Chile Betting Sites

After years of restrictions on all gambling forms, Chile betting sites offer players more freedom and selections when wagering online. 

Until the 1990s, betting in Chile was only allowed on horse racing events. But the nation has become more open to different forms of gambling in the past three decades and sports gambling was legalized in 2008.

The online betting market in Chile is still unregulated, but the government has tried to bring in more measures for a regulated landscape since 2021. Bettors can use a range of international betting sites in the country and providers have different pros and cons.

Before you decide which Chilean bookmaker to join, you should find out whether a platform is right for you and check that it has all of your available services.

Best Chile Betting Sites

To find the best betting site in Chile, our reviews and ranking system give you all the need to know the information in one place.

First, we have expert reviews that check the site’s best features. These reviews are then ranked in order and published on our league table, where the best site is at the top and the worst at the bottom.

In our reviews, we judge several features of an online betting site. Some areas we look at include the number of odds and markets, payment options, available promotions, customer service and welcome offers.

In addition, we regularly update our guides to give you the most up-to-date additions to each site. Then, if a provider continues to provide a good quality betting product, it will go up the table. But, if a site underperforms or reduces some of its services, it will fall further down the rankings table.

Ultimately, our guides and reviews help you make a quick judgement about whether a bookmaker is right for your betting needs. All our guides are balanced, truthful and unbiased to give you the key information. 

Best Chile Sportsbooks

With a history of legalized horse race betting, Chilean punters regularly participate in this gambling activity. Also, the rise of online betting has opened up more horse betting options in recent years and players have more options beyond the five race courses in the country.

But, Chilean people have a keen interest in other sports too. Football is popular in the South American nation and the national team has won the Copa America twice and featured at several FIFA World Cup finals. Tennis is another popular pastime and the country has won four Olympic medals in this sport.

Since Chilean bettors have had more options for online sports betting, bookmakers have tried to react by offering a range of markets and odds. Currently, most sites will offer odds for at least the most popular sports, like football, tennis and golf. Some of the best sites also provide options for American sports and competitions, such as the NFL, NBA and NHL.

The best sportsbook in Chile will offer a variety of markets and odds, but also have additional functions and features. When you choose a bookmaker, use our guides to see if they offer extra services. These often include live streaming, downloadable apps, various payment methods and a cashout function.

Furthermore, to save the time of browsing every Chilean bookmaker online, you can browse for your preferred features with our comparison tool. Bettors can use this to quickly find the functions they require from a betting site. 

Best New Betting Sites in Chile 

New betting sites launch frequently in Chile. Our team regularly adds new bookmaker reviews to the list of reviewed sites to inform you about their pros and cons.

Generally, you can get many benefits from joining a new Chile betting site. For instance, new providers are likely to offer new player bonuses, competitive odds, special betting markets and some live streaming. New brands usually want to enter the market positively and build a name for themselves, which can lead to better customer experiences.

But, you should research the company first before you sign up. Even if a provider offers the best welcome offer around, it doesn’t always mean its other services are good quality.

For a rounded and unbiased overview of a new site, use our up-to-date reviews first. Then, if the platform looks good and covers everything you need, try signing up for free and browsing yourself. Chilean bettors can join multiple betting sites without having to place a monetary deposit, so you can check out the site before committing fully. 

Top Chile Online Sportsbook

Some established Chilean sports betting sites have grown in popularity in recent years and newly launched sites provide more competition. Chilean customers have a various sportsbook options today. But, each brand offers something different, which can lead to tough decisions when choosing a platform. 

Before committing to one site, you can complete some steps to help make the right decision. First, establish what you want from your online betting site. You might look for the best odds and standout live betting features. Alternatively, someone else might prefer the best offers available or a variety of quick and trusted payment methods.

Once you know exactly what you are looking for, your decision can become easier. Also, you can combine this knowledge with our free-to-use reviews, rating system and comparison tables. 

These tools give you the facts in one place so you do not have to spend hours browsing each sportsbook yourself. When you are ready to join a provider, you can access our sign-up guides too, which are available with each bookmaker review.

Chile Betting Sites FAQs

Is betting legal in Chile?

Many betting forms are legal in Chile. As a result, bettors can bet on many events and sports both in person and online.

Is bet365 legal in Chile?

Yes, players in Chile can access bet365 and use the provider’s services.

What gambling is allowed in Chile?

Currently, players can wager on horse racing, casino games, sports and slot machines.

Are online casinos legal in Chile?

Online bookmakers are unregulated in Chile and some providers offer online casino games. However, this is not the case for all betting providers.