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The 2019 Davis Cup is the 108th edition of the Davis Cup, an annual international team competition in men's tennis. The Davis Cup is considered the World Cup of Tennis and is organised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

The Davis Cup began in 1900 as a competition between Great Britain and the United States, in 2018 there were 132 nations taking part in the competition.

Latest 2019 Davis Cup News

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When is the 2019 Davis Cup Finals being played?

The 2019 Davis Cup Finals will be played from 18 to 24 November 2019

Where is the 2019 Davis Cup Finals being played?

The 2019 Davis Cup Finals will be played at the Caja Mágica in Madrid, Spain.

What surface is the 2019 Davis Cup Finals played on?

The 2019 Davis Cup Finals will be played on indoor hard courts.

Who won the 2018 Davis Cup?

Croatia won the 2018 Davis Cup with a 3-1 win against France.

Davis Cup History

The Davis Cup began in 1900 between Great Britain and the United States. Four members of the Harvard University tennis team wanted to challenge the British to a tennis competition, with Dwight F. Davis, one of the four Harvard players designing the tournament format.

By 1905 the tournament included Belgium, Austria, France, and Australasia which combined a team from Australia and New Zealand until 1914. The tournament was initially called the International Lawn Tennis Challenge, but was soon known as the Davis Cup.

Australia dominated the Davis Cup between 1950 and 1967, winning the competition 15 times in 18 years. In 1972 the format was changed to a knockout tournament with the defending champion required to compete in all rounds.

The United States, Great Britain/British Isles, France and Australia/Australasia dominated the Davis Cup until 1973 when South Africa and India made the final. However, India refused to travel to South Africa in protest at South Africa's apartheid policies.

The following year Sweden beat Czechoslovakia in the final with many other countries going on to lift the trophy. In 2016 there were 135 nations competing in the Davis Cup.

The format of the Davis Cup changed in 2019 with the tournament becoming an 18 team event at the end of the tennis season. The change was made due the schedule meaning that many top tennis players refused to take part.

The finals became a round-robin format going into a knockout phase, with all ties consisting of two singles and one doubles rubber. The 18 nations are divided into six groups of three, with the group winners and two best-placed runners-up progressing to the quarter-finals.

The new Davis Cup format was backed by Spanish footballer Gerard Pique and Japanese businessman Hiroshi Mikitani to make the tournament more attractive to sponsors and broadcasters. 

The women's equivalent of the Davis Cup is the Fed Cup, with the Hopman Cup for mixed teams a popular start to the tennis season.

2019 Davis Cup Qualification

There will be 18 nations taking part in the 2019 Davis Cup Finals, formerly known as World Group. The teams that qualify are the four semifinalists from the 2018 Davis Cup, two wild card teams and the 12 winners of a qualifier round that was held in February 2019.

The 2019 Davis Cup qualifying round saw 24 teams competing for 12 spots at the Davis Cup Finals on a home and away basis. The 24 teams competing in the Davis Cup qualification were:

  • 4 losing quarterfinalists of the 2018 Davis Cup.
  • 8 winners of World Group Play-offs of the 2018 Davis Cup.
  • 12 best teams not previously qualified with best ranking of their zone (6 from Europe/Africa, 3 from Asia/Oceania and 3 from Americas).

2019 Davis Cup Qualification Results

Home TeamScoreAway TeamLocationSurface
 Brazil 1–3  Belgium Uberlândia Clay
 Uzbekistan 2–3  Serbia Tashkent Hard
 Australia 4–0  Bosnia and Herzegovina Adelaide Hard
 India 1–3  Italy Kolkata Grass
 Germany 5–0  Hungary Frankfurt Hard
  Switzerland 1–3  Russia Biel/Bienne Hard
 Kazakhstan 3–1  Portugal Astana Hard
 Czech Republic 1–3  Netherlands Ostrava Hard
 Colombia 4–0  Sweden Bogotá Clay
 Austria 2–3  Chile Salzburg Clay
 Slovakia 2–3  Canada Bratislava Clay
 China 2–3  Japan Guangzhou Hard

2019 Davis Cup Qualified Teams

The 18 teams taking part in the 2019 Davis Cup Finals are Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Spain and United States. 

2019 Davis Cup Format

The 18 teams at the 2019 Davis Cup Finals are divided in six round-robin groups of three teams each. The six group winners plus the two second-placed teams with the best records based on percentage of sets won qualify for the quarterfinals.

