Online Baccarat

Baccarat's simple and intimate gameplay is best experienced in an authentic environment. Thankfully, live baccarat is widely available at a variety of online casinos. This allows you to play with a real-life dealer filmed from a studio. Below you will find a selection of some of the best live dealer baccarat studios.
Baccarat's simple format remains relatively unchanged in a live dealer setting. You still have to make your choice between player, banker or tie outcome. But thanks to the innovations of software providers, there are some interesting twists on the established formula. Here are some of the most popular live baccarat games to try.

Lightning Baccarat - RNG multipliers have been trending in live dealer games for several years. And now baccarat receives its own set of electrifying multiplier prizes. On each game round, up to five cards can receive a multiplier prize. There are some ludicrous prizes on offer - a tie bet with six matching cards can award a 262,144x multiplier.

Baccarat Squeeze - The squeeze is a technique in baccarat where you tease the revealing of the final card. It's a popular moment in the game - one fully celebrate by Evolution in Baccarat Squeeze. Using HD cameras and varied angles, players get to engross in the moment.

Speed Baccarat - While baccarat is a simple game, a game round can take some time to complete. This speedier version increases the pace of game rounds, meaning players can pack in even more betting sessions per hour.