Free Online Slots Tournaments

Online slots tournaments are a popular type of casino tournament. To win, members will need to score points by playing slot games. These competitions are usually leaderboard based - with the highest scoring players winning the best prizes. Rewards can range from cash prizes, tech gadgets to luxury holidays. In this short article, we are going to show you everything you need to know to win a slots tournament.

Why join a slots tournament

Playing online slots is usually one of the most solitary gambling experiences. But tournaments change this dynamic completely by adding a competitive edge. If you are sitting on the fence a slots tournament, here's why you should join.

Huge prizes for top placed players: The rewards for the top 10 positions are usually lucrative. You can expect some big cash prizes for landing in these spots.

Chance to win big: You will be still playing slots to land game wins - and that means you have a chance to score a prize here too. Unless you are playing a buy-in tournament - what you win is yours to keep.

Competitive with visible results: Leaderboards are used to show where a player has placed in a tournament. This shows you how you are performing versus your other members. You may be narrowly in the lead - or you might have someone catching up. Online slots tournaments are exciting for all the right reasons.

Types of Slots Tournaments Online

Over the past couple of years, these tournaments have become tremendously popular. Many online casinos offer different types of tournaments including:

Freeroll Tournament: This is what would be considered a free slots tournaments. Members don't need to pay a buy-in, instead, they can take a place and wait for the tournament to start. This style of tournament is frequently used for promotions. There usually isn't a cap on the number of participants.

Buy-in Tournament: A style of slot tournament where you need to buy-in to join. When you pay your buy-in wager, you will be given a certain amount of spins on a slot game. How much you win during these spins will determine where you place on the leaderboard. To improve your place, you simply need to make another buy-in for another attempt.

Scheduled Tournaments: This competition has a particular start time - and members will need to be invited by the casino to take part.

Sit and Go Tournaments: A style of tournament where any player can join. There will be a limited number of spaces which will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

One-Off Tournaments: Online casinos will set up time-sensitive competitions with huge prizes up for grabs. To join, participants will need to be a member of the casino. They may also have to make a deposit to be eligible for the tournament.

How to win points in a slots tournament

While there is a wide range of tournaments available - they are not all equal in their mechanics. Each competition will have different ways in which participants will earn points. Here are some examples:

Biggest Winning Spin: In these tournaments, the more you win on a single spin, the better your place on the leaderboard.

Total Stake Values: All of your play will be converted into points - the player who staked the most will win the biggest prizes.

Total number of wins: All of your wins during the tournament period are converted into points. The more you win, the better your place on the leaderboard.

Online Slots Tournament Strategy

The best way to win an online slots tournament is to play fast. This achieves two important goals:

  • Larger volume of betting sessions: If the tournament scores on stakes or wins - then playing fast is your best tactic. More betting sessions means more wagers and more potential wins.

  • High chance of activating bonus features: The more you play, the better your chances of activating a feature. This is useful in some tournaments where you need to activate the bonus in a certain amount of spins.

The only time when playing fast may not necessarily help you is in a buy-in tournament. However, if you want a chance to try again to improve your results - then even playing fast here can yield results.

There are many tricks you can use to spin the reels faster to maximise your point-scoring ability.

  • Enable Quickspin in the settings: This will speed up the animation of the game reels, reducing the time per spin.

  • Cancel spinning: By quickly press the spin button - or tapping on the reels during a spin, you will finish the animation quicker. This once again will help you play faster.

  • Press space bar to spin: If you have a PC, some slots allow you to press the space bar to quick spin. Pragmatic Play games come with this feature by default.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to win a slots tournament?

The best way to win a slots tournament is to play much faster than your rival players. If you spin faster, you have the chance to win more in a shorter time frame, a higher chance of activating features and will stake more money. You can enable quick spin or use the cancel spinning technique to achieve better results.

How much can you win in a slots tournament?

You can potentially win thousands if you are placed in the top 10 places. The prizes that are offered depends on the casino and the style of tournament you are joining. Daily tournaments will have low value, but frequent prizes. One off tournaments will usually have much more valuable rewards.

How do I join a slots tournament?

First, check what are the entry requirements on the tournament page. If it is a buy-in tournament, you will need to place a wager to enter the tournament. If it is a one off tournament, you may first have to sign up to the casino and make a deposit.

How much does it cost to enter a tournament?

Some online slots tournaments are free to enter. Buy-in tournaments will have a buy-in based on the prizes available. More valuable prizes mean buy-ins will be higher.