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It's just not sports markets that present punters with a chance to make some extra cash. The world of politics has drawn an increasing amount of attention from gamblers over the last few years and it's no longer just politics from the USA and the UK that are receiving attention. 

World politics is becoming an increasingly bigger market for bettors as well. Betting on elections and political situations from around the world is big business right now. Whether it's independence referendums or leadership elections, bets are flooding in on these markets. 

We here at Free Tips have made it our aim to provide our readers with the most comprehensive and unbiased coverage of the best world politics markets.

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World Politics Betting

At Free Tips, we aren't just concerned about keeping our readers up to date with all of the latest events in the UK and the USA. We want to keep our readers up to date on political events from all around the world.

We understand that some of the best markets are often those focused on international politics. Our dedicated team aims to provide our readers with the latest betting tips from politics betting markets from all around the world.

World Politics Betting Odds

The world of politics can be an incredibly difficult one to keep up with. One tiny event can have a huge effect on a betting market and cause all sorts of unpredictable changes to the odds.
Our goal at Free Tips is to keep our readers as up to date as possible with all of the latest changes in the world politics betting markets.
World Politics Betting Markets
Bookmakers are constantly competing with one another trying to offer their customers the best and most varied range of markets on World Politics. The following are the most popular to bet on:
Election Outrights: This is the most common type of bet to be placed in the politics markets. This is when you bet on which party or candidate will win an election. It is important to be aware of the way elections work in each individual country and to know what criteria must be met to win an election.
Politics specials: These are special bets based around the outcome of a specific event or the likelihood of something happening. For example, you could place on whether or not a certain region is likely to gain independence by a certain date.
World Politics Bookmaker Bonuses
Bookmakers bonuses are offers made by bookies to attract customers to use their services. The most common types of bookmakers bonuses are sign-up bonuses and free/matched bets.
Sign-up bonuses are offers made to incentivise new customers to sign up to a service. New customers will be credited with a free bet of some description.
Due to the increase in politics markets in recent years, bookmakers may now present these kinds of offers specifically for politics markets.
World Politics Free Bets
Free Bets or matched bets are offers made to existing customers of a bookmakers website. These offers usually require a punter to place an initial qualifying bet in order to be credited funds from the bookmakers.
Politics markets have increased in popularity as of late, and bookies are starting to capitalise on that by offering free or matched bets on the market. Here at Free Tips, we aim to keep all of our readers up to date on such offers.
It is important to remember that all of the bookies' promotional offers will come with their own sets of t&cs and that you should make sure you have read them before claiming your bonuses.
World Politics Election Odds
While the UK and USA elections receive the most attention from the media, it doesn't mean that these are the only ones taking place, and it certainly doesn't mean they are the only ones you can bet on.
At Free Tips, we aim to provide our readers with the best tips from election markets from all over the world. Whether its the Spanish election or the Indonesian one, if there is value to be found, then we are going to tell you about it.
World Politics Specials Odds 
It's not just elections that receive attention from punters on the world politics markets. Political events like referendums and trials can also prove to offer great value for bettors. These markets can often be overlooked by bookmakers and as such, offer bettors great value. 
At Free Tips, we strive to keep our customers up to date with the best value odds from all of these markets, as well as regularly updating you as to any major changes. 
World Politics News
Finding news on world politics is not too difficult. Most major news outlets will provide regular news updates from politics stories from all around the world. What is difficult, however, is finding political news coverage that doesn't have a bias.
Here at Free Tips, we don't care if a party is left-ring, right-wing or staying in the centre. We want to provide our readers with the most comprehensive news updates on all of the political betting markets without any sort of political bias interfering.