Sivasspor Betting Tips

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Sivasspor were originally formed in 1932 as Sivas Gençlik. They merged with Yolspor and Kızılırmak in the mid-1960s, and the Sivasspor Kulübü that we know today was founded in 1967. 

Sivasspor were runners-up in the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2008. Although they have yet to win a major tournament, there are still plenty of great betting opportunities out there. If you’d like to know how to find the best Sivasspor wagers, this page will explain.

If you’re looking for Sivasspor betting tips online you’ll come across a lot of match outcome predictions. While this is certainly a quick way to find a tip, the match outcomes rarely offer the best value for money.

If you want to make your bankroll go further, you should investigate the Sivasspor squad and look for your own personal betting tip. This could be a performance pattern or just a piece of news that isn’t common knowledge. If you can apply it to a specific market, then you can use it. 

Sivasspor Betting Odds

Even if you are using one of the main markets for your wager, you can always improve the Sivasspor betting odds. All you have to do is check as many sportsbooks as possible and pick the one offering the best odds. Find the best bookie in your country by checking out our bookmaker reviews.

Unfortunately these comparison sites only cater for the main markets. If your bet is from the deeper markets, where all the best value wagers are found, you’ll have to search for yourself. This does increase your chances of finding an extra value bet, however.

Sivasspor Bonus Bets

Sivasspor bonus bets are another great way to improve the value of your wager. You’ll often see them when there is a big match coming up, so it pays to shop around. As they come in many different forms, the key is to read the small print carefully.

Simple bonuses such as odds boosts and enhanced accas will usually have straightforward terms and conditions. Bigger promotions, such as deposit bonuses and welcome offers, will have more lucrative rewards but a lot more requirements and restrictions.

Sivasspor Fixtures

If you like betting on futures, then you can use the Sivasspor fixtures calendar at the official Sivasspor website to see what matches are on the horizon. It’s best not to put your money on any player markets if you’re betting in advance, however. Injuries and suspensions can occur at any time and put both the player and your wager out of action.

You can also use the Sivasspor calendar to see how much rest the team is getting between matches, and how much travelling they have to do. These are factors which can affect the fitness of the squad and should be taken into account when doing your research.

Sivasspor Results

The latest Sivasspor results can also be found on the club website, You can use these to assess how the team has performed in previous matches and get an overview of their current form.

You can find performance metrics for both the team and the individual players at an online statistics database. These are available at most of the big online bookmakers and cover every conceivable aspect of the game. Some even have results and stats for referees and stadiums. 

Sivasspor Team News

You can see the most up-to-date Sivasspor team news on the landing page of the Sivasspor website. This is particularly important come matchday, when you’ll find out which players have been selected for the squad. Any news about injuries and suspensions will also be posted here, so it pays to check back often.

Once you know which players are going to be on the pitch, you can research their stats and look for patterns in their previous performances. As well as the players who have been left out of the squad, you should also take into account any players who are returning from injury or suspension. This is often enough to give the team a boost and lift them out of a slump. 

Sivasspor Bet of the Day

There are going to be a lot of options for your Sivasspor bet of the day. If you have a decent understanding of the squad you’ll be able to identify the good value wagers among the available markets, but this isn’t the only way.

You can use the information on this page to start your team research and find your personal betting tip. This will prevent you having to search through all the betting options, as you will only need to look at the markets which apply to your betting tip. Remember to shop around for the best odds and watch out for Sivasspor bonus bets.

Sivasspor News

The latest reports, articles, interviews, and videos are posted to the Sivasspor news section at These will always be from the club’s perspective, but it will be the most trustworthy source for much of what’s happening at Sivas Stadium.

You can also find Sivasspor sections at many of the big news network websites. These will often be secondary reports, but it’s good practice to get multiple points of view from as many trustworthy sources as possible. 

Sivasspor Rumours & Transfer News

It can be hard to track down a reliable source for Sivasspor rumours and transfer news. Gossip and hearsay can still affect the betting odds, however, even if it is purely speculative. It’s worth keeping your ear to the ground, and the best place to do that is the Sivasspor fan forums.

Many of these will have ‘transfer rumours’ message boards, which are a very handy resource. There is always lively conversation between the users too, and this often helps to confirm or deny the rumours being discussed.

Sivasspor Highlights

Don't miss any of the goals with Sivasspor highlights available at the Sivasspor YouTube channel

Sivasspor Social Media

Sivasspor update all their official social media accounts multiple times per day. You can check them out at the links below. 

There isn’t an official team hashtag, but you can search for #Sivasspor to see posts and comments from other users relating to the club.

Sivasspor Live Streaming

Sivasspor are regular participants in the Turkish Super Lig and Turkish Cup. Watch Sivasspor football matches with live streaming on your device of choice any where you have an internet connection.

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