Valencia Betting Tips

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 Behind Barca and Real Madrid, Valencia Club de Fútbol are one of Spain’s most decorated teams with an impressive six La Liga titles, eight Copa del Reys and four European trophies.

With such a glittering history, it’s no surprise that football punters the world over want to pick up the latest Valencia betting news, match day odds and bonus bets. 

This page has all that and more. Not only do we share with you where to find the best predictions; we also explain how to use the vast amount of information on the web to your advantage when betting.

The best Valencia betting tips come to life from your own predictions. These come from researching the club from top to bottom and we’re going to tell you how to do just that. 

The key to long-term betting success is to answer the question ‘ How will Valencia win?’ rather than simply thinking of the match result market.

There are also a lot of Valencia match predictions and betting tips shared online by a wide range of people like reporters, former players, expert pundits and fans of Los Ches. 

These tips are helpful to compare against your own prediction but we urge caution if you are basing your bets on them alone unless you know the tipster has a proven track record of accurate past picks.

Valencia Live Streaming

Valencia play in La Liga and the Copa del Rey and they have been in and out of the UEFA Champions League in recent years. You can watch their matches via live streaming. This enables you to keep up with Valencia matches on the go.

Online bookies have made it easy to alternate between watching Valencia online and betting on the match. Watch and bet on Valencia wherever you can get a suitable internet signal.

Watch live sport including football, tennis, basketball and cricket on your phone, iPad, tablet or computer. Check our live streaming calendar for a full list of all the sports matches, tournaments and events that are available to watch live online.

Valencia Betting Odds

Whether your betting tip is your own or from elsewhere, you still want to get the most value for money when using it. In order to do that, you want to bet with the bookmaker that is offering the best Valencia betting odds. 

There are a few websites available which allow you to compare prices but these only have the data for a couple of the primary markets. Punters wanting the odds on a handicap bet, goal spread or the FT/HT markets will have to go looking for themselves. 

We’ve reviewed all of the leading online bookmakers and rated them, so you can check those pages to find the best sites.

Valencia Bonus Bets

The bookmaker will include his Vig (margin) when pricing up a market. This means the odds are never a true representation of the probability of success. To swing the odds in your favour you can take advantage of the bookie’s Valencia bonus bets.

There are a host of different offers to entice you but not everyone will be suitable for your match prediction. A popular bonus bet is the classic free odds boost. 

This is where you can choose a match/market yourself and get the price boosted on it. That’s the same level of risk but a larger payout if you win. 

Valencia Fixtures

From the matches against regional rivals Villarreal to knowing when Barcelona and Real Madrid are coming to the Mestalla, there is always abuzz over the Valencia fixture list. For the purposes of betting, it helps to go into the future to see how the games stack up. 

With Los Murciélagos (the Bats) regularly playing in Europe, is there any change to their league form before or after these games? Does the manager rotate certain players ahead of other games? These are all pieces to the jigsaw that will help you complete the puzzle and bash the bookmaker.

Valencia Results

The internet gives us access to massive amounts of information so it’s easy to find out the last six Valencia results, but that alone is not enough. The important information is in the performance of both the team and players. The official Valencia website is a good launch pad. 

This provides match reports and line-ups for all of the previous games this season. You can also watch video highlights and interviews on VCF TV. 

For punters who prefer to simply bet by analysing match metrics, you can gather this data from any leading online sportsbook. You do not even need an account. Just open the betting site and find the ‘Stats’ tab. Click this and search for Valencia. 

This will bring up all of the metrics for the season, but you can also check out performances on a match-by-match basis.

Valencia Team News

Gaizka Mendieta and David Silva are two of the academy products unearthed at the Mestalla. When you have high-calibre players within ranks, knowledge of the team sheet before betting is vital.

 You want to know that the big guns are all fit and raring to go, and the best place for this information is direct sources. Social media and Valencia’s website do a good job of keeping fans informed if there are any injuries you need to be aware of.

Valencia Bet of the Day

Being one of Europe's premier clubs means every single match is a feast for bettors. All the big sportsbooks open up every possible betting market and there are many great bonuses and promotions up for the taking as well. 

Couple these with your confident match prediction and you can start to line up your Valencia bet of the day options. You could go for an odds boost on a low-priced punt or pick up a risk-free bet and use it on a high-odds correct score-first goalscorer win double.

Valencia News

If there is a good aura around a club, then performances on the pitch tend to reflect that. The same applies in reverse if things aren’t so rosy. This is why it pays to monitor all the Valencia CF news you come across. 

The official Valencia website is the frontrunner for all official stories; however, these are naturally biased to always shine the club in a positive light. To gauge sentiment from those outside looking in, Football Espana is a good website to use. It has loads of Valencia stories to read and the content is always totally fresh. 

Valencia Rumours & Transfer News

To find out the latest whispers, you want to mingle with the fans. A great place to do this is on the Club Valencia supporter website. This covers everything, including gossip and transfer news. On Twitter, David Cartlidge is an ESPN Spanish football reporter and the Valencia Weekly podcast. Both accounts are worth following to catch the latest noise.

Valencia Social Media

For all official communication, check out Valencia’s social media channels:

The most commonly-used hashtag is #VCF. Search for this on social media to read the latest club-related views, news and jokes shared by other supporters.