Levante Betting Tips

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Back in the mid-1980s, Levante UD were languishing between the third and fourth tiers of the Spanish football pyramid. Over the 20 years that followed, they managed to ascend the ranks and finally reached La Liga in 2004; somewhere they hadn’t been since the 1960s.

That rise to the top made a lot of money for some savvy bettors, and there are still great value Levante wagers out there. If you’d like to know how to find them, this guide will help. Read on for the latest betting tips, bonus bets, fixtures and results info, rumours, transfer news and more.

If you search for Levante betting tips online you’re likely to find a whole host of options, but not all of them will be well-researched. If you’re going to act on any of these, always check for a good betting history or a prediction from a trusted pundit.

An alternative strategy is to familiarise yourself with the available markets, then use your time to gain a good working knowledge of the Levante team. You can then use that knowledge to find a good value bet among the available wagers.

Levante Live Streaming

Levante are active in a various tournaments, such as La Liga and the Copa del Rey. It may be possible to stream Levante live off your betting account.

Watch Levante football matches on the go by live streaming on your favourite device with a suitable internet connection. Online sportsbooks have football live streaming services where you can bet and watch at the same time.

Watch and bet on Levante on your phone, tablet device or computer where ever there is a sufficient internet connection. Check our live streaming calendar for a full list of all the sports matches, tournaments and events that are available to watch live online including football, tennis, basketball, rugby and cricket.

Levante Betting Odds

The best value bets are always found in the deeper markets, and the more you know, the deeper you can go. That means you can place more successful bets more of the time, which leads to a much healthier bankroll in the long run.

If you do decide to bet on one of the main match markets, a good way to increase your value for money is to use an odds comparison website to view to the prices for your wager across multiple sportsbooks. 

These comparison websites don’t display the deeper markets, but you should still shop around manually for the best odds on those bets, too.

Levante Bonus Bets

Although they don’t share the name, Levante are actually the oldest team in Valencia. Valencia CF is a much more successful club, but there is still a good rivalry between the two. Bookmakers will often offer Levante bonus bets to encourage the action on the underdogs during the Valencia derby, so look out for these as a way to increase your returns. 

Risk-free bets, cashback promotions, acca boosts, and enhanced odds are all standard bonuses which you’ll see regularly, but always check the small print to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. 

Levante Fixtures

The Levante match calendar can be viewed right up until the end of the season, but veteran bettors know that this schedule is always subject to change. Everything from travel plans gone awry to freak weather conditions can cause matches to be postponed. 

The rescheduling may not be ideal for either team, as the matches are often slotted in when one or both of the teams have a rest period. This can lead to tired players on the pitch for not only that game but also the subsequent matches to follow, and that has to be taken into consideration when you’re placing your bets. 

For that reason, it’s advisable to get your Levante fixtures intel straight from the source: levanteud.com.

Levante Results

It’s rare that Levante don’t score in their games, but if they’re on a run of bad form you may find good odds in the ‘number of goals’ markets. You can assess these kinds of patterns by looking at the Levante results section on the official Levante website

You can also find a huge number of performance metrics for the team and the individual players at an online statistics database. These are a great resource for your betting research as you also compare the stats of Levante with those of an opposing team.  

Levante Team News

The Levante team news should be one of the first things you look into when you’re beginning your pre-betting investigations. Getting a look at the names on the team sheet will enable you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current line-up. 

Factors such as a key player that has not been included in the squad, or a player returning from injury which may give the team a morale boost, can be as vital as the current form of the players themselves. You should always get your Levante team news info directly from the source: the official website. 

Levante Bet of the Day

You’re going to be inundated with choice when it comes to selecting your Levante bet of the day, so it pays to know what you’re looking for in advance. When you have a good working knowledge of the team, and you’re aware of what markets are available, you’ll be able to spot a good value wager right away. 

You’ll also be able to identify pieces of intel which could be used as a betting tip, and you can then apply that to the appropriate market for your Levante bet of the day.

Levante News

Your first stop for Levante news should be levanteud.com/es/, but it’s always useful to get multiple points of view. All the main news websites have Levante sections, as well as many of the main newspaper websites.

Levante Rumours & Transfer News

With English clubs you can often find the latest whispers circulating on the fan forums and message boards, but unless you speak Spanish you’ll have to look elsewhere for the latest Levante rumours and transfer news. 

You can check out unofficial websites which specialise in all the most up-to-date club gossip for Levante gossip although it would be best to verify it using an official source. 

Levante Social Media

Levante have a great following on all their official social media channels and are posting top quality content multiple times per day. You can see for yourself on

If you’re looking for real time updates on what’s being said around the globe, search for the official hashtag #LevanteUD.