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What is rakeback?

Last updated: 06 Mar 2023
Conrad Castleton 06 Mar 2023
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  • Beginners guide to rakeback
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  • Find out how to get money back on your casino wagers!
What is rakeback?
If you are new to playing at an online casino, you may have heard of the term ‘rakeback’. But what is it?

‘Rake’ is a percentage of any bet you place. It is taken by the casino as commission. Rake is a standard part of any online casino and helps to keep things running, covering various costs associated with any website.

Of course, the commission taken is based on the assumption that the house wins the bet in question.

In recent years, many online casinos have started to offer ‘rakeback’. Essentially, rakeback is a rewards system, giving you part of the rake back as a gesture of goodwill.

When you receive rakeback, money is credited to your casino account, giving you the option to continue playing if you want.

Rakeback generally is awarded as a percentage of your wagers. The amount you get back in rakeback often depends on the game you’re playing, who you’re betting on, and how generous the casino you are playing at is.

Different online casinos offer different percentage of rakeback. One of the most generous out there is Duelbits. The Duelbits referral code maxbonus allows new players to get a huge 50% rakeback on bets when registering.

Once registered, you can join other Duelbits casino players in claiming rakeback rewards via their VIP loyalty scheme.

If you opt in to the Duelbits VIP scheme, you’ll earn rakeback every time you play casino games.

The more you play over time and progress from the beginning Joker rank all the way to Queen, King, Ace and finally Duelbits rank, the more you’ll get back in rakeback rewards.

When you level up in their VIP Lounge system, you are guaranteed a rakeback reward of 12.5% house edge every single time you play.

In addition to the money back which can be claimed when you progress to a new level of the VIP scheme, you can also claim Instant Rakeback, with 10% of all wagers returned to you.

Duelbits, which is primarily a crypto casino and is available in many countries, also offer time-based rakebacks that you can claim, ranging from daily through to monthly.

Daily Rakeback, Weekly Rakeback and Monthly Rakeback can be claimed, with 5% of all wagering returned to you during the time period specified.

Rakeback is generally linked to playing casino games, but Duelbits also offer rakeback on sports bets.
The Duelbits sportsbook offers odds on over 30 different sports. Place a bet on any sports market and you can get 1% rakeback on all of your wagered, house edge sportsbook bets.

Rakeback is also available when you play slot games.

Slots can be a great way to use your rakeback rewards, whether you’ve claimed them at the end of your session and aren’t sure what to play, or if you’re looking to make the most of your rakeback earnings.

Considering that the amount of rakeback is calculated according to the amount you’ve wagered over time, it can be a smart move to claim it towards the end of your current playing session.

Depending on how you play, slots are a great way to build up your next rakeback. The quickfire nature of the game means that you can place bets easily, with a portion of each bet going back into the pot for your next rakeback claim. And there’s always the chance that you run into a lucky win right at the end of your session which is a nice bounce for the next time you play!

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