Tote Tips and Betting Selections

Since it was founded in 1928, horse racing fans have been using The Tote to place their horse racing bets. Unlike high-street bookmakers like William Hill and Paddy Power, bettors who use the Tote bet into a pools system.

One of the most popular bets on a big race day is the Tote Scoop 6. Tote will pick out six races each day and if any player can predict all six winner, then they'll win a share of the prize pot.

Another popular type of bet with Tote is the Placepot, and this is the best place to get your daily Tote Placepot tips during the biggest meetings in British Horse Racing.
    Table Of Contents
  • Latest Tote Tips
  • Pools Betting Explained
  • Tote Scoop 6
  • The Tote Placepot
  • Placepot Stakes
  • Placing Your Placepot Bet
  • Placepot Places Table
  • Placepot Payout
  • Placepot Un-Named Favourite and Non-Runners
  • Scoop 6

Latest Tote Tips

Pools Betting Explained

Unlike regular fixed-odds betting, where you will be offered a fixed odds for the horse you want to back, with pools betting your stake money enters into a pool. This pool consists of the combined stake money every Tote punter has placed on that given horse.

If your horse wins, you will receive a share of the winning pool. With more popular horses who go off a shorter prices, the dividend you receive will be lower. 

If you've backed an outsider that happens to win, then you'll receive a larger dividend, as less punters have backed that horse.

Tote Scoop 6

The Tote Scoop 6 is a Saturday horse racing pool bet where punters attempt to pick the winner of six specified races. If they manage to do that, then they will either win the entire pool or a share of it if there are multiple winners.

Alongside the win pools dividend, there is also a Scoop 6 place dividend where you can win a share of the pot if all six of your selections make the places.

All wagers placed on the Scoop 6 are paid into the Tote pool betting system. The more bets that are placed on that day's Scoop 6, the larger the pool is. The fewer players that win, the higher the Scoop 6 win and place dividends will be.

The Tote Placepot

If you regularly attend any high-street bookmaker, you'll probably be familiar with Tote Placepot betting sheets. Instructions on how to place a Plaepot bet can be found on those betting sheets or on the Tote website, but we'll give you a brief explanation now. 

The Placepot usually consists of six races from a single meeting. To win the Placepot, you must select a horse in each race, and all six of your chosen horses must finish in the places.

You can select more than one horse in each race. However, doing so will change the stake for that bet.

For example, if you were to simply select one horse in all six legs, then the calculation for your stake would be 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1, which equals 1, so your stake for that bet would be £1.

If you wanted to pick three horses in Legs 2 and 5, two horses in Leg 4, and just one in the remaning three legs, then the calculation for your stake would be 1 x 3 x 1 x 2 x 3 x 1, which equals 18, so your stake for that Placepot bet would be £18.

Placepot Stakes

There are two minimum stakes to think about when you back your Placepot; the minimum stake per line and the minimum total stake.

The minimum stake per line is 10p. Some operators may even go as low as 5p per line. However, the minimum total stake is £1, meaning the stake calculation for your bet would need to 20 or over if you wanted to place a 5p per line Placepot.

Placing Your Placepot Bet

The best place to place your Placepot bet is with bet365. Bet365 users can access a Placepot bet section on their website, and it takes just a few minutes to complete your Placepot bet slip.

Once your bet has been placed, you can stream each of the six races live with bet365!

Placepot Places Table

The number of places on offer for each-way bets will be different on a Placepot, compared to what you might get from high street bookmakers. Here are the rules...

Num. Runners In A Race
Num. Placepot Places
1 - 4Winner Only
5 - 7First Two
8 - 15First Three
16+First Four

Placepot Payout

If, in your bet, you've selected a horse who's managed to place in each of the six race, then you've won the Tote Placepot!

How much you win will depend on the popularity of the horses, and how many other bettors have found the winning combination. If the horses you've selected all went off a shorter odds, and more bettors have cashed in winning slips, then your winning dividend will be less. If your placed selections go off at longer odds and fewers bettors have returned winning bets, then your payout will be much greater.

Placepot Un-Named Favourite and Non-Runners

If you can't make your mind up as to which horse you want to back, you can simply tick the "Un-Named Favourite" box for that particular race. If you've selected the "Un-Named Favourite", then whichever horses goes off as the favourite for that race will be included in your Placepot.

If a horse you've selected in your Placepot Bet is declared a non-runner after your bet has been placed, then your stake for that line will automatically go on the Un-Named Favourite.

Scoop 6

When there are major meetings on a Friday and Saturday, Tote will run their Scoop6 competition.

Like the Tote Placepot, punters will have to pick a horse in six races from a single meeting. However, to win on the Scoop6, bettors will need to have selected the winners of all six races to win their share of the jackpot.