world is saying about Espanyol in real time, just search for the official hashtag #RCDE.