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GG Poker Mystery Battle Royale Launched - New game now available

Last updated: 30 Mar 2024
Freetips staff 30 Mar 2024
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  • GG Poker launches Mystery Battle Royale
  • The new variant introduces mystery bounties to the format
  • Previous Battle Royale format currently no longer available
GG Poker launches Mystery Battle Royale
GG Poker launches a Mystery Bounty Battle Royale Variant as it is added to the poker site.
The new version of Battle Royale is similar to the original version, but with some key differences, as you would expect with a new version of a game. 

The main difference, well its in the name, is that instead of winning progressive bounties when you knock out opponents, you win a mystery bounty, which can be much bigger, as the bounty pool is spread out over all games on the site not specific to each game.
Mystery Battle Royale Lobby

The Rush Poker Stage

The format is also a little different. Instead of 30 players in the original Battle Royale, there are now 18 players per tournament. It starts off in a similar way to its predecessor, with a 5-handed Rush stage that lasts until 9 players remain. 

If the game is not down to 9 by the time 10 minutes have elapsed, it becomes all-in, which soon sorts out the cats and the pigeons. The other key difference is that during the Rush stage players do not earn bounties for knock-outs.

The Final Table

Once the number of player is reduced to nine the final table starts and the mystery bounty prizes kick-in for eliminations. The maximum prize that can be earned depends on the buy-in being played for. the game is available with $0.25, $1, $3 and $10 buy-ins. For the $0.25 game, the maximum mystery bounty is $5,000, a huge 20,000 x the buy-in. For the others the maximum is 10,000 times the buy-in.

The top three finishers in each battle also get prize money, in addition to any bounties taken.

Buy-InMax Mystery Bounty!st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Mystery Battle Royale Prize Box Opens

Daily Action Leaderboards

There are also leaderboards for each of the buy-in levels, awarding a total of $10,l000 per day to the best performers at each level.

Buy-InDaily Leaderboard 1st PrizePlaces paid
Players logging in soon after the upgrade were also treated to free tickets in their accounts to test the game out. We can’t be sure that everyone has one, so the best way to find out is to log in and check your available tickets in the cashier. 

If you are yet to register, use the GG Poker code NEWBONUS to get started with a 100% deposit match worth up to $600.

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