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2020 Davis Cup Final - Who will be the finalists?

The 2020 Davis Cup Final will be held at Caja Mágica in Madrid
nadal davis cup
Can Spain's Rafa Nadal lead his nation to victory at the 2019 Davis Cup? (Getty Images)

The 2020 Davis Cup Final will be the 109th edition of the Davis Cup to decide the winner of the tournament. The Davis Cup is considered the World Cup of Tennis and is organised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Davis Cup Final Winners & Runners-Up

Spain beat Canada to win the 2019 Davis Cup.

2020tbctbc tbcCaja Mágica, Spain
2019Spain2–0 CanadaCaja Mágica, Spain
2018Croatia3–1 FranceLille, France
2017France3–2BelgiumLille, France
2016Argentina3–2CroatiaZagreb, Croatia
2015Great Britain3–1BelgiumGhent, Belgium
2014Switzerland3–1FranceLille, France
2013Czech Republic3–2SerbiaBelgrade, Serbia
2012Czech Republic3–2SpainPrague, Czech Republic
2011Spain3–1ArgentinaSeville, Spain
2010Serbia3–2FranceBelgrade, Serbia
2009Spain5–0Czech RepublicBarcelona, Spain
2008Spain3–1ArgentinaMar del Plata, Argentina
2007United States4–1RussiaPortland, USA
2006Russia3–2ArgentinaMoscow, Russia
2005Croatia3–2SlovakiaBratislava, Slovakia
2004Spain3–2United StatesSeville, Spain
2003Australia3–1SpainMelbourne, Australia
2002Russia3–2FranceParis, France
2001France3–2AustraliaMelbourne, Australia
2000Spain3–1AustraliaBarcelona, Spain
1999Australia3–2 FranceNice, France
1998Sweden4–1 ItalyMilan, Italy
1997Sweden5–0 United StatesGothenburg, Sweden
1996France3–2 SwedenMalmö, Sweden
1995United States3–2 RussiaMoscow, Russia
1994Sweden4–1 RussiaMoscow, Russia
1993Germany4–1 AustraliaDüsseldorf, Germany
1992United States3–1  SwitzerlandFort Worth, USA
1991France3–1 United StatesLyon, France
1990United States3–2 AustraliaSt Petersburg, USA
1989West Germany3–2 SwedenStuttgart, West Germany
1988West Germany4–1 SwedenGothenburg, Sweden
1987Sweden5–0 IndiaGothenburg, Sweden
1986Australia3–2 SwedenMelbourne, Australia
1985Sweden3–2 West GermanyMunich, West Germany
1984Sweden4–1 United StatesGothenburg, Sweden
1983Australia3–2 SwedenMelbourne, Australia
1982United States4–1 FranceGrenoble, France
1981United States3–1 ArgentinaCincinnati, USA
1980Czechoslovakia4–1 ItalyPrague, Czechoslovakia
1979United States5–0 ItalySan Francisco, USA
1978United States4–1 Great BritainRancho Mirage, USA
1977Australia3–1 ItalySydney, Australia
1976Italy4–1 ChileSantiago, Chile
1975Sweden3–2 CzechoslovakiaStockholm, Sweden
1974South Africaw/o India
1973Australia5–0 United StatesCleveland, USA
1972United States3–2 RomaniaBucharest, Romania
1971United States3–2 RomaniaCharlotte, USA
1970United States5–0 West GermanyCleveland, USA
1969United States5–0 RomaniaCleveland, USA
1968United States4–1 AustraliaAdelaide, Australia
1967Australia4–1 SpainBrisbane, Australia
1966Australia4–1 IndiaMelbourne, Australia
1965Australia4–1 SpainSydney, Australia
1964Australia3–2 United StatesCleveland, USA
1963United States3–2 AustraliaAdelaide, Australia
1962Australia5–0 MexicoBrisbane, Australia
1961Australia5–0 ItalyMelbourne, Australia
1960Australia4–1 ItalySydney, Australia
1959Australia3–2 United StatesNew York City, USA
1958United States3–2 AustraliaBrisbane, Australia
1957Australia3–2 United StatesMelbourne, Australia
1956Australia5–0 United StatesAdelaide, Australia
1955Australia5–0 United StatesNew York City, USA
1954United States3–2 AustraliaSydney, Australia
1953Australia3–2 United StatesMelbourne, Australia
1952Australia4–1 United StatesAdelaide, Australia
1951Australia3–2 United StatesSydney, Australia
1950Australia4–1 United StatesNew York City, USA
1949United States4–1 AustraliaNew York City, USA
1948United States5–0 AustraliaNew York City, USA
1947United States4–1 AustraliaNew York City, USA
1946United States5–0 AustraliaMelbourne, Australia
1939Australia3–2 United StatesHaverford, USA
1938United States3–2 AustraliaPhiladelphia, USA
1937United States4–1 Great BritainLondon, United Kingdom
1936Great Britain3–2 AustraliaLondon, United Kingdom
1935Great Britain5–0 United StatesLondon, United Kingdom
1934Great Britain4–1 United StatesLondon, United Kingdom
1933Great Britain3–2 FranceParis, France
1932France3–2 United StatesParis, France
1931France3–2 Great BritainParis, France
1930France4–1 United StatesParis, France
1929France3–2 United StatesParis, France
1928France4–1 United StatesParis, France
1927France3–2 United StatesPhiladelphia, USA
1926United States4–1 FrancePhiladelphia, USA
1925United States5–0 FrancePhiladelphia, USA
1924United States5–0 AustraliaPhiladelphia, USA
1923United States4–1 AustraliaNew York City, USA
1922United States4–1 AustralasiaNew York City, USA
1921United States5–0 JapanNew York City, USA
1920United States5–0 AustralasiaAuckland, New Zealand
1919Australasia4–1 Great BritainSydney, Australia
1914Australasia3–2 United StatesNew York City, USA
1913United States3–2 Great BritainLondon, United Kingdom
1912British Isles3–2 AustralasiaMelbourne, Australia
1911Australasia4–0 United StatesChristchurch, New Zealand
1909Australasia5–0 United StatesSydney, Australia
1908Australasia3–2 United StatesMelbourne, Australia
1907Australasia3–2 British IslesLondon, United Kingdom
1906British Isles5–0 United StatesLondon, United Kingdom
1905British Isles5–0 United StatesLondon, United Kingdom
1904British Isles5–0 BelgiumLondon, United Kingdom
1903British Isles4–1 United StatesBoston, USA
1902United States3–2 British IslesNew York City, USA
1900United States3–0 British IslesBoston, USA

Who has won the most Davis Cup Titles?

The most successful nations in Davis Cup history are the United States who have won 32 Davis Cup's. Australia/Australasia are next best with 28 Davis Cup's followed by France and Great Britain.

CountryWinsLast Win
United States322007
Great Britain102015
Czech Republic32013
South Africa11974

2020 Davis Cup Final Betting Odds

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Davis Cup Final FAQ

When is the 2020 Davis Cup Final being played?

The 2020 Davis Cup Final will be played on 29 November 2020.

Where is the 2020 Davis Cup Final being played?

The 2019 Davis Cup Final will be played at the Estadio Manolo Santana at Caja Mágica in Madrid, Spain.

What surface is the 2020 Davis Cup Final played on?

The 2020 Davis Cup Final will be played on an indoor hard court.

Who won the 2019 Davis Cup Final?

Spain won the 2019 Davis Cup Final with a 2-0 win against Canada.

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