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Japanese virtual horse racing is crazy! [VIDEO]

Last updated: 22 Jan 2020
Freetips staff 22 Jan 2020
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  • The Japanese way of racing.
Japanese virtual racing really is the gift that keeps on giving. 

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Forget a virtual horse race being a cartoon replica of real thoroughbred action.

This is what it should be all about. Crazy horses, doing crazy things in the virtual Group 1 Japan World Cup. 

The Japanese have really got what virtual racing should be.

Featuring giant horses, horses with human legs, jockey-ridden dolphins and much, much more. 

Welcome to the world of crazy virtual racing. Watch the race unfold above!

Virtual Racing Questions 

What is Virtual Racing?

Virtual Racing allows you to watch live racing online but instead of real horses you watch computer generated horses.

Is Japanese Virtual Horse Racing trippy?


Virtual Horse racing - is it fair?

If you play virtual horse racing games at any bookmaker you will find that it is fair as regulators require outcomes to be randomized.

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