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AFL Set To Resume On June 11

  • Football clubs will also be clear to return to training on Monday
The AFL will be back in action early next month (Getty Images)

AFL Set To Resume - According to Report

After weeks of conjecture over a potential return to action, the AFL is set to resume playing games on June 11 according to Channel 7's Chief football reporter Mark Stevens.

Stevens speculated that the league could introduce a 'fluid' fixture to get things back underway, which would give the league flexibility heading into an unprecedented period.

"The fixture will be fluid," Stevens said.

"It might be four weeks put on the table to start with and then we move on from there."

The main sticking point on the return date was was over the availability of the South Australian teams after the state's chief medical officer poured cold water on the idea of a fly-in, fly-out system earlier in the week.

Speaking on Radio FiveAA, Professor Nicola Spurrier said the government “agonised" over the decision before eventually putting a line through the plan.

"We looked at every which way how we would be able to not require a large group, not just the players but the other people you would need with a football team," Spurrier said.

"We really felt that it was not possible to do it safely in South Australia without having that two week quarantine.

“We just felt like it was an unacceptable risk.”

This has forced the league's hand, who will reportedly relocate both South Australian teams. 

Stevens believes the Power and Crows will be based out of Queensland for the remainder of the 2020 season.

"They're (Port Adelaide and Adelaide) are now set to leave the state," he said.

"The mail is now they could be headed to Queensland, so we could have four teams in a Queensland hub, desperate to get some footy started."

An official announcement from the AFL is expected on Friday.

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