UK Politics Betting Tips

Betting on the UK political scene has seen a serious increase in popularity in recent years. Political developments in the country have attracted the attention of punters who have flooded towards the market and made some serious cash. 

Latest UK Politics Betting News

UK Political Betting

Betting on the UK political scene has seen a serious increase in popularity in recent years. Political developments in the country have attracted the attention of punters who have flooded towards the market and made some serious cash. 

UK Politics Betting Tips

The political landscape of the United Kingdom changed forever in 2016 thanks to the country’s decision to leave the European Union. 

That decision has made the British political landscape incredibly unstable and as such, finding reliable betting tips for that market can be a difficult task. 

At Free Tips, our priority is to make sure that our readers are as well informed as possible when it comes to all that is going on in the UK political betting market. We will regularly keep our readers up to date with any major developments and the effects that they have had on the betting markets. 

We will study all of the latest news and the latest opinion polls to provide you with the most up to date analysis of the market. 

Our tips are, as always, 100% free and they are also not influenced by any sort of political affiliation. We also have a range of US politics tips including Next President tips and betting odds.

UK Politics Betting Odds

The odds in the UK politics markets change regularly and keeping up to date with everything that is going on can begin to feel like a real headache. 

At Free Tips, we aim to keep all of our readers up to date with any major changes in the UK politics odds markets. 

UK Politics Betting Markets 

The UK politics betting market is one of the fastest-growing on the internet. There are many different types of markets to place a bet on and the following are the most popular: 

  • Next Prime Minister: The next Prime Minister betting market is constantly available regardless of which point we are at during an electoral cycle. 

  • Party Leaders: Another market that has seen a spike in popularity in recent years is the next party leaders markets. Like the next Prime Minister markets, these markets run all year around. These can often present some excellent value if you have a good insight into the way a party is leaning. 

  • Prime Minister Specials: While some of the bets in this market offer serious specials on things like the Prime Minister’s leaving date, a lot of these markets tend to be a bit of fun and are novelty based. 

UK Politics Bookmakers Bonuses

Interest in UK politics has rocketed in recent years, and it didn’t take the bookmakers very long to pick up on it. They will now routinely offer bonuses based around their politics markets. 

Bookmakers bonuses are special offers made by bookmakers in order to promote their service to customers. 

The most common types of bonuses are free bets and sign-up bonuses. Sign up bonuses are exclusive to new customers. 

All bonuses will give with their own set of t&cs and customers should make sure that they are up to speed with them before claiming their bonuses. 

UK Politics Free Bets 

Due to the increased popularity in betting on UK politics, most bookies will now offer a range of free bets based around the market. 

Free bets or matched bets are offers given to a punter in order to allow them to place a bit which is mostly risk free. The bookies will then keep the free stake and allow the punter to keep the winnings. Seasoned gamblers are experts at taking advantage of these kinds of offers. 

UK Next Prime Minister Odds 

Unlike in the USA, the Prime Minister in the UK doesn’t necessarily have to become Prime Minister as the result of a general election. 

A Prime Minister can take over parliament in the UK in the middle of a parliamentary term and may not even be voted for by the British public. 

As a result, there are often some very interesting odds to be found in the next Prime Minister market. A member of parliament may not be too popular with the public, but they could have enough influence with MPs to end up becoming the country’s next PM. 

At Free Tips, we keep all of our readers up to date with any of the big changes in the next UK Prime Minister betting markets. 

UK By-Elections Odds 

By-Elections are elections that take place in the UK to determine who will be the MP for a selected constituency. They usually take place because the previous MP has resigned from his or her post. 

By-Elections, unlike general elections, do not have a fixed date, and can take place at a very short notice if an MP is forced to step aside. 

They can often be useful when it comes to placing future bets on other elections as they can be seen as an indicator of the way a country is feeling between elections. A major Conservative MP losing out on a seat that has traditionally been held by the party, for example, can often imply that there is a momentum swing in the country’s politics. 

UK General Election Odds 

General elections are used in the UK to determine which party is going to have a majority in the House of Parliament and as a result, rule the country for the next five years. 

The UK general election markets are among the most attractive for punters. Another way people often bet on general elections is to bet on individual seats as opposed to betting on the entire general election. 

UK Politics Betting News 

Finding news updates from the world of politics is not a difficult task. Every major news outlet around the world will cover UK politics. A lot of news you will find, however, will have a strong leaning towards either the left or right side of British politics. 

At Free Tips, we have no party allegiances, our only allegiance is towards our readers and helping them to win their bets. We will regularly provide you with all of the latest news from the UK political betting markets, as well as providing you with all of our best tips. 
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