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GG Million$ Week Returns with $20m GTD at GG Poker

Last updated: 28 Mar 2024
Conrad Castleton 28 Mar 2024
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  • High Roller GG Million$ Week Returns to GG Poker from March 31 - April 9
  • 63 events on the schedule with $20m in prize pool guarantees
  • $5m guaranteed main event with $1m reserved for 1st place
High Roller GG Million$ Week Returns to GG Poker
  • GG Million$ Week Main Event Schedule
  • The GG Million$ Week Event Schedule
  • Satellites to GG Million$ Week Events
  • Watch & Bet On the Main Event Final Table Live
  • GGMillionS All Time Rankings

High Roller GG Million$ Week Returns to GG Poker from Sunday 31st March and runs until Tuesday 9th of April with $20m in prize money guaranteed across the series. 

GG Million$ Week is a week (well, 10 days to be precise) of high-stakes online poker tournaments at GG Poker

The action gets underway on Sunday 31st March and runs until Tuesday 9th of April, when the final table of the $5m guaranteed main event concludes. 

There are 63 tournaments on the schedule, with the lowest buy-in event costing $525 to enter and the most expensive $10,300.

GG Million$ Week Main Event Schedule

The $10,300 main event of the GG Million$ week is run as a Phase tournament and carries a $5m prize pool with $1m reserved for the winner. 

There are starting days running throughout the festival week, with day 2 of the tournament resuming on Monday 8th April, when they will lay down to the final table. 

The final table itself will be held on Tuesday 9th April, the final day of the series.

DateDayStart Time (UTC)GG Million$ Main Event Schedule
Mar-31Sun18:00GG Millions Main Event Day 1A
Apr-01Mon18:00GG Millions Main Event Day 1B
Apr-02Tue18:00GG Millions Main Event Day 1C
Apr-03Wed18:00GG Millions Main Event Day 1D
Apr-04Thu18:00GG Millions Main Event Day 1E
Apr-05Fri18:00GG Millions Main Event Day 1F
Apr-06Sat18:00GG Millions Main Event Day 1G
Apr-07Sun15:00GG Millions Main Event Day 1 Last Chance
Apr-08Mon20:00GG Millions Main Event Day 2

The GG Million$ Week Event Schedule

It’s an extensive schedule, with 63 tournaments, including the $10,300 Main Event. There are several Omaholic mtts, as well as regular No Limit Hold’em tournaments, Deepstacks and Bounty Hunters. 

There are at least five tournaments per day, with the most running on Sundays, as is traditional in the online poker world. The kick-off event on Sunday 31st March is a Bounty Hunter and has a $525 buy-in, with a $1.5m guaranteed prize pool.

To take part in the series, players need to be registered as account holders of GG Poker. The bonus code for GGPoker is NEWBONUS. This code can be used by new players when registering to claim the poker room's best available welcome bonus.

