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Best Bet of the Year? $0.10 Play on Mines Earns $500K Win

Last updated: 16 Mar 2024
Beth Walker 16 Mar 2024
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  • A bet of $0.10 yielded a whopping $504,670.74 in a Stake Mines game.
  • Mines game at Stake Casino provides one of the highest winning potentials among all games available on the platform.
$500K Mines Big Win
  • Turning $0.10 Into $504,670.74 on Stake Mines
  • The Stake Casino Welcome Bonus - Number Crunching
  • Mines - The Gem of Stake Originals
Stake.com, the world’s leading crypto casino, has shared news of an astonishing $500K win on Mines from a mere $0.10 bet. This has to be one of the most satisfying payouts ever.

Turning $0.10 Into $504,670.74 on Stake Mines

I have said it several times: Mines is my favorite Stake Casino game, and this mind-blowing win is exactly why.

This week, a player at Stake.com tried their luck. It wasn’t a high-roller because the bet size was a modest 10 cents ($0.10). However, with Mines offering a maximum win multiplier of 5,148,297x, you don’t need to bet big to win big.

Having successfully dodged all 13 mines on the 25-space grid to reveal the 12 hidden gems, the player had taken down this jackpot multiplier. The original $0.10 bet instantly turned into a mega $504,670.74 payout. 

The Stake Casino Welcome Bonus - Number Crunching

The minimum deposit is $20, which gives you $40 extra in bonus funds, whereas a deposit of $1,500 is required to claim the full bonus amount of $3,000 (when you use the Stake code NEWBONUS)

Imagine for a moment that you open an account and go for the maximum welcome bonus. Here are how many games of Mines you can enjoy with this extra cash (without using your initial real-money deposit):

  • 3,000 rounds at $1.00
  • 30,000 rounds at $0.10
  • 300,000 rounds at $0.01

Mines - The Gem of Stake Originals

Although Mines is a popular game, it is often overshadowed by other titles at Stake Casino, such as Dice, Plinko, Crash, Limbo, and multiple video slots. However, the win potential for Mines far exceeds all of these games, which gives it added value. 

Like many Stake Originals, Mines is an easy to play game that doesn’t require any complex strategies. This is a quick walkthrough for new players:

  1. Log into your Stake.com account and click on the Mines’ thumbnail in the casino lobby area.
  2. Select how many ‘Mines’ you want on the board. The range is 1 to 24. However, if you want to try for the 5 million multiplier, you need to select 12 or 13 mines.
  3. Enter your bet amount.
  4. Next, click on/tap one of the 25 squares on the mines grid. If you reveal a bomb, it explodes, and the round is over (you lose). However, if a green gem appears, you are still alive.
  5. Now, you must decide whether to cash out or select another square. The more squares you pick without hitting a bomb/mine, the higher the win multiplier grows.

Mines is suited to all players because you can adjust the risk level to suit your style. Moreover, when playing manually, a game round can last a little longer because the player is tapping on the squares. 

For me, this enhances the entertainment factor and the sense of control in the outcome makes playing Mines a thrilling experience.

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