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Coronavirus Homeschooling memes - Parents, how are you coping?

23 Mar 2020
Conrad Castleton 23 Mar 2020
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  • A moment of light relief as parents start homeschooling...

Homeschooling memes are all the rage this week

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in millions of people across the United Kingdom and elsewhere entering self-isolating.

In turn, millions of parents are coming to terms with homeschooling, and the internet has done what the internet does best: memes.

If schools being closed as a result of coronavirus has taught us anything, it's that teachers are heroes and deserve big pay rises.

We thank them, and in a bid to keep smiles on faces, here are a selection of the best homeschooling memes we can all relate to!

Don't forget, if you're stuck inside and running low on essentials such as toilet roil, pasta, and wine (we've got you covered, parents!), our quarantine calculator will help you to work out just how much you need so there's no need for panic buying in the supermarkets.

We're not all cut out to be teachers — a fact that many of us are just learning!

Stay strong, and keep smiling.

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