Virtual Football News

What is Virtual Football Betting?

Virtual Football Betting combines the latest in 3D visualisation with an extensive betting offering. Just as in real football, virtual football comes with several competition formats to choose from, all of which are based on popular real competitions.

For example: the league format features 16 teams, 240 fixtures per season, 30 match days and 8 games in parallel. The World Cup contains 32 teams, 64 matches and 1,000+ betting opportunities. The Euro Cup is played by 24 European national teams, playing a total of 51 matches.

Other virtual football games you will find include the Nations Cup, the Asian Cup and the virtual Football Champions Cup (32 teams, 100+ matches) which features the cities with the top European clubs such as Liverpool, Barcelona, Munich or Madrid. All pre-match odds are offered.

What are the advantages of betting on virtual football games?

  • Guaranteed high-frequency of matches and more than 1,000+ betting opportunities in each competition

  • All bet markets, statistics and odds delivered as for a real league or cup 

  • Detailed statistics centres for people who like to apply logic & research bets 

  • Super realistic simulation and visualisation, based on real data

Where can you bet on Virtual Football?

You can bet on Virtual football at bet365