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Bet games give you the chance to play with real dealers on fixed odds gambling games. Live streamed to your device, choose from hundreds of betting options on dice, lottery and online casino games. Here are the latest BetGames TV sites.

Latest BetGames

What are Bet Games?

Bet games are a new style of live dealer product which incorporate fixed odds betting. Tables are streamed live 24/7 and give you the chance to make bets on various outcomes. In certain games, these odds change as the match progresses. 

For example, in Lucky 6 - if the player has a winning hand, then bets on that hand will reflect the player's position. But if a card appears on the Turn which gives the dealer an advantage - then the odds will shift in the other direction.

What makes these games special is that you can bet on a variety of outcomes and markets. Even in games where you would normally be limited to a single result. 

While these games are streamed live, there is no interaction between players and the dealer. It's worth noting that not all games are streamed live continuously. The lottery style games are played every couple of minutes. A time confirms when a betting round is about to start.

The software is currently provided by BetGames TV - a live betting operator established in 2012. The company currently has 10 games in total which are streamed live from studios in Malta and Lithuania. They currently possess gaming licenses from the Government of Curacao and the UK Gambling Commission.

Below you will find a list of the current bet games available. 

Lucky 5

Lucky 5 is one of three lottery style games. Five balls are randomly selected from a total of 36. These balls are drawn using a random drawing machine, much like a normal lottery. Draws happen every 5 minutes - with each game round last approximately 4 minutes. 

There are a total of six betting categories to choose from. You can bet on Numbers, the White Balls, Green Balls, Red Balls, Blue Balls or Different Colours. 

There are 94 betting options in total. You can play the game like a standard lottery, betting on certain numbers appearing. 

Or you can choose to bet on the sum of drawn numbers.

Lucky 6

Lucky 6 is the second lottery game available from Betgames TV. In this game, a total of six balls are drawn from a pool of sixty. Once again, a random game machine picks out the balls for the betting round. 

These balls are sorted into six cylinders, with the left cylinder considered the first. Betting rounds commence every 5 minutes.

There are five total betting categories to place your bets on including Numbers, Count, Colors, Odd/Even and Total Sum. 

You can play the game like a standard lottery, placing bets on certain numbers. Or you can bet on a total of 38 different outcomes.

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 is the third and final lottery game from Betgames TV. As the name suggests, 7 balls are drawn from a pool of 42. A random sorting machine filters out seven balls for the game round. Draws commence every 5 minutes. Each game round lasts less than a minute - with the wait to the next game being around 4 minutes.

There are 6 available betting categories: Numbers, Black/Yellow Balls Total, Total Sum, Total Count, Odd/Even and Black/Yellow. 

Once again, this game can be played like a standard lottery. You can win up to 2,000x your total stake by selecting four correct balls. There are currently 78 betting markets available.

Bet on Poker

Bet on Poker is based on the popular casino game: Texas Hold'em. The game starts with the dealer dealing two cards each to six "players". After the 12 cards have been dealt, an intermission gives you the chance to place your bets. 

Once this betting round has finished, the dealer will reveal the flop. Another period of betting will start before the turn. After one final betting session, the dealer will show the river card and all bets are paid. 

As the game progresses, you will note that the odds of each hand will change. This is most noticeable when the turn card is played. You can bet on which of the six hands will win during any point of the game - or you can bet on combinations.

Bet on Baccarat

Bet on Baccarat is based on the card game Punto Blanco. The objective is to guess the correct outcome from three scenarios: a player win, banker win or tie. 

Two cards are dealt to the player and the banker. The hand closest to nine in value is considered the winner. However, there are many more markets to bet on.

The game starts with the player position receiving a single card. A 30 second intermission will start before the banker's first card is revealed. 

This will start another 30 second timer - after which all remaining cards are revealed. A third card may be drawn based on the results to determine a winner. 

The standard baccarat betting options are present: You can either bet on a player win, a banker win - or a tie outcome. However, there are five additional markets. You can bet on a selection of Side Bets, the Colour, Suit, Total or whether there will be Evens or Odds.

War of Bets

War of Bets is a card game played against two sides: the dealer and the player. The rules are simple: the side with the highest card wins. The Ace is the highest ranking card in the game, followed by King, Queen and Jack. Numbered cards retain their respective numerical values and are ranked accordingly. 

If the player and dealer reveal a card with the same value, then this will start a "war". This is essentially a tie outcome - with higher odds and payouts of either the two options. However, this is also the most unlikely of outcomes.

Punters can bet on four categories. There are the Main Bets, where you can wager on either of the three main outcomes. You can also bet on the colour of cards, the suit or the total values.

Speedy 7

Speedy 7 is a simple card game with two possible betting outcomes: red or black. As the name suggests, this is one of the faster games available. The dealer will deal a total of seven cards, with 20 second intermissions between each dealt card. This 20 second period gives you a generous amount of time to place your bet. A deck of 52 cards is used for the game - with an automatic shuffler used to randomise the deck.

There are two bonuses included in the game in the event of a successful string of predictions. The first bonus is paid for four consecutive correct results. The second bonus is paid if you guess correctly seven times in total. 

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is played on a Vegas style prize wheel numbered 1 to 18. Game rounds start every two minutes - with each session lasting 50 seconds. The dealer will spin the prize wheel in a clockwise direction - and whatever the arrow lands on will be the winning segment.

There are only three betting categories in total. There is an option to bet on one of the 19 segments - but you can also bet on which colour will win or if the result will be an odd or even number.

Dice Duel

Dice Duel is a dice game with betting rounds every minute. The premise of the game is simple: two coloured dices are rolled - and the dice with the highest pips wins. With fixed odds betting outcomes, there are many betting options available in this game.

You can bet on the winning dice, the sum of the dice roll or if the pips will total to an odd or even number. You can even bet on the outcomes of a single dice.

6+ Poker

6+ Poker is a Texas Hold'em style game with a major difference - cards lower than six are removed from the deck. This results in a deck of 36 cards. To compensate for the lower number of cards, there are some rule adjustments to keep in mind while playing.

For example, the Ace is now a part of a Straight combination - and a Flush is a higher value hand than a Full House. Finally, a Three of a Kind is prioritised above a Straight.

There are two betting categories. You can bet on a player win, dealer win or split outcome. Or - you can bet on certain card combinations appearing during the course of the game. Finally, there are two bonuses that are paid out on a straight flush or royal flush.

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is based on the hand sign game of the same name. There are three betting outcomes that mirror the outcomes of the real world version. Those outcomes are Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper and Paper beats Rock. This version of the game is played with a deck of 24 cards - each with printed symbols of Rock, Paper and Scissors.

Gamblers can choose to bet on any of the three outcomes in the silver zone - or the gold zone. The dealer will always draw for the silver zone first - so the gold zone comes with enhanced payouts. 

To play, simply choose a zone and bet on one of the three hands - the dealer will then draw a card to each zone. If the two cards dealt are the same, then the game will end in a tie.

How to place bets

The majority of bet games use a sportsbook like betting slip system to place wagers. Before you start betting, we recommend choosing your overall stake for the session. As game rounds can be quick, you don't want to be trying to quickly adjust your stakes on the fly whilst also betting on your preferred outcomes.

Once you have found a stake you are happy with, select an outcome to add it to your bet slip. Here you can see how much you could make from placing the bet. If you are happy with your wager and the outcome - press the place bet button to place the bet. All you have to do now is wait to see the result.

You can view the success of your past bets in the Recent Bets feed below your betting slip. This shows you the past stakes and the actual winning outcome. Most bet games will give you ample time to bet - but this depends on the game you are playing. The average time you will have to place a bet is 30 seconds. In the poker style games, you will get several chances to bet as the game progresses.

Online Bet Games - FAQs

Who are Betgames.TV?

Betgames.TV is a leading software provider that specialises in live dealer betting games. The innovative firm combine fixed odds betting products with popular TV and lotto games. They operate with a full and valid gaming license from the Government of Curacao and the UK Gambling Commission. 

Can I play bet games on mobile?

Yes, the Betgames.TV range of games is fully responsive for PC, tablet and mobile devices. On the demo page, you can see the full variety of size options. There is also a demo of a widget which shows a very small display of the playing area alongside simple betting controls.

What is the best strategy for bet games?

The best strategy for bet games is dependent on the game you are playing. Many of the games offered are based on 50/50 outcomes, making it very difficult to formulate a successful strategy. For example in Speedy 7 - you can only bet on red or black. In War of Bets, you can only bet on three outcomes: the player, dealer or for there to be a war.

How much can you win on bet games?

The biggest fixed payout is 2,000x on the lottery game Lucky 7. Most of the bet games available adjust odds and payouts based on the current results of the game - meaning prizes can change at a rapid pace. 6+ Poker and Speedy 7 have additional jackpot prizes that can be won on certain successive combinations of cards.

What is the best bet game?

The best bet game is War of Bets - it offers some of the best odds and its easy to see winning/losing outcomes. The game is played 24 hours a day - meaning you can access it whenever you wish to play. Game rounds are also quick for fast betting sessions.