When is the 2019 Davis Cup Final?

The 2019 Davis Cup Final will be held at the Estadio Manolo Santana at Caja Mágica in Madrid, Spain on Sunday 24 November 2019.

2019 Davis Cup Seeds

The 18 teams competing in the 2019 Davis Cup Finals are seeded with France the top seed and Chile ranked 18th.

Croatia 2
Argentina 3
Belgium 4
Great Britain 5
United States 6
Spain 7
Serbia 8
Australia 9
Italy 10
Germany 11
Kazakhstan 12
Canada 13
Japan 14
Colombia 15
Netherlands 16
Russia 17
Chile 18

2019 Davis Cup Dates & Schedule

The 2019 Davis Cup begins on Sunday 18 November and concludes with the final on Sunday 24 November 2019.

  • 18-21 November - Round Robin
  • 21-22 November - Quarter-finals
  • 23 November - Semi-finals
  • 24 November - Final

2019 Davis Cup Teams & Players

Each team at the 2019 Davis Cup Finals were required to submit a team of up to five players at least 20 days before the tournament. An injured or severely ill player could be replaced by another player.

2019 Davis Cup Groups

The 2019 Davis Cup features six groups with three teams in each group. The top six seeds are drawn into position 1 across Groups A-F. Nations ranked 7-12 are drawn randomly into Groups A-F taking position 2, nations ranked 13-18 are drawn randomly into Groups A-F in position 3.

We have a full list of all the players taking part at the 2019 Davis Cup.

Group A  France  Japan  Serbia
Group B  Russia  Croatia  Spain
Group C  Argentina  Chile  Germany
Group D  Belgium  Colombia  Australia
Group E  Kazakhstan  Netherlands  Great Britain
Group F  Canada  Italy  United States

Davis Cup Results

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Davis Cup Winners, Runners-Up & Final Score

Croatia beat France to win the 2018 Davis Cup, Croatia's second Davis Cup victory after winning the tournament in 2005.

