Argentina Betting Sites

Today, bettors have many options when it comes to Argentina betting sites. Gambling is popular in Argentina, and punters have been wagering on sports, the lottery and casinos since the 1800s.

However, the online betting industry is only semi-regulated in Argentina. Due to this, the country’s individual provinces and governments regulate betting activity in each region. 10 of the 24 provincial governments have accepted online gambling in recent years.

Because Argentina has a strong history and culture around gambling, there is high demand for online betting, with sports betting particularly popular. 

Where online gambling is legal, punters have many choices as local to international bookmakers are in operation. In addition, international providers continue to apply for betting licences today to launch in Argentina.

When looking for an online betting site in Argentina, there are several factors to consider. Below is a complete guide to the nation’s top bookmakers and sportsbooks.

Best Argentina Betting Sites

To help you find the best Argentina betting sites, we publish our expert reviews in ranking order. Each brand has pros and cons, so we review each bookmaker's services and give it a unique ranking score. Then, we list the best-performing site at the top of the rankings and the worst at the bottom.

In addition, we update our expert guides regularly to include information about new sports markets, odds, free bets and features if they become available. But we also inform you if a betting site has underperformed. For instance, if it offers fewer promotions or has fewer customer service options, it will fall down the ranking. 

Before you sign up and deposit real money funds with an Argentina platform, check out our reviews. Here you can see if a provider has all your preferred betting markets, live streaming options, payment methods or a downloadable mobile app. Also, you can use the filter tool to quickly search for the features you expect from your preferred betting site.

All the Argentina online providers we review and include in our guides are safe and secure.

Best Argentina Sportsbooks

Argentina is a nation well-known internationally for its great sporting achievements. In particular, the South American country has had great success in international football and has won the FIFA World Cup three times. It has also produced two of the most iconic football players of all time, Lionel Messi, and Diego Maradona.

But Argentinian bettors also love horse racing as it is a favoured pastime in the nation. Some of the biggest South American races are held in Argentina, with the iconic Gran Premio Nacional taking part each November.

Due to the nation's obsession with sports and betting, online gambling sites put lots of effort into their Argentinian sportsbooks. As a result, bettors can find plenty of in-depth markets for football and horse racing, with plenty of offers throughout the season for these options.

But the best online sites offer odds for many different sports. For instance, the best platforms will provide options for popular international sports, including tennis, rugby, golf and cricket. Also, some providers offer special markets for esports, politics, entertainment, and the weather.

When you search for a sportsbook, consider what you want from your betting brand. While many will have good sports betting options, others will provide additional services like live streaming, regular free bets and cash-out functions.

Before committing to an online Argentina sportsbook, use our reviews to see exactly what a platform offers.

Best New Betting Sites in Argentina 

Due to the semi-regulated market towards Argentinian gambling, new sites are trying to launch their platforms in the country. Also, as more local governments try to legalise online gambling, more betting providers are trying to establish themselves in Argentina.

Overall, this is good news for bettors. Generally, the more competition among bookmakers, the more value customers receive. 

New betting brands want to stand out and often try to secure new bettors with lucrative offers, bonuses and standout features. However, this also impacts the established betting sites, which try to keep loyal customers with their own promotions and reward schemes.

Our regular reviews check out the newest Argentina betting sites and provide thorough guides to all their features. Just because a site is new and offers something different, it is not necessarily the best platform available.

Bettors are in a strong position to hand-pick their preferred site and our expert guides can help you make the right decision.

Top Argentina Online Sportsbook

Today most Argentinian bettors look for an in-depth sportsbook from their preferred betting brand. With our comparison tables, you can find the best trusted and safe bookmakers operating in the country.

Also, before you browse our reviews, use the comparison tables and start signing up for sites consider why you want to join a sportsbook. Ultimately, different customers favour different things from their providers. For instance, you might want excellent live betting functions and regular free bets. But another person might prefer a generous welcome offer and various payment options.

By figuring out what you want from a site, you know exactly what you are looking for before signing up and betting with real money. This research and consideration will help you make a good long-term decision and you can find a bookmaker that caters for your requirements.

Argentina Betting Sites FAQs

Is online sports betting legal in Argentina?

Online sports betting is legal in 10 of Argentina’s 24 provinces. Customers in Buenos Aires, Misiones, Tucumán, Neuquén, San Luis, Entre Ríos, Chaco, Río Negro, La Pampa, and Corrientes can wager online.

How do I bet online in Argentina?

To bet online in Argentina, you must sign up with a bookmaker and deposit funds into your account. Then you can use your deposit amount to wager on sports and other events.

What site has the best Argentina betting odds?

Usually, bookmakers have varying odds for different events. To find the best odds in Argentina, use a comparison tool to filter the providers with the greatest value.

Do Argentina betting sites offer free bets?

Yes, some online sites will offer regular or free bets to punters. However, the regularity of these free bets varies between bookmakers. Some will post more frequent promotions compared to others.