DateDayStart Time (UTC)EventBuy-InGuarantee
Mar-31Sun16:30#1: $525 Super KICKOFF Bounty Hunters HR, $1.5M GTD$525$1,500,000
Mar-31Sun16:40#2: $5,250 Bounty Hunters Super High Roller$5,250$200,000
Mar-31Sun17:00#3: $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers, $750K GTD$1,050$750,000
Mar-31Sun18:10#4: $10,300 Omaholic Super High Roller$10,300$150,000
Mar-31Sun19:00#5: $5,250 Sunday Prime Time$5,250$125,000
Mar-31Sun19:00#6: $1,050 Sunday High Rollers Main Event, $500K GTD$1,050$500,000
Mar-31Sun19:40#7: $2,100 Omaholic Bounty HR Main Event$2,100$200,000
Mar-31Sun20:00#8: $25,500 Sunday Super High Roller, $500K GTD$25,500$500,000
Mar-31Sun21:00#9: $1,050 Sunday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo]$1,050$150,000
Mar-31Sun23:00#10: $1,500 Sunday Saver HR [Hyper]$1,500$125,000
Apr-01Mon16:30#11: $525 Super Monday Bounty Hunters HR, $500K GTD$525$500,000
Apr-01Mon17:00#12: $5,250 Super Monday Prime Time$5,250$250,000
Apr-01Mon18:00#13: $1,500 Super Monday Monster Stack, $500K GTD$1,500$500,000
Apr-01Mon19:00#14: $10,300 Super Monday High Roller$10,300$300,000
Apr-01Mon21:00#15: $2,500 Super Monday Heater [Bounty Turbo]$2,500$200,000
Apr-01Mon23:00#16: $3,000 Super Monday Saver [Hyper]$3,000$150,000
Apr-02Tue16:30#17: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Special$525$300,000
Apr-02Tue18:00#18: $1,050 Tuesday Classic HR$1,050$250,000
Apr-02Tue19:00#19: $2,100 Tuesday Takedown [Bounty 7-Max]$2,100$200,000
Apr-02Tue21:00#20: $1,050 Tuesday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo]$1,050$80,000
Apr-02Tue23:00#21: $1,500 Tuesday Saver HR [Hyper]$1,500$60,000
Apr-03Wed16:30#22: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Special$525$250,000
Apr-03Wed18:00#23: $1,050 Wednesday Double Stack HR$1,050$200,000
Apr-03Wed19:00#24: $5,250 Omaholic Bounty High Roller$5,250$100,000
Apr-03Wed21:00#25: $1,050 Wednesday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo]$1,050$60,000
Apr-03Wed23:00#26: $1,500 Wednesday Saver HR [Hyper]$1,500$40,000
Apr-04Thu16:30#27: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Special$525$300,000
Apr-04Thu18:00#28: $1,050 Thursday Throwdown HR [Bounty]$1,050$300,000
Apr-04Thu19:00#29: $2,625 Thursday Deepstack HR$2,625$150,000
Apr-04Thu21:00#30: $1,050 Thursday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo]$1,050$100,000
Apr-04Thu23:00#31: $1,500 Thursday Saver HR [Hyper]$1,500$50,000
Apr-05Fri16:30#32: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Special$525$200,000
Apr-05Fri18:00#33: $1,050 Friday Night Fight HR [Bounty 6-Max]$1,050$175,000
Apr-05Fri19:00#34: $525 Friday Fastlane [Ultra Deepstack Turbo]$525$60,000
Apr-05Fri21:00#35: $1,050 Friday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo]$1,050$50,000
Apr-05Fri23:00#36: $1,500 Friday Saver HR [Hyper]$1,500$40,000
Apr-06Sat16:30#37: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Special$525$250,000
Apr-06Sat18:00#38: $1,050 Saturday Secret KO HR [Mystery Bounty]$1,050$250,000
Apr-06Sat19:00#39: $2,100 Saturday Night Fever [Bounty 7-Max]$2,100$125,000
Apr-06Sat21:00#40: $1,050 Saturday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo]$1,050$60,000
Apr-06Sat23:00#41: $1,500 Saturday Saver HR [Hyper]$1,500$50,000
Apr-07Sun16:30#42: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event, $1.25M GTD$525$1,250,000
Apr-07Sun16:40#43: $5,250 Bounty Hunters Super High Roller$5,250$200,000
Apr-07Sun17:00#44: $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers, $750K GTD$1,050$750,000
Apr-07Sun18:10#45: $10,300 Omaholic Super High Roller$10,300$150,000
Apr-07Sun19:00#46: $5,250 Sunday Prime Time$5,250$125,000
Apr-07Sun19:00#47: $1,050 Sunday High Rollers Main Event, $500K GTD$1,050$500,000
Apr-07Sun19:40#48: $2,100 Omaholic Bounty HR Main Event$2,100$200,000
Apr-07Sun20:00#49: $25,500 Sunday Super High Roller, $500K GTD$25,500$500,000
Apr-07Sun21:00#50: $1,050 Sunday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo]$1,050$150,000
Apr-07Sun23:00#51: $1,500 Sunday Saver HR [Hyper]$1,500$125,000
Apr-08Mon16:30#52: $525 Super Monday Bounty Hunters HR, $500K GTD$525$500,000
Apr-08Mon17:00#53: $5,250 Super Monday Prime Time$5,250$300,000
Apr-08Mon18:00#54: $1,500 Super Monday Monster Stack, $500K GTD$1,500$500,000
Apr-08Mon19:00#55: $10,300 Super Monday High Roller, $500K GTD$10,300$500,000
Apr-08Mon20:00GGMillion$ High Rollers Main Event, $5M GTD [Day 2]$10,300$5,000,000
Apr-08Mon21:00#56: $2,500 Super Monday Heater [Bounty Turbo]$2,500$150,000
Apr-08Mon23:00#57: $3,000 Super Monday Saver [Hyper]$3,000$125,000
Apr-09Tue16:30#58: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Special$525$200,000
Apr-09Tue18:00#59: $1,050 Tuesday Classic HR$1,050$150,000
Apr-09Tue19:00#60: $2,100 Tuesday Takedown [Bounty 7-Max]$2,100$100,000
Apr-09Tue21:00#61: $1,050 Tuesday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo]$1,050$50,000
Apr-09Tue22:00#62: $2,500 Series Closer HR [Bounty Hyper]$3,150$40,000
Apr-09Tue23:00#63: $1,500 Series Saver HR [Hyper]$1,500$30,000

Satellites to GG Million$ Week Events

While there is indeed a thriving community of high rollers who can think almost nothing of clicking away and entering multiple high stakes tournaments as their evening grind, the vast majority of mere poker mortals cannot afford to do so. Gladly there is an extensive satellite system in place to give the unwashed masses their shot at the poker equivalent of a hot shower.  

There are a variety of variously priced satellites into most of the events on the schedule. While its entirely possible that a further layer of satellite options will be added when the week gets fully underway, at present the lowest buy-in satellites available are priced at $12. There are also $26, $55, $108 $525 and $1,050 satellites listed in the GG Poker client.

Watch & Bet On the Main Event Final Table Live

The final table of the GG Milliion$ Main Event will take place at 7pm (UK) on Tuesday 9th April. Coverage of the final table will be streamed with commentary on GG Poker TV, starting at 6.45pm (UK).

Not only can you watch the action unfold to see who will scoop the first prize of at least $1m, but its also going to be possible to have a wager on it as GG Poker will open a betting market on the final table prior to the restart of play.

GGMillionS All Time Rankings

Russian player Artur Martirosian sits at the top of the all-time GG Million$ Rankings. He has claimed 10 GG Millions titles, three more than his nearest challenger MIchael Addamo and four ahead of third placed Ole Schemion.

Martirosian, with $8,242,834 in winnings is also over $2m ahead of anyone else in terms of the prize money won from the series. He would be the short priced-favourite to be the first to breach the $10m earnings barrier, if they even did a betting market on it. 

Bert ‘GrirafGanger7’ Stevens, who won the WSOP Online Main Event last October is only 35th on the all-time leaderboard, but will also be fancied to have a good week at the series this time around.

PositionPlayerTitlesFinal TablesCashesPrize Money
1Artur Martirosian104072$8,242,834
2Michael Addamo72334$5,103,752
3Ole Schemion62547$5,887,403
4David Yan52131$5,781,535
5W Malinowski53450$5,450,882
6Andras Nemeth51631$2,651,188
7Niklas Astedt44158$5,960,002
8Aleks Ponakovs42745$5,308,489
9Anatoly Filatov42035$3,924,548
10Duco Haven41226$3,273,753

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