2020 tba tba tba tba
2019 tba tba tba Madrid, Spain
2018 Croatia 3–1  France Lille, France
2017 France 3–2  Belgium Lille, France
2016 Argentina 3–2  Croatia Zagreb, Croatia
2015 Great Britain 3–1  Belgium Ghent, Belgium
2014 Switzerland 3–1  France Lille, France
2013 Czech Republic 3–2  Serbia Belgrade, Serbia
2012 Czech Republic 3–2  Spain Prague, Czech Republic
2011 Spain 3–1  Argentina Seville, Spain
2010 Serbia 3–2  France Belgrade, Serbia
2009 Spain 5–0  Czech Republic Barcelona, Spain
2008 Spain 3–1  Argentina Mar del Plata, Argentina
2007 United States 4–1  Russia Portland, USA
2006 Russia 3–2  Argentina Moscow, Russia
2005 Croatia 3–2  Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia
2004 Spain 3–2  United States Seville, Spain
2003 Australia 3–1  Spain Melbourne, Australia
2002 Russia 3–2  France Paris, France
2001 France 3–2  Australia Melbourne, Australia
2000 Spain 3–1  Australia Barcelona, Spain
1999 Australia 3–2  France Nice, France
1998 Sweden 4–1  Italy Milan, Italy
1997 Sweden 5–0  United States Gothenburg, Sweden
1996 France 3–2  Sweden Malmö, Sweden
1995 United States 3–2  Russia Moscow, Russia
1994 Sweden 4–1  Russia Moscow, Russia
1993 Germany 4–1  Australia Düsseldorf, Germany
1992 United States 3–1   Switzerland Fort Worth, USA
1991 France 3–1  United States Lyon, France
1990 United States 3–2  Australia St Petersburg, USA
1989 West Germany 3–2  Sweden Stuttgart, West Germany
1988 West Germany 4–1  Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden
1987 Sweden 5–0  India Gothenburg, Sweden
1986 Australia 3–2  Sweden Melbourne, Australia
1985 Sweden 3–2  West Germany Munich, West Germany
1984 Sweden 4–1  United States Gothenburg, Sweden
1983 Australia 3–2  Sweden Melbourne, Australia
1982 United States 4–1  France Grenoble, France
1981 United States 3–1  Argentina Cincinnati, USA
1980 Czechoslovakia 4–1  Italy Prague, Czechoslovakia
1979 United States 5–0  Italy San Francisco, USA
1978 United States 4–1  Great Britain Rancho Mirage, USA
1977 Australia 3–1  Italy Sydney, Australia
1976 Italy 4–1  Chile Santiago, Chile
1975 Sweden 3–2  Czechoslovakia Stockholm, Sweden
1974 South Africa w/o  India
1973 Australia 5–0  United States Cleveland, USA
1972 United States 3–2  Romania Bucharest, Romania
1971 United States 3–2  Romania Charlotte, USA
1970 United States 5–0  West Germany Cleveland, USA
1969 United States 5–0  Romania Cleveland, USA
1968 United States 4–1  Australia Adelaide, Australia
1967 Australia 4–1  Spain Brisbane, Australia
1966 Australia 4–1  India Melbourne, Australia
1965 Australia 4–1  Spain Sydney, Australia
1964 Australia 3–2  United States Cleveland, USA
1963 United States 3–2  Australia Adelaide, Australia
1962 Australia 5–0  Mexico Brisbane, Australia
1961 Australia 5–0  Italy Melbourne, Australia
1960 Australia 4–1  Italy Sydney, Australia
1959 Australia 3–2  United States New York City, USA
1958 United States 3–2  Australia Brisbane, Australia
1957 Australia 3–2  United States Melbourne, Australia
1956 Australia 5–0  United States Adelaide, Australia
1955 Australia 5–0  United States New York City, USA
1954 United States 3–2  Australia Sydney, Australia
1953 Australia 3–2  United States Melbourne, Australia
1952 Australia 4–1  United States Adelaide, Australia
1951 Australia 3–2  United States Sydney, Australia
1950 Australia 4–1  United States New York City, USA
1949 United States 4–1  Australia New York City, USA
1948 United States 5–0  Australia New York City, USA
1947 United States 4–1  Australia New York City, USA
1946 United States 5–0  Australia Melbourne, Australia
1939 Australia 3–2  United States Haverford, USA
1938 United States 3–2  Australia Philadelphia, USA
1937 United States 4–1  Great Britain London, United Kingdom
1936 Great Britain 3–2  Australia London, United Kingdom
1935 Great Britain 5–0  United States London, United Kingdom
1934 Great Britain 4–1  United States London, United Kingdom
1933 Great Britain 3–2  France Paris, France
1932 France 3–2  United States Paris, France
1931 France 3–2  Great Britain Paris, France
1930 France 4–1  United States Paris, France
1929 France 3–2  United States Paris, France
1928 France 4–1  United States Paris, France
1927 France 3–2  United States Philadelphia, USA
1926 United States 4–1  France Philadelphia, USA
1925 United States 5–0  France Philadelphia, USA
1924 United States 5–0  Australia Philadelphia, USA
1923 United States 4–1  Australia New York City, USA
1922 United States 4–1  Australasia New York City, USA
1921 United States 5–0  Japan New York City, USA
1920 United States 5–0  Australasia Auckland, New Zealand
1919 Australasia 4–1  Great Britain Sydney, Australia
1914 Australasia 3–2  United States New York City, USA
1913 United States 3–2  Great Britain London, United Kingdom
1912 British Isles 3–2  Australasia Melbourne, Australia
1911 Australasia 4–0  United States Christchurch, New Zealand
1909 Australasia 5–0  United States Sydney, Australia
1908 Australasia 3–2  United States Melbourne, Australia
1907 Australasia 3–2  British Isles London, United Kingdom
1906 British Isles 5–0  United States London, United Kingdom
1905 British Isles 5–0  United States London, United Kingdom
1904 British Isles 5–0  Belgium London, United Kingdom
1903 British Isles 4–1  United States Boston, USA
1902 United States 3–2  British Isles New York City, USA
1900 United States 3–0  British Isles Boston, USA

Who has won the most Davis Cup Titles?

The most successful countries in Davis Cup history are the United States with 32 titles and Australia/Australasia with 28 titles. The defending champions are Croatia who beat France in 2018 to win their second title.

CountryWinsLast Win
United States 32 2007
Australia/Australasia 28 2003
France 10 2017
Great Britain 10 2015
Sweden 7 1998
Spain 5 2011
Czech Republic 3 2013
Germany 3 1993
Croatia 2 2018
Russia 2 2006
Argentina 1 2016
Switzerland 1 2014
Serbia 1 2010
Italy 1 1976
South Africa 1 1974

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