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For those bettors who prefer something a little bit different to sports, politics has become an increasingly popular market to bet on. While UK politics US politics tend to be the most popular markets, Irish politics have also managed to find themselves a nice little niche and their markets often present excellent value. 

Latest Irish Politics Betting News

Irish Politics Betting

Ireland is a democratic country which has both a president and a prime minister, also known as the Taoiseach. The former is more of a figurehead, while the PM controls the government and makes the major decisions in the country. 

The political landscape of Ireland has undergone some serious changes over the last few decades with political tensions in the region cooling down somewhat. Finding reliable betting tips for Irish politics can be tricky though, especially when it comes to some of the more controversial topics in the country. 

Here at Free Tips, we have made it our aim to provide our readers with totally unbiased analysis of the Irish political scene. We promise to give our readers our best value tips on the market without any sort of political preferences. 

Irish Politics Betting Odds

Keeping up with all of the dates for any political market can be a real challenge. Odds can change rapidly depending on current events in the country and one statement from a politician can literally change everything. 

Here at Free Tips, we aim to keep our readers up to date with all of the latest odds changes for the Irish politics market. 

Irish Politics Betting Markets 

There are plenty of different markets you can place a bet on if you are interested in gambling on the Irish politics market. The following are the most popular: 

  • General election: A general election is the most common type of market for people to bet on in almost every politics market. A general election is when a country goes to vote for who their new prime minister or president will be.

  • Party leaders: The party leaders markets are growing in popularity. This where you can bet on which politician you believe will be the next leader of a specific party in the country. 

  • Specials: Most politics markets which will feature a wide range of special proposition bets, and the Irish politics market is no different. Here will you find all sorts of bets, some of them serious such as whether Ireland will stay a member of the European Union, and some of them less so. 

Irish Politics Bookmakers Bonuses 

Bookies will now regularly offer a wide range of promotional bonuses on all political markets. The most common types of bookmakers bonuses are sign-up bonuses. 

These are special offers that are exclusive to customers who are signing up to a bookmakers for the first time. These offers can be used on a wide variety of markets and due to the increased popularity of politics, there will often be bonuses available to use on the market. 

Irish Politics Free Bets 

The other most common type of bookmakers bonus is free bets. Free bets are when a bet is credited to your account for free by the bookmakers. Some of these may require you to place a qualifying bet in the first place. 

Matched bets are when you stake some money on a bet and the bookies will match that stake. In both free bets and matched bets, the bookies will keep the stake that they provided you with and allow you to keep the winnings for yourself. 

Due to the increased popularity of Irish politics, there will be free and matched bets available to use on some of their markets, especially during election periods.  

We would like to remind you to make sure that you read the bookmakers' terms and conditions before attempting to claim any sort of bonus offer. 

Irish Politics Next Prime Minister Odds 

Ireland has a general election where they elect their new Taoiseach every five years. They also have presidential elections every seven years. A president can serve a maximum of two terms in office in Ireland, meaning that they can be president for a total of 14 years. 

With such a big gap between elections, the odds can swing quite a lot, and there can often be value found if you bet early and can be patient enough to bet. We have made it our mission to keep our readers up to dates with all of the crucial price changes in the next Irish prime minister markets. 

Irish Politics General Election Odds 

Ireland is a representative democracy, which means that each constituency elects a politician to represent them. For a party to win an election in Ireland, they need to win 81 seats in parliament. 

This does mean that the most seats market can also prove quite interesting to bet on as the party who wins the most seats doesn't necessarily have enough to form a government. This is a crucial difference to understand if you plan to bet on these markets. 

Here at Free Tips, we will keep you updated with our best tips for the next Irish general election market as well as all the related markets. 

Irish Politics Betting News 

Irish politics can be quite a difficult topic to discuss. The country has undergone some difficult periods over the last few decades and a lot of people will often have an opinion to offer on Irish politics. 
Here at Free Tips, we avoid putting any sort of political spin on our tips and news. We want to provide an honest, neutral analysis of politics in the country with the aim of helping our readers win some money betting on the market. 

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