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Online Roulette Strategy

A roulette strategy is a term used to describe a way of playing roulette that would produce more favourable returns. In theory, using a strategy should deliver near guaranteed profits - or decrease the house edge significantly. It is one of the most widely strategised casino games - with dozens of different strategies online. Here is a list of the most popular betting systems.


A popular strategy where players double on their bet after every loss. This strategy works best with the even money bets. Bet level is returned to a static value once a player wins.


To use this strategy, players must double their bets after every win. On the 3rd successive win, the player returns bet level to the original value.


A complex strategy that requires some mathematics. First of all, a player decides how much they want to win. The bettor then divides this value into smaller numbers. Finally, the player adds the far left and right numbers together to reveal the first bet. If this bet wins, the player moves onto the next bet in the sequence. If the bet loses, the player moves to the far most left bet in the sequence.


A strategy devised on the famed mathematical sequence of the same name. It's an advanced strategy - which requires that you remember the sequence. Once learned, it's hard to forget.


Similar to the Martingale in practice, but not nearly as aggressive. After each bet loss, you increase your bet level by one unit. If you win, you decrease your bet level by one unit.

Best Roulette Strategy

The best strategy is the Martingale - as it is almost mathematically foolproof. As long as you are betting red and black, you will win eventually, recouping all of your losses and receiving a tiny profit. However, due to how fast bets can increase - it's not the most realistic strategy. There's also the problem of table limits - which can lead to severe losses.

Does Roulette Strategy Work?

Roulette strategy does not guarantee better returns - nor does it affect the house edge in any way. What it does do is introduce you to a new way of playing. The more mathematical strategies are also fun to learn - especially the underlying theory.