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Watch: Amazing Katie Ledecky chocolate milk trick

  • Katie Ledecky pulls off a chocolate milk trick
  • The American Olympic swimmer swam a length with a glass of milk on her head
  • Watch the epic video below
Katie Ledecky
Katie Ledecky's chocolate milk trick (credit: Instagram)

Katie Ledecky has proven she is much more than just a five-time Olympic champion after pulling off an amazing chocolate milk trick swimming a length of a pool.

The American swimmer balanced a glass of chocolate milk on her head and didn't spill a single drop while completing a length.

Underline the effortless and balance swimming stroke that has brought her much success in the pool, she then took a sip of the unspilt drink after completing the challenge.

Ledecky posted the video to her Instagram page and wrote: "Possibly one of the best swims of my career! Check out the full swim here. What can you do without spilling a drop?! #gotmilk #ad
Check out the #gotmilkchallenge on Tik Tok!"

Watch the video below:


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