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US Open Tournament Winners List - Four-time champions lead the way

Last updated: 14 Jun 2021
Freetips staff 14 Jun 2021
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  • The US Open was first held in 1895
  • Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus are the most successful players with four wins
  • Bryson DeChambeau won in 2020, winning by six shots at Winged Foot
bryson dechambeau us open
Bryson DeChambeau won in 2020 (Getty Images)

Players from England and Scotland dominated the US Open from 1895 to 1910. John McDermott was the first United States player to win in 1910.

Since then, golf players from the United States have dominated the US Open, winning the last six titles.

Bryson DeChambeau won the 2020 US Open, shooting 274 (-6) at Winged Foot, 6 shots ahead of Matthew Wolfe and the only player under par for the week.

2020Bryson DeChambeauUnited StatesWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course274 (− 6)6 strokes
2019Gary WoodlandUnited StatesPebble Beach Golf Links271 (−13)3 strokes
2018Brooks Koepka (2)United StatesShinnecock Hills Golf Club281 (+1)1 stroke
2017Brooks KoepkaUnited StatesErin Hills272 (−16)4 strokes
2016Dustin JohnsonUnited StatesOakmont Country Club276 (−4)3 strokes
2015Jordan SpiethUnited StatesChambers Bay275 (−5)1 stroke
2014Martin KaymerGermanyPinehurst Resort, Course No. 2271 (−9)8 strokes
2013Justin RoseEnglandMerion Golf Club, East Course281 (+1)2 strokes
2012Webb SimpsonUnited StatesOlympic Club, Lake Course281 (+1)1 stroke
2011Rory McIlroyNorthern IrelandCongressional Country Club, Blue Course268 (−16)8 strokes
2010Graeme McDowellNorthern IrelandPebble Beach Golf Links284 (E)1 stroke
2009Lucas GloverUnited StatesBethpage State Park, Black Course276 (−4)2 strokes
2008Tiger Woods (3)United StatesTorrey Pines Golf Course, South Course283 (−1)Playoff
2007Ángel CabreraArgentinaOakmont Country Club285 (+5)1 stroke
2006Geoff OgilvyAustraliaWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course285 (+5)1 stroke
2005Michael Campbell New ZealandPinehurst Resort, Course No. 2280 (E)2 strokes
2004Retief Goosen (2)South AfricaShinnecock Hills Golf Club276 (−4)2 strokes
2003Jim FurykUnited StatesOlympia Fields Country Club, North Course272 (−8)3 strokes
2002Tiger Woods (2)United StatesBethpage State Park, Black Course277 (−3)3 strokes
2001Retief GoosenSouth AfricaSouthern Hills Country Club276 (−4)Playoff
2000Tiger WoodsUnited StatesPebble Beach Golf Links272 (−12)15 strokes
1999Payne Stewart (2)United StatesPinehurst Resort, Course No. 2279 (−1)1 stroke
1998Lee Janzen (2)United StatesOlympic Club, Lake Course280 (E)1 stroke
1997Ernie Els (2)South AfricaCongressional Country Club, Blue Course276 (−4)1 stroke
1996Steve JonesUnited StatesOakland Hills Country Club, South Course278 (−2)1 stroke
1995Corey PavinUnited StatesShinnecock Hills Golf Club280 (E)2 strokes
1994Ernie ElsSouth AfricaOakmont Country Club279 (−5)Playoff
1993Lee JanzenUnited StatesBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course272 (−8)2 strokes
1992Tom KiteUnited StatesPebble Beach Golf Links285 (−3)2 strokes
1991Payne StewartUnited StatesHazeltine National Golf Club282 (−6)Playoff
1990Hale Irwin (3)United StatesMedinah Country Club, Course No. 3280 (−8)Playoff
1989Curtis Strange (2)United StatesOak Hill Country Club, East Course278 (−2)1 stroke
1988Curtis StrangeUnited StatesThe Country Club, Composite Course278 (−6)Playoff
1987Scott SimpsonUnited StatesOlympic Club, Lake Course277 (−3)1 stroke
1986Raymond FloydUnited StatesShinnecock Hills Golf Club279 (−1)2 strokes
1985Andy North (2)United StatesOakland Hills Country Club, South Course279 (−1)1 stroke
1984Fuzzy ZoellerUnited StatesWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course276 (−4)Playoff
1983Larry NelsonUnited StatesOakmont Country Club280 (−4)1 stroke
1982Tom WatsonUnited StatesPebble Beach Golf Links282 (−6)2 strokes
1981David GrahamAustraliaMerion Golf Club, East Course273 (−7)3 strokes
1980Jack Nicklaus (4)United StatesBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course272 (−8)2 strokes
1979Hale Irwin (2)United StatesInverness Club284 (E)2 strokes
1978Andy NorthUnited StatesCherry Hills Country Club285 (+1)1 stroke
1977Hubert GreenUnited StatesSouthern Hills Country Club278 (−2)1 stroke
1976Jerry PateUnited StatesAtlanta Athletic Club, Highlands Course277 (−3)2 strokes
1975Lou GrahamUnited StatesMedinah Country Club, Course No. 3287 (+3)Playoff
1974Hale IrwinUnited StatesWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course287 (+7)2 strokes
1973Johnny MillerUnited StatesOakmont Country Club279 (−5)1 stroke
1972Jack Nicklaus (3)United StatesPebble Beach Golf Links290 (+2)3 strokes
1971Lee Trevino (2)United StatesMerion Golf Club, East Course280 (E)Playoff
1970Tony JacklinEnglandHazeltine National Golf Club281 (−7)7 strokes
1969Orville MoodyUnited StatesChampions Golf Club, Cypress Creek Course281 (+1)1 stroke
1968Lee TrevinoUnited StatesOak Hill Country Club, East Course275 (−5)4 strokes
1967Jack Nicklaus (2)United StatesBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course275 (−5)4 strokes
1966Billy Casper (2)United StatesOlympic Club, Lake Course278 (−2)Playoff
1965Gary PlayerSouth AfricaBellerive Country Club282 (+2)Playoff
1964Ken VenturiUnited StatesCongressional Country Club, Blue Course278 (−2)4 strokes
1963Julius Boros (2)United StatesThe Country Club, Composite Course293 (+9)Playoff
1962Jack NicklausUnited StatesOakmont Country Club283 (−1)Playoff
1961Gene LittlerUnited StatesOakland Hills Country Club, South Course281 (+1)1 stroke
1960Arnold PalmerUnited StatesCherry Hills Country Club280 (−4)2 strokes
1959Billy CasperUnited StatesWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course282 (+2)1 stroke
1958Tommy BoltUnited StatesSouthern Hills Country Club283 (+3)4 strokes
1957Dick MayerUnited StatesInverness Club282 (+2)Playoff
1956Cary Middlecoff (2)United StatesOak Hill Country Club, East Course281 (+1)1 stroke
1955Jack FleckUnited StatesOlympic Club, Lake Course287 (+7)Playoff
1954Ed FurgolUnited StatesBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course284 (+4)1 stroke
1953Ben Hogan (4)United StatesOakmont Country Club283 (−5)6 strokes
1952Julius BorosUnited StatesNorthwood Club281 (+1)4 strokes
1951Ben Hogan (3)United StatesOakland Hills Country Club, South Course287 (+7)2 strokes
1950Ben Hogan (2)United StatesMerion Golf Club, East Course287 (+7)Playoff
1949Cary MiddlecoffUnited StatesMedinah Country Club, Course No. 3286 (+2)1 stroke
1948Ben HoganUnited StatesRiviera Country Club276 (−8)2 strokes
1947Lew WorshamUnited StatesSt. Louis Country Club282 (−2)Playoff
1946Lloyd MangrumUnited StatesCanterbury Golf Club284 (−4)Playoff
1941Craig WoodUnited StatesColonial Country Club284 (+4)3 strokes
1940Lawson LittleUnited StatesCanterbury Golf Club287 (−1)Playoff
1939Byron NelsonUnited StatesPhiladelphia Country Club, Spring Mill Course284 (−4)Playoff
1938Ralph Guldahl (2)United StatesCherry Hills Country Club284 (E)6 strokes
1937Ralph GuldahlUnited StatesOakland Hills Country Club, South Course281 (+1)2 strokes
1936Tony ManeroUnited StatesBaltusrol Golf Club, Upper Course282 (−2)2 strokes
1935Sam Parks, Jr.United StatesOakmont Country Club299 (+11)2 strokes
1934Olin DutraUnited StatesMerion Golf Club, East Course293 (+13)1 stroke
1933Johnny Goodman (a)United StatesNorth Shore Country Club287 (−1)1 stroke
1932Gene Sarazen (2)United StatesFresh Meadow Country Club286 (+2)3 strokes
1931Billy BurkeUnited StatesInverness Club292 (+4)Playoff
1930Bobby Jones (a) (4)United StatesInterlachen Country Club287 (−1)2 strokes
1929Bobby Jones (a) (3)United StatesWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course294Playoff
1928Johnny FarrellUnited StatesOlympia Fields Country Club, North Course294Playoff
1927Tommy ArmourScotlandOakmont Country Club301Playoff
1926Bobby Jones (a) (2)United StatesScioto Country Club2931 stroke
1925Willie MacfarlaneScotlandWorcester Country Club291Playoff
1924Cyril WalkerEnglandOakland Hills Country Club, South Course2973 strokes
1923Bobby Jones (a)United StatesInwood Country Club296Playoff
1922Gene SarazenUnited StatesSkokie Country Club2881 stroke
1921Jim BarnesEnglandColumbia Country Club2899 strokes
1920Ted RayJerseyInverness Club2951 stroke
1919Walter Hagen (2)United StatesBrae Burn Country Club, Main Course301Playoff
1916Chick Evans (a)United StatesThe Minikahda Club2862 strokes
1915Jerome Travers (a)United StatesBaltusrol Golf Club, Revised Course2971 stroke
1914Walter HagenUnited StatesMidlothian Country Club2901 stroke
1913Francis Ouimet (a)United StatesThe Country Club304Playoff
1912John McDermott (2)United StatesCountry Club of Buffalo2942 strokes
1911John McDermottUnited StatesChicago Golf Club307Playoff
1910Alex Smith (2)ScotlandPhiladelphia Cricket Club, St. Martin's Course298Playoff
1909George SargentEnglandEnglewood Golf Club2904 strokes
1908Fred McLeodScotlandMyopia Hunt Club322Playoff
1907Alec RossScotlandPhiladelphia Cricket Club, St. Martin's Course3022 strokes
1906Alex SmithScotlandOnwentsia Club2957 strokes
1905Willie Anderson (4)ScotlandMyopia Hunt Club3142 strokes
1904Willie Anderson (3)ScotlandGlen View Club3034 strokes
1903Willie Anderson (2)ScotlandBaltusrol Golf Club, Original Course307Playoff
1902Laurie AuchterlonieScotlandGarden City Golf Club3076 strokes
1901Willie AndersonScotlandMyopia Hunt Club331Playoff
1900Harry VardonJerseyChicago Golf Club3132 strokes
1899Willie SmithScotlandBaltimore Country Club, Roland Park Course31511 strokes
1898Fred HerdScotlandMyopia Hunt Club3287 strokes
1897Joe LloydEnglandChicago Golf Club1621 stroke
1896James FoulisScotlandShinnecock Hills Golf Club1523 strokes
1895Horace RawlinsEnglandNewport Country Club1732 strokes

US Open Golf History

The first US Open was played in 1895 on a nine-hole course at the Newport Country Club. It was a 36-hole competition contested on a single day between ten professionals and one amateur.

Since 1898 the tournament has been 72 holes of stroke play (4 rounds on an 18-hole course), with the winner being the player with the lowest total number of strokes.

The US Open is held at a variety of courses in the United States which are often tight and difficult. Accurate driving is imperative with the winner traditionally finishing around even par.

The US Open has been traditionally won by players from the United States. Players from only six countries outside the United States have won the tournament since 1950.

Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus all won four US Open titles. Hale Irwin and Tiger Woods have both won three US Opens